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Tuna Kush, according to legend in Canada and the United States has just begun to sample this extremely pungent marijuana. Breeders are unknown, as are the genetics of this strain. It’s remarkable that so much information about this strain exists, both before and now. Before we go any further, keep in mind that this plant is quite unique, so cannabis may change how you think about it.

Tuna Kush has an average THC level of 17%, which makes it appear to be a typical strain at first. Her buds are nice enough with a mint green hue enhanced by amber hairs and transparent crystals, but wait till you get up close. Once burnt, Tuna Kush leaves an odor of rancid tuna in the air that lingers for a long time. We have to ask ourselves why anybody would subject themselves to this agony; yet who are we to pass judgment?

Once you’ve tried Tuna Kush, you’ll understand why people put up with her. This strain was described as one of the greatest indica highs available, and it washes over users with enchanted reflection that is euphoric and soothing. Soon after, your mind will dissolve away, followed by your body’s melting effect. No matter how tough you believe yourself to be, you’ll become totally couch bound with a grin on your face and just enough vitality to converse with the person next to you.

Tuna Kush may not be the first strain that springs to mind when it comes to treating medical problems, but she does have a number of benefits. Depressedness and anxiety melt away with her exuberant presence, and despite her repulsive smell, nausea soon dissipates. A few hours before bedtime might assist you sleep better and chronic or occasional discomfort also fades quickly.

Given that Tuna Kush is produced by unknown breeders, finding seeds should come as no surprise. Given the strong odor of this plant, many people may be hesitant to undertake the task. Others claim yields are frequently poor, so in the end, this bud might be more trouble than it’s worth on the production side.

Tuna Kush is a great strain to play a joke on or keep to yourself after you’ve experienced her amazing effects, depending on the sort of friend you are. Tuna Kush has an excellent smell that might be difficult to get rid of. Put your nose up and drink water as soon as possible after smoking; do whatever it takes to remove the stench of rotten tuna from your life and then unwind with a nice night’s sleep.

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