Death Gas



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The Death Gas strain is the result of crossing Death Star and Bubba Kush, hence its name. This indica-dominant hybrid, descended from the popular Bubba Kush strain, packs a powerful punch with 70% indica and 30% sativa, promising quite the adventure. Its scent is an earthy pine with a hint of zesty lemon and a touch of pungent earthiness upon exhale, earning it the designation of AAA quality.  Upon inhalation, you’ll be met with a sweet, earthy, and crisp flavor profile. This strain culminates in a delightful blend of lemon essence and spiced rum, making it an ideal nightcap. For an instantaneous surge of invigorating, laser-focused energy coursing through your veins post-inhale, look no further than Death Gas Indica. As the psychoactive properties cascade through your system, you’ll feel as though you’re drifting on a cloud. It heightens euphoria and resolve while also ushering in hallucinogenic sensations. Rather than jolting your energy levels, it imparts a buoyant sensation, ultimately leading to a state of serene relaxation. Post-use, you may find yourself nestled into the couch, a phenomenon often referred to as “couchlock.” Best enjoyed in the evening, prior to bedtime, or after a long day’s toil, this medical marijuana strain is known as ‘Death Gas OG’ and ‘Death Gas OG Kush’ in Northern California.

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