Gary Poppins


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Gary Poppins , an intricate hybrid cannabis strain born from the unique blend of Gary Payton and Red Runtz genetics. As a tribute to the legendary basketball icon and the delectable confectionery, this strain boasts a piquant and multifaceted flavor profile, exuding notes of diesel and herbs. With an impressive 28% THC content, Gary Poppins is particularly suited to seasoned cannabis enthusiasts. Its effects span from elevating euphoria, sparking creativity, to inducing relaxation. Patients using medical marijuana often gravitate towards Gary Poppins to alleviate symptoms of chronic pain, stress, and depression. Its flavor palette is a delightful mix of earthy, sweet, and spicy notes, with caryophyllene reigning as the dominant terpene. Gary Poppins is the perfect choice for those seeking a potent, well-rounded strain that promotes feelings of joy and tranquility.

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