LA Confidential


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LA Confidential , aka “The Confidential” or “LA Confidential OG”! This ultra-chill Indica powerhouse (95% Indica/5% Sativa) is the result of a legendary mix between the iconic Afghani and California Indica strains. Let LA Confidential take you on a trip to a sun-soaked beach in the City of Angels without ever leaving your couch. This smooth operator sneaks up on you with a soothing high, gently calming your mind and body while melting away negative vibes, racing thoughts, and pesky aches or pains. As your mood gets a delightful boost, you’ll bask in a sense of bliss and purpose, like catching the perfect wave or finding the ideal spot to sunbathe. Get ready to chillax from head to toe, as LA Confidential’s warm embrace keeps you couch-locked and occasionally drowsy. With an impressive 30% average THC level, this bud’s the ideal beach buddy for tackling chronic pain, insomnia, stress, depression, or mood swings. Dive into the spicy, skunky woody pine flavor with earthy undertones, reminiscent of a beach bonfire with friends on a starry LA night. The aroma amps up the experience, blending woody pine with a skunky punch that gets stronger as you keep tokin’. So, get your shades on and ride the wave of relaxation with LA Confidential – your ticket to a beachy paradise in a single puff!

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