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Price: $149 Or $85 It is a highly coveted hybrid strain that is a close cousin of the famous OG Kush, possessing 10% Sativa and 90% Indica traits, with up to 27% THC levels. The Pink Kush plant is floral, peppery, and citrusy, with dense flowers with small purple patches and trichome cover. Nowadays, after weed legalization, it is easy to buy Super Pink Kush online. However, beware of the potency and the effects of using Super Pink Kush Indica when you buy it for consumption. Even a small quantity of Super Pink Kush can pack a punch. You can buy Super Pink Kush AAAA cannabis in Canada like many other Canadians to experience the sweet and earthy flavour while feeling sedated. Make sure that you have completed all of your work before lighting up the weed since you may not be able to move from the couch. Many people buy Super Pink Kush strain online to get rid of symptoms and problems that include insomnia, stress, anxiety, and pain. Its sedative properties work like a charm in helping get rid of the problems. Get the product now!

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