Bohemian Soap


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Boho Soap, the other name for Bohemian Soap , is a zesty sativa-dominant hybrid strain (80% sativa/20% indica), the love child of the mighty Gelato, Sherbet, Gelato 41, and Animal Mints BX1 strains. This strain is a show-stopper, winning hearts with its enticing aroma and eye-catching looks, making it your perfect partner for a morning wake-up call or an afternoon energy shot. The high is sneaky, like a ninja, creeping into your mind and launching it into a realm of euphoria, laser-like focus, and a surge of creativity and energy. There’s a subtle calming effect too, balancing your mind and body while keeping your energy levels intact. Given these uplifting effects and a robust 20-27% THC level on average, Bohemian Soap is the go-to strain for battling chronic fatigue, mood swings, chronic stress, PTSD, and headaches or migraines. The flavor is a delight, a sweet and creamy citrusy lemon with hints of fresh fruits and a kick of spicy menthol. The aroma is spicier, with a strong menthol punch, sweet fruits, and a zing of sour citrus.

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