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activities for stoners 5 Activities for Stoners: Fun Things To Do While High

Activities for Stoners: Fun Things To Do While High

It’s a great thing to be haut on its own. However, merely sitting there thinking about your own psychedelic seas isn’t enough at times. When that happens, you’ll need something more. When you begin looking for things to do when High while seeking for interesting things to do when high, that’s how you’ll find them. While Jackass-style pranks, making a backyard wrestling film, or taunting a badger are never acceptable ideas, there are lots of less harmful activities that can enhance one’s high significantly.

Top 20 Fun Things To Do While High

1) Dance

Too much time on the couch can drag down your high, so get up and move every once in awhile. Choose a genre of music that gets you excited, turn up the volume, and just let your body go with the flow.

2) Tai Chi

Carpe diem! Make the most of your current situation by learning Tai Chi. You’ll become more aware of how you’re breathing, the pounding of your heart, and the ebb and flow of energy in your body. This will make Tai Chi even more invigorating while you’re under influence.

3) Hula Hoop

We never could hula hoop sober. After a few puffs on Blunt, we could almost turn pro (if that were a thing…which it should be). There’s something satisfying about finding the rhythm in your hips to keep the hoop spinning.

Adding in your favorite music will make the experience unforgettable.

activities for stoners 2 Activities for Stoners: Fun Things To Do While High

4) Go To The Circus

Yes, you probably saw the circus enough as a youngster and now it’s nothing special. However, if you smoke your bong beforehand, the circus can once again be truly spectacular.

Don’t want to go anywhere near a circus? Anything with a lot of movement and bright colors would suffice (e.g., Cirque du Soleil, Stomp). And if you really have no other choices, insert The Greatest Showman into the mix and you’ll be fine.

5) Tour An Art Museum

The second is quite straightforward: get high, go to an art museum, have fun. When you’re buzzed, the aesthetics are amplified and you’re in a completely different mindset. Put some headphones on your head and some Jolly Ranchers candy in your mouth, and three of your five senses will be overwhelmed.

6) Study Or Read A Book

After smoking Wacky Weed, it may not appear to be a particularly enjoyable experience, but studying or reading a book might be fantastic. You’ll learn things that will open your awareness considerably.

7) Surf The Web

The internet has a never-ending supply of content that is guaranteed to entertain you for hours on end when you’re high. You can finding new and interesting things, laugh, cry, and relax with just a few clicks or taps.

8) Yoga

Yoga isn’t like other forms of exercise–you don’t need to find a specific location or commit for long periods of time. All you need to do is stretch, and as a result, you’ll improve your flexibility and feel good overall.

9) Clean

When you’re sober, cleaning is not enjoyable. However, throw in a little of cannabis goodness, and you’ve got yourself a fascinating, Zen-like experience that can’t be matched. They don’t say that cleanliness is next to godliness for no reason. Clean your area and be blessed with divinity. You’ll thank yourself later if you don’t act right now!

10) Go To A Playground And Swing

Consider how wonderful it was to swing as a youngster? You can now feel that sensation again. Prepare yourself for a trip to the park by burning a doobie and heading there. Get on a swing, pump your legs as hard as you can, and enjoy the thrill of swinging. Don’t worry about being able to make a complete circle; in any case, you won’t be able to do so.

activities for stoners 3 Activities for Stoners: Fun Things To Do While High

11) Make Some Art

Do you want to let your imagination run wild? Create some art while high. A pencil and paper are all you need. Break out the crayons, colored pencils, or paints if you have any and let your inner 10-year-old shine.

12) Take A Walk

With a little bit of marijuana in your system, you’ll see things differently–in the best way possible. Whether it’s simply enjoying the sights and sounds around you or taking in some fresh air, everything is better when enhanced by cannabis. You won’t believe how different your neighborhood looks!

13) Do A Little Cardio

Endorphins are produced during exercise. Endorphins make you feel fantastic. That’s all there is to it. If you want to do something amusing while high, stick with a basic and conventional form of exercise. Dancing the Viennese Waltz or riding in heavy traffic should be postponed until another date.

14) Hang With Friends

When you spend time with your friends, some pretty interesting conversations tend to come up (“I just heard about this guy who supposedly invented a car that runs on water. It has a fiberglass, air-cooled engine, and it actually runs on water! Can you believe that?”).

15) Meditate

Meditating while under the influence of marijuana can be a more fun and stimulating experience than doing it sober. Simply get high, relax, and let your thoughts flow through your consciousness like you would if you were watching a movie. This state of relaxation is blissful.

activities for stoners 4 Activities for Stoners: Fun Things To Do While High

 16) Make Lists

We get creative and come up with lists when we’re high. For example, do you have any idea how this list was created?

17) Play Video Games

Paperboy is especially fun when under the influence of psychedelics.

18) Watch A Movie

We prefer to watch films without marijuana, so it’s not difficult to persuade us to put a DVD (or better yet, a Blue-ray) in when we’re stoned on Blue Dream.

19) Play Weed Games

Wanna have some fun and keep your high going? Play a marijuana game. We’ve put up a list of the best weed games ever so you don’t have to imagine too hard. In fact, some of the activities on this list — such as watching a film and listening to music — can be gamified, allowing you to accomplish two tasks at once. (Metaphorically speaking, naturally.)

20) Type On An Old-School Keyboard

Remember those old fashioned keyboards from the 80s and 90s? They can be oddly satisfying to type on when you’re high. If you know how to touch type, give it a try sometime! Close your eyes, focus on the sound and feel of the keys, and just let your thoughts flow.

activities for stoners Activities for Stoners: Fun Things To Do While High

Things NOT To Do While High

1) Cut Your Hair

Before you get a haircut, make sure you’re in the right frame of mind. Yes, hair does grow back eventually. But do you really want to live with a bowl cut or a mohawk for the next six to eight weeks?

2) Go Shopping

Shopping (whether online or in a department store) is “extremely dangerous” while sober. Imagine what you’ll get when you’re high. Nobody needs a bright, shiny blue suit — especially one that costs $1200. That’s the type of thing that will be hanging in your closet the day after you shop when you’re high. Don’t do it.

3) Operate Heavy Machinery

We’re not talking about blenders or cars. We mean any machinery that is too large to pick up and carries enough weight that it could kill you if it fell on you. Anything that moves faster than a slow walk is dangerous and should be avoided.

4) Math

Mathematicians in the past, we’re sure, were high out of their minds when they came up with goofy ideas like imaginary numbers, differential equations, and combinatorics. But just because those guys could do it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be able to handle plus and minus. If someone asks you to make change or calculate a gratuity for them, simply hand them your wallet and walk away.

5) Talk To Authority Figures

If at all feasible, don’t talk to an authority figure while intoxicated. If you do, trouble is sure to follow.

Create Your Own List Of Fun Things To Do While High

While high, follow number 16’s lead and make your own list of activities to enjoy. In fact, making a list of fun things you can do while high sounds like an great time in itself. Once you have your goals down on paper, start ticking them off one by one.

Don’t be discouraged if you find that some of the items on your list aren’t as great in practice as they are in theory. We used to have skateboarding on our list, but we realized we don’t really know how to skateboard very well (and we’re not the most coordinated group) so it just devolved into a lot of falling (and an unexpected trip to the emergency room).

It’s no longer on our list.

Trying new things is always a good idea, and with weed it becomes even more fun. One of the best parts about marijuana is that it allows you to be open to new experiences. You may never have thought you would enjoy something, but after trying it while high, you could love it!

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