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Skunk No. 1 is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain produced from the Haze and Skunk No. 1 strains. It has a skunky flavor (as you might guess), undertones of citrus and diesel, and so it’s a dank strain. Yes, it’s a dank strain, despite its pungent flavor. Despite its powerful taste, it provides excellent effects and is appropriate for a wide range of nerve issues. It’s one of the finest Sativas on the planet; in 1997, 1998, and 1999, it won first place at the High Time Cannabis Cup without going unnoticed – especially considering that it took home top honors every year beginning in 1997

Green House Seeds has been producing award-winning strains for three decades, and its Three-Time Winner won the Cannabis Cup three times. The strain was created by Green House Seeds’ scientists over 20 years ago and is still well-known and highly appreciated after 20 years, demonstrating that the firm’s researchers truly developed an iconic and remarkable marijuana variety with a long-term impact.

If you’re searching for a boost that will never leave you, look no further than the Super Silver Haze cannabis strain. nIf you’re looking for a way to keep yourself motivated, attentive, euphoric, and energetic, turn to the sativa masterpiece that is the Super Silver Haze marijuana strain.

What Is the Super Silver Haze Marijuana Strain?

Green House Seeds’ Super Silver Haze, a “super” sativa produced in the 1990s strains, is a “super” sativa that may totally change your life if you have trouble coping with the day without becoming mentally or physically exhausted.

Super Silver Haze was created through a crossing between some of the world’s top-quality marijuana strains. Given its genealogy, it comes as no surprise that Super Silver Haze has achieved such renown and become such a must-have pot stash.

The Super Silver Haze is a 70/30 blend, with 70% sativa and 30% indica genes. It’s not stressful or anxious because of the touch of indica, which prevents it from being so.

You may feel “on-the-go” while consuming Super Silver Haze marijuana, yet remain calm — a state of mind that any busy person can relate to. Furthermore, because of its high THC concentration of 18-23 percent, Super Silver Haze is a knockout strain.

If you’re looking for a strain that will turn your daze into a wide-awake, driven energy if you want a high that lasts throughout the day, keeps you going, and never lets you off track (you enjoy poetry?) this marijuana plant will become your go-to source.

Super Silver Haze: Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

The fragrance of Super Silver Haze cannabis is pleasant, yet in an unanticipated way. Sweet or candy-like characteristics are missing from this marijuana strain, yet it appeals to more active aspects of smell – such as spicy, skunky, diesel, and sage-like odors that ground you like a black-port battery cable and send you back down to earth.

The Super Silver Haze marijuana variety is earthy and tangy, with notes of citrus and spices. The fragrance of this reefer is herbal, spicy, acidic, and earthy. This cannabis plant has a broad range of cool and muted hues that become more vivid as it approaches the tips.

The leaves are a pale green color, with grays and pastel pink/purple highlights. The pistils are tiny, measuring only 1 to 2 inches in length. It’s possible that the term “Super Silver Haze” comes from the way marijuana buds appear after they’ve been dipped or rolled in a fresh layer of snow; they have an ethereal sheen that leaves others speechless.

Finally, the finest part of these delicious nuggets is usually the water leaves, which stretch far away with their at times brilliant deep purple hues. If you’ve never seen a real Super Silver Haze strain up close before, make sure to do so as soon as possible. You won’t be disappointed.

Super Silver Haze Effects

‘Super Silver Haze’ has a unique effect because this cannabis strain is able to be both healing and dynamic, which is a combination of two feelings that are completely separate. It appears too good to be true? We can assure you that it isn’t – part of what makes this marijuana plant so special (sorry for our unintentional corniness).

What is the Difference Between Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol? CBD is a non-intoxicating compound found in some cannabis strains, such as Rick Simpson’s Haze. It has a reputation for providing both creative and introspective ideas while also boosting mental alertness. THC, on the other hand, is famous for its long-lasting mental high and powerful euphoric effects. It’s also recognized to keep the mind sharp, focused, and energetic while also encouraging both productive and reflective thinking.

This strain’s subtle and soothing effects, as well as its high pain-relieving capabilities, make it an excellent choice for stressed-out employees or company owners. It not only keeps the body active but also promotes better communication-based interactions with people around you while lowering stress levels and slowing down rapid or racing heartbeats.

The second half of the Super Silver Haze high, which may be more laid-back in nature, with a greater emphasis on serenity and euphoria,

Apart from working people, everyone who wishes to have a mentally serene day free from distractions in which they may focus intensely and continue without stopping will love and appreciate this one-of-a-kind marijuana.

Because the strain has little to no rest-inducing qualities, it’s best not to eat it late in the evening or at night when you want to relax or go asleep. It may be difficult to close your eyes for the remainder of the night, much alone get a good night’s sleep.

Medical Benefits of Super Silver Haze

The effectiveness of Super Silver Haze in treating severe chronic depression has been demonstrated. The communities of persons who suffer from severe chronic depression and use Super Silver Haze appear to improve contentment, happiness, and euphoria.

Furthermore, experts have discovered that the Super Silver Haze marijuana strain is a real game-changer for a variety of mental illnesses. Patients with medical issues should avoid overeating cannabis – especially the Super Silver Haze – because excessive consumption can induce anxiety, suspicion, or stress. It’s vital to understand your limits and keep track of how much you’re taking in when you’re dealing with these problems.

Patients suffering from anorexia, chronic tiredness, chronic pain, neuropathy pain, and headaches may benefit from the physical aspect of medicinal marijuana; Super Silver Haze cannabis could help millions of Americans.

However, if your condition is more severe, taking a larger-than-average dose will not always guarantee that your pain goes away. Super Silver Haze edibles, concentrates, live resin, sweets, shatter, hash oil, and gummies are all ways to get a higher proportion of THC with less work (i.e., you don’t have to smoke 14 bowls in a row).

Super Silver Haze Review: Possible Negative Side Effects

‘Granddaddy Purple,’ ‘Hector OG’ and other famous strains are available, but the latest release from Sensi Seeds is the Silver Haze. The Silver Haze has an aroma that’s sweet with a hint of spice and a flavor that’s smooth as silk. It also has several medical properties, a beautiful scent and taste, and a moderate-difficulty cultivation level, to name just a few things. To put it another way

Overall, the most common drawbacks are cottonmouth (dry mouth), dehydration, and dry eyes; isn’t it great?

Dental dryness is a common problem that can generally be easily relieved; drink lots of hydrating fluids before, during, and after your reefer meal to rejuvenate the body and stimulate saliva glands to produce more moisture if you frequently get cottonmouth or become dehydrated.

The effects of Silver Haze are not likely to induce any severe symptoms such as paranoia, anxiety, or overpowering stress.

Also, get moisturizing eye drops from your local pharmacy ahead of time if you’re going to consume Super Silver Haze. These can help to alleviate dry eyes and eliminate self-consciousness.

Because the Super Silver Haze strain has only a small number of indica genes, it is not entirely pure sativa (as some people would have you believe). As a result, SS Haze is unlikely to make you feel anxious or paranoid.

We’d be willing to guess that Super Silver Haze cannabis will look after you and rejuvenate your body — as well as your mind. It’s one of our all-time favorites, and if you haven’t yet, please do in 2018 – trust us.

This is one of the finest Super Silver Haze reviews we’ve seen, and it’s well-worth a read. We hope you found this review both interesting and helpful, as well as hilarious (just kidding). And, as always, it’s critical to remember that marijuana use is entirely up to the user, and caution should be used.

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