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Online Dispensary in Canada

Welcome to the GG4 best online Canadian Cannabis Store. You can buy the best varieties of weed from us at the lowest prices from famous world manufacturers.

We treat our customers with understanding and respect and therefore guarantee complete confidentiality and security of all transactions, you can be sure of that!

Simple intuitive site navigation is designed to make a choice and order is most convenient for you. Each cannabis variety presented has a detailed description and a list of key characteristics.

System of Discounts

Our online Canadian Cannabis Store has a flexible system of discounts, and each order is supplemented with bonuses. We also regularly have interesting promotions and offers that allow you to buy marijuana at an even better price. You can choose any delivery method convenient for you or pick up the order yourself.

The popularity of auto-flowering cannabis seeds

The cannabis industry has been revolutionized by the introduction of auto-flowering varieties, which are created through a combination of sativa, indica, and bc hybrid genetics.


The cannabis industry has been revolutionized by the introduction of auto-flowering varieties, which are created through a combination of sativa, indica, and bc hybrid genetics.


By reviewing the main genotypes data from hybrid combinations, we can reach a reliable conclusion regarding the quality of hemp in our product.


Tall bushes from a dispensary with thin leaves and a psycho stimulating medical effect.

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How to make an order?

To order cannabis online is as easy as a few clicks away! Just follow the simple steps on our website and you’ll have your order within minutes.

  • Put the hemp variety you like in the cart;
  • Go to the cart and choose a payment method;
  • Enter the details for delivery and confirm the purchase.

When you want to find the best marijuana in Vancouver varieties close by, our selection of rare and popular hemp choices can’t be beat! From auto-flowering options to regular seeds, we have what you’re looking for. Our list of cities in Canada offer some top notch selections – so don’t wait any longer; buy weed online now before it’s gone!

  • Toronto
  • Ontario
  • Montreal
  • Quebec
  • Calgary
  • Alberta
  • Ottawa

If your city doesn’t appear in our list, reach out to one of our helpful managers on the website or drop us a line at [email protected] – we’ll be more than happy to assist you!

Most frequent questions and answers

Navigating the novel rules surrounding cannabis consumption in public can be confusing due to the Canadian legislature’s varying regulations depending on the province or territory. Unfortunately, there is no foolproof approach that fits everyone’s needs.

In British Columbia, the smoking of marijuana is allowed in public spaces like parks and sidewalks; however, this varies from province to province. To prevent any legal repercussions, be sure to investigate if cannabis consumption is prohibited in your area before you light up!

Cannabis consumption is allowed throughout the Canada., though the minimum age requirement to purchase marijuana differs between provinces and territories. Individuals must be at least 18 years of age in Alberta and Quebec before they can legally make a cannabis-related purchase.

To purchase and consume cannabis in any Canadian province or territory, individuals must be at least 19 years of age.

According to Canadian law, it is legally permissible to possess a 30-day supply of cured cannabis or its equivalent.

Take heed of your healthcare professional’s advice when it comes to the maximum amount you can have at any given time – 150 grams should not be exceeded, as per relevant legislation.

Home cannabis cultivators are only allowed to possess a maximum of five plants and must source their seeds from an authorized dealer.

Do you want to experience something new? Look no further than cannabis! Cannabis plants come in many forms, including indica, sativa and hybrid. Each one offers a unique flavor profile and effects. For an intense high try classic sativas such as Sour Diesel or Blue Dream — if you are looking for a more balanced feeling then Granddaddy Purple or Gelato could be what you are after. If your taste buds crave something different White Widow may just do the trick!

Are you ready to take your cannabis journey to the next level? Here at our store, we proudly offer an extensive selection of THC and CBD strains, as well as a plethora of other marijuana products. We stock everything from pot oil tinctures and concentrates such as shatter or live resin right through to vape carts, topicals, pre-rolled joints, edibles and capsules–allowing you to find exactly what you need for an unforgettable experience!

Enjoy unprecedented ease when you buy weed online from GG4, the leading online cannabis dispensary. Peruse our entire selection here to check out what’s offered in your region and collect your order yourself – no need for delivery! If you seek help selecting products for your initial purchase, please do not hesitate to contact one of our local stores; their knowledgeable staff will be elated to lend a hand.

Here at GG4, marijuana is just more than a business

GG4 is an institution, not just a regular online cannabis store. It provides everyone 19+ with marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes to help promote emotional, physical, and mental wellness. Plus, GG4’s delivery service covers all of Canada! So why wait any longer? Start your journey towards health and wellbeing today by visiting the GG4 online marijuana store.

The GG4 was crafted with the vision that all Canadians should have access to medicinal and recreational marijuana, offering only top-notch strains, edibles, concentrates and accessories. Marijuana isn’t just a business here at GG4 – it’s an embodiment of our core values. The founders of this establishment dedicatedly fight for cannabis legalization on the frontlines every day.

GG4 goes the extra mile to guarantee customers receive only top-notch, premium marijuana. When you buy weed online with GG4, it’s more than just getting weed in your mailbox – instead, you get exceptional customer service and unparalleled quality cannabis products. That’s the convenience of choosing GG4!

GG4 isn’t just a cannabis corporation; its customers are considered family. They’re devoted to providing the highest quality of marijuana in Canada, and could not have achieved this feat without their dedicated patrons and hardworking employees. GG4 is committed to building trust with its customers; it’s one of the most reliable dispensaries on the market! There’s no doubt that GG4 stands out among other online stores because they go above and beyond for their clients. At GG4, we provide nothing short of the finest grade marijuana Canada has to offer. We have a vast selection of accessories, topicals and edibles that cater to every kind of cannabis enthusiast available at our one-stop shop. Everyone in Canada should be able to access premium quality on demand – and that’s why at GG4 we strive for excellence with our 5A grading system designed specifically considering potency and price point requirements. Our commitment is unwavering; no compromise when it comes to delivering only the best! It doesn’t matter whether you order a 2A or 5A, as each bud is exquisitely beautiful. At GG4 we take our selection process seriously and guarantee that no one else in the industry can match our top quality flowers from suppliers. We are marijuana connoisseurs who personally ensure every strain, edible item and accessory surpasses expectations when purchased through us. Don’t settle for less; choose GG4 to make sure your buds look – and taste – nothing short of perfect!

Online Marijuana Dispensary Canada

Let GG4 Cannabis be your ultimate destination for all of your mail order marijuana needs in Canada. From microdoses to top shelf strains, we guarantee a safe and timely delivery of our products – no matter where you are! Our wide selection includes classic varieties such as Pink Kush and Wifi OG, along with other THC concentrates like Hash or CBD. And don’t forget the unforgettable Lemon Kush strain or Kief that will satisfy any cannabis connoisseur’s taste buds! Don’t wait – explore our online shop now for an out-of–this-world experience with GG4 Cannabis today!

Residents of Vancouver, have no fear – GG4 Cannabis is here! We offer same-day Vancouver weed delivery for all your favorite pot strains and edibles like Shatter, Live Resin and Sugar Wax. Plus, with each purchase we provide tracking codes so that you can see exactly when to expect it at your door. Don’t hesitate – get access to the highest quality cannabis products now!

Online Dispensary Canada

If you’re seeking a safe and secure way to purchase cannabis in Canada, then GG4 Cannabis is your go-to online Marijuana Dispensary Canada. We provide mail order marijuana as well as same day weed delivery; so when it comes to convenience, trust us with all of your needs! Moreover, we guarantee only the best quality by holding our suppliers up to strict standards. So don’t wait – explore GG4 Cannabis for all of your premium cannabis purchasing requirements today!

When you buy weed online with same-day delivery, you can be certain that your order will arrive safely and discreetly in premium packaging. Plus, take advantage of our flexible system of discounts and promotions!

Get ready to explore the incredible Canadian-made products GG4 has to offer – from sensational flowers and extracts, to heavenly edibles and vape pens! Don’t hesitate in taking advantage of all that this weed dispensary has for you. The time is now – let’s get started with GG4!

Why Choosing Us?

GG4 offers the most premium quality marijuana products at unbeatable prices! For both new and returning customers, there are a plethora of deals to take advantage of. Daily discounts allow patrons to get more bang for their buck – so check out our website now and discover amazing specials and bargain prices! You can also read customer reviews to see why GG4’s cannabis products have become an industry favorite. Don’t wait any longer – seize the opportunity for special discounts today!

High-Quality Service

At GG4, we understand that trust is essential when it comes to any Marijuana Dispensary Canada. We strive to provide all of our customers with a first-class experience no matter where they are located – from coast to coast! Our team’s top priority is client satisfaction and we take immense pride in delivering superior customer service seven days a week. Our knowledgeable staff will happily answer all your questions by phone between 10 AM – 10 PM PST or through the Live Chat feature. When you choose GG4 for your weed dispensary needs, rest assured that you can depend on us!

The Fastest Delivery of Your Goods

For five years, GG4 has always been your go-to source for authentic marijuana and weed online. Not just that – we are also renowned for our fast delivery of quality products in a discreet manner to ensure the privacy of our customers. Plus, all products have gone through personal testing by none other than GG4 employees! Our team of experienced cannabis experts are devoted to guaranteeing the best experience possible with each purchase, making sure you get your money’s worth! Don’t risk buying from elsewhere – buy weed online with us today and have total confidence understanding that what you’re purchasing is guaranteed legitimate.

At GG4, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality products at unbeatable prices. If you discover a product elsewhere for cheaper than what we offer, let us know and we will match it if the merchandise is of satisfactory quality! As one of the most reliable cannabis dispensaries around, shopping here ensures that your order arrives swiftly and discreetly within 1-3 days from placement. With an expansive selection of marijuana products available on our site, GG4 provides more than just excellent value – but also a seamless purchasing experience each time.

Trusted Retailers

At GG4, our customers are of utmost importance which is why we go the extra mile to guarantee secure and safe transactions. Our growers have been carefully chosen by us in order to ensure that you receive only top-tier quality products at our marijuana dispensary. We make sure that every single item featured on our website matches what you’ll get upon purchase; all pictures here are original and authentic! So rest assured – with GG4, the product you see is exactly what you’ll get.


By utilizing an industry-standard database, GG4 is steadfast in safeguarding customer information and privacy. Offshore servers are used to ensure total security by completely deleting daily entries – never leaving a trace of logs behind. As experts in their field, they hold themselves to the highest standards possible and promise customers outstanding service that cannot be matched!

Good Quality of Products

At GG4, we prioritize customer satisfaction as well as quality control when it comes to our suppliers’ marijuana. We are Canada’s premier weed dispensary and provide a wide range of Sativa, hybrid strains, and Indica – all held to the highest standards of excellence. Our Canadian Cannabis Store is dedicated solely to providing customers with premium cannabis products such as budder/weed waxes, shatter edibles, resin concentrates, CBD oils , vape pens and other accessories so that you can get everything you need in one place!

Mail Order Cannabis Online in Vancouver

At GG4, we are the go-to source for mail order cannabis online in Vancouver. We offer same day weed delivery of premium cannabis products from trusted growers to all provinces including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and beyond! Our commitment to Medical and Recreational Cannabis customers has helped us build a great reputation over time – you can find your favorite edibles quickly with our regularly updated collection. 

With fast and convenient mail order cannabis online available at GG4 – why look anywhere else?


Sign up now and join our community. After we verify your account, explore the wide range of products in our store!


Our selection is so vast, it’s practically monstrous! We have every conceivable variety of resin to dried bud.

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Forgo the hassle of driving to your local cannabis dispensary and get your preferred cannabis products delivered directly with same day weed delivery. Moreover, track where in Canada it is if you choose express shipping!

Best Marijuana In Vancouver: Quick Guide To Cannabis Strains at GG4

Smoking cannabis flower is the most beloved way of consuming weed, and it’s easy to understand why. Cannabis flower not only has nearly immediate effects but many people also find passing a joint around extremely pleasurable – plus there’s an element of tradition associated with this method!

For centuries, cannabis flower have been at the core of marijuana culture. When consumed through smoking, vaporizing or edibles, you can experience a full effect in around half an hour and it will last up to three hours depending on its potency. If you’re considering different strains when ordering from GG4 cannabis dispensary online – let’s dive deeper into what these products bring to the table!

Sativa Weed Strains

Is your mind in need of some invigorating stimulation? Then Sativa is the perfect selection for you! Our budtenders recommend opting for strains boasting 10-20% THC concentration when shopping at an online cannabis dispensary near me. Whether it’s a fun night out with friends or unleashing your creative power, Sativa will give you exactly what you’re searching for. So if home flower delivery and concentrate shipping services are on top of your priority list, search no more – make the smart move and choose Sativa today!

Indica Weed Strains

After a day of toil, Indica is the perfect solution for reducing stress and treating physical pain. Its sedative effects can help you relax while granting full-body comfort. Each inhalation has immense benefits, too! Whether you’re wanting peace in the evenings or quality slumber at night, your worries will be dispelled with Indica’s soothing properties – guaranteed!

Hybrid Weed Strains

Hybrid mattresses are the perfect choice for a restful, pain-free slumber. With such an expansive range of hybrids to choose from, you’re sure to find something perfectly tailored towards your individual sleeping needs. This way, you can ensure that every night is comfortable and supported!

Remember, discovering the ideal strain requires some trial and error. If you’re new to cannabis use, we can help you determine what kind of flower will be delivered for your consumption. The cannabis experience is personal; selecting it should embody this idea too! While some individuals are content with any type of strain that comes their way, others may be more particular in order to obtain the best effects possible from a chosen product.

Is marijuana legal in Vancouver?

The Cannabis Act of 2018 has allowed Canadians to legally access marijuana for both therapeutic and recreational use. If you’re unsure about the cannabis laws in Vancouver or any other Province, make sure to visit your government’s official website – it will provide all the information necessary regarding provincial regulations when it comes to using marijuana. It is essential that you stay informed on your own region’s rules as there may be different stipulations depending where you are located. Below are the basic rules and regulations of cannabis usage in Vancouver:

  • Individuals aged nineteen and above can legally purchase, possess, or use recreational cannabis.
  • Cannabis offers users the perfect way to relax and destress, no matter if you are unwinding at home, in a smoking room – wherever permitted by law. With its multiple applications and ease of access, cannabis  is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways for people to kick back after a long day.
  • Smoking marijuana is strictly prohibited in any enclosed areas, such as schools while children are present, shared indoor spaces, public buildings with walls and ceilings; hospitals or other health care facilities; government-owned properties like parks and roadsides; even cars on the move.
  • In Canada, possessing up to 30 grams of cannabis in its dried form is lawful. To put it into perspective, 1 gram equals 5 g of fresh buds, 15 g of edibles, 70 ml liquid product and 0.25 g concentrate. Additionally you may grow a maximum of four marijuana plants on your own property for personal consumption only.

Products Can To Buy at GG4

Vancouverites, your cannabis needs are now only moments away! With so many marijuana delivery options available at our GG4 Vancouver store, getting the product you desire is simpler than ever. Don’t waste another minute – get high-quality weed delivered right to your door today!

 From delectable edibles such as infused chocolate bars and cookies to powerful concentrates including shatter and live resin – there’s no limit to what these companies can provide for those in need of their products. 

So don’t hesitate any longer – quench your marijuana cravings with cannabis delivery in Vancouver today! Get ready to step into a whole new realm of cannabis usage without the usual risks connected with smoking cigarettes or smelling like smoke. CBD oil tinctures grant you access to several health benefits effortlessly while staying in the comfort of your own home!

Weed Strains

From Indica to Sativa and Hybrid strains, cannabis flower offer an unparalleled selection of options that cater to every budget. Whether you’re seeking economical prices or luxurious selections for connoisseurs, the diverse variety of buds are sure to please all palates! Investing in large quantities is also a great way to save money while expanding your possibilities with these delightful flower varieties – so explore away and satisfy any craving today!

Marijuana Extracts

With the growing acceptance of marijuana, there are a variety of ways to consume it. Cannabis extracts are one such option that contain pure THC and other potent compounds like hashish, oil, shatter, budder and terp sauce. These offer similar results as traditional weed does but with less product- so be careful though because some may have exceedingly high potency!

THC Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis edibles are the perfect way to enjoy marijuana without needing to smoke. From cookies and pastries, chocolates, and teas – there’s something for everyone! Each person may have a different reaction when consuming an edible product; you can experience anything from mild sensations all the way up through powerful effects depending on dosage. So if you want to skip out on smoking but still reap the benefits of THC-infused products, try an edible today!


At GG4, we have an abundance of products for you to choose from! Whether it be classic chocolates bars or adventurous fruit gummies, our selection will astound. With so many options in terms of strength and flavor, the perfect item awaits discovery–you won’t find anything that better suits your taste buds!


The many health advantages and lack of an intoxicated state make CBD a global phenomenon. Vancouver dispensaries have been overwhelmed by the influx of cannabidiol products: vapes, tinctures, oils, gummies and pills, isolates and topicals are now available to millions worldwide! It’s no wonder that individuals far and wide are turning towards this natural remedy for relief.

Distillate Pens

If you are searching for an unparalleled vaping experience, distillate pen cartridges should be your go-to choice! Distillates are cannabis concentrates that have been precisely refined to isolate cannabinoids into a highly concentrated and potent solution. This remarkable product gives users an extraordinary vape session like nothing else present in the market today!

Magic Mushrooms

Ready to take an extraordinary, out-of-this-world voyage? Look no further than Vancouver! Here you’ll find a broad selection of magic mushrooms products that will allow you to reach heights beyond your wildest dreams. From dried psilocybin mushrooms with unique shapes and colors, the possibilities for exploration are endless – just remember: such trips could be extreme so exercise caution!


If you’re searching for an effortless way to consume cannabis flower, pre-rolls should be your go-to choice. You can purchase them from GG4 in Vancouver or at any store nearby. While many people still refer to it as a “joint,” the industry standard term is simply “pre-roll.” As one of the most popular forms of consumption, pre-rolls are known for creating positive outcomes every time! Vancouver weed delivery services have revolutionized the industry, allowing you to effortlessly get your favorite strains of weed with the simple click of a button. Now it’s time for you to kick up your feet and indulge in this newfound luxury!


Our Vancouver cannabis store boasts a wide selection of premium cannabis vaporizers and vape accessories tailored to your precise THC or CBD requirements. Cannabis vaporizers heat the marijuana without combustion, creating an incredibly smooth smoke that still contains all of the natural aromas while being easier on your throat than smoking a joint. Seeking the ultimate cannabis vaping experience? Look no further! Our vapes provide an extraordinary flavor with a 100 percent cannabinoid-packed punch that will have you feeling blissful after one or two hits. Smoking marijuana can be troublesome for some, but our convenient and fast method ensures you’ll feel great in moments without any hassle.


Don’t miss out on the amazing tinctures now available at our Calgary cannabis store! Our collection of Sativa, Indica and Hybrid strain tinctures are liquid extracts with either alcohol or vegetable glycerine as their base. These products contain concentrated amounts of THC and CBD extractions along with a carrier like alcohol or vegetable glycerine to give them an extended shelf life compared to other marijuana options. If you’re searching for the optimum CBD oil to relieve your pain, it’s essential that you take the time to do some research and make an informed decision. Otherwise, you risk throwing away money on an ineffective tincture. Learn more about products containing higher levels of CBD which can assist in reducing anxiety or those rich with THC which have been proven beneficial for improved sleep quality as well as alleviating muscle spasms and inflammation.


If you’re seeking a new way to experience cannabis, we’ve got the perfect solution for you: topicals! These cannabinoid-based solutions can be directly applied onto your skin and offer various health advantages—including soothing pain or discomfort. You can easily find these products in dispensaries across different forms, such as lotions, salves, balms and oils – all of which are ready to provide therapeutic effects! Topical products have become a life-saver for many when it comes to alleviating issues such as acne and eczema, while providing intense hydration that extends all the way down to your skin’s deepest layers. In addition, these magical salves can help combat depression symptoms naturally, so you look younger than ever!

Accessories For Stoners

Don’t allow a lack of supplies to hinder your cannabis journey – whether you prefer smoking plant material or electronic liquids. To guarantee that your adventures are nothing less than extraordinary, we have hand-selected products from the most excellent brands and organized them into categories; here is what you can expect:
  • Batteries
  • Lighters
  • Devices
  • Papers / Rolling Supplies
  • Grinders
  • Glassware
  • Trays
  • Dab Tools
  • Cleaning Solutions
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