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God’s Green Crack is a hybrid strain that is balanced very evenly between indica and sativa, leaning slightly more on the indica side, with 55% indica and 45% sativa.  A high THC level ensures you’re getting access to 22% – 25% THC.Hybrid God’s Green Crack combines the names and genetics of its two parents to create a provocative new variety, not content to let Green Crack or God Bud hog all the attention for themselves. Hybrid God’s Green Crack is a unique strain with well-balanced effects and brilliant colors. THC levels in God’s Green Crack have been determined to be quite high, ranging from 19% to 25 percent. You can buy Gods Green Crack at our online store.

The flowers of God’s Green Crack live up to its hype. The buds are small to medium in size and resemble tiny pinecones with a rounded, somewhat tapered form. They have a distinctive indica structure with narrow leaves that curl tightly inward around their central stems. The foliage is a dark green in color, although it may have patches of purple due to high quantities of anthocyanin pigments. Finally, translucent white trichomes and curly orange pistils add to the brightness of these colorful blooms.

The flavor of God’s Green Crack is also praised by consumers. The buds may have a woodsy and somewhat herbal scent when you first smell them, with notes of sage or eucalyptus. Sharp citrus scents may be noticed closer inspection as well. Breaking open or grinding up these flowers gives off a strong, hashy fragrance that can be inherited from the parent strain God Bud. When God’s Green Crack is smoked in a pipe or a joint, it produces a thick, incense-like smoke that is rather easy to breathe. This smoke has a woodsy, slightly floral flavor on the exhale. Despite its purple hues, this strain lacks any discernible grape characteristics because it contains no grapes; instead, it is flavored by distinct chemical compounds called pigments and terpenes (both of which are chemically identified).


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