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Cinderella 99 is the result of the crossing of the Shiva Skunk and Jack Herer strains. It is a sativa-dominant bud, and therefore it comes as no surprise that it offers such an energetic and spacy high. Due to the increase in energy and focus, it makes an ideal strain for those with ADHD/ADD or any disorder that has fatigue as a side effect. It also has an incredibly interesting taste with notes of pineapple, skunk, and pine.

Cinderella 99 cannabis is a cross between a purebred indica strain and an award-winning sativa plant developed by Mr. Soul at Brother’s Grimm. She has been dubbed C99, Cindy, and many other names.

Legend has it that Mr. Soul found the parent seeds of Cindy in an Amsterdam-purchased Sensi Seeds package of Jack Herer, which took more than three generations of crossbreeding to achieve.

The most-famed cannabis magazine, High Times, considered Cinderella 99 for their “Top Ten Strains of 2009” list, demonstrating just how incredible and out-of-this-world C99 is.

Cindy 99 is recognized for her fruity and pungent flavor, short-growing period, and indoor-oriented plant form. She is also well known for her insanely high yields, potent and long-lasting high that can send consumers into a whole new world of pumpkin carriages, prince charmings, fairy Godmothers, and clocks that strike at midnight.

Cinderella 99 marijuana is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain with an approximately 85 percent sativa and 15 percent indica ratio that was bred from Jack Herer (a traditional sativa) and Shiva Skunk (an potent indicam).

In terms of THC concentration, this marijuana strain comes in at 20-22%, with lab test findings demonstrating that just a little bit goes a long way. Its effects generally take around 15 minutes to manifest on the body and mind, but once they hit their peak potency, they’ll keep going for 90-100 minutes.

Cinderella 99 Strain Review: Aroma, Flavor and Appearance

The Cinderella 99 strain is well-known for its distinctive flavor and scent profile, which delivers a distinct impact on the senses. This cannabis’ smell seems to seep into any space it visits, remaining long after the strain has vanished.

Cinderella 99, on the other hand, has a distinct nose that immediately emanates citrusy fruits and pine.

According to one source, the scent is reminiscent of pineapple fields just before harvest, aromatic and sweet. Cindy has a very sugary aroma as well as taste. The flavor profile resembles what can be anticipated based on the aroma of these buds, but it adds complexity.

Cinderella 99 is a candy-like, pungent creation that starts out with an oozing of fruit and citrus scents blended by earth and pungence. The sweetness is overwhelming at first, almost as if you’ve put a tropical citrus candy in your mouth. Because the smoke is smooth and softly touches the throat, don’t expect to cough oneself blind or feel any discomfort after.

The entire crop has a short build, which is one of the reasons it has become popular among indoor growers. The buds are thick and rich, with a strong adhesive that must be broken apart using a sharp grinder or scissors; otherwise, you will get resinous fingers.

They are light to medium green in hue, with brassy orange tiny hairs known as pistils curling and twining among the sugar leaves. The term sugar leaves is no exaggeration, for they are thickly coated with a layer of crystals that mimic the first frost of the season and glisten brightly when placed under a bright light.

Cinderella 99 Strain Review: Effects

This strain’s high THC level and indica content make it a great daytime herbal crop, since it has gained a reputation as one of the greatest day-time herbal crops due to its sativa dominance. It can energize and wake up its user with ease, allowing you to be productive and continue on throughout a hectic day, especially if the medication is consumed in smaller amounts.

Cinderella 99 marijuana is an old-school sativa high: it’s invigorating and uplifting, yet it also has medical advantages.

As the higher doses are consumed, Cindy becomes dazed and euphoric, at times developing into a mild psychoactive. The sensation is mostly cerebral, and there’s a chance you’ll experience a head rush after smoking , which can be particularly enjoyable for some people.

Cinderella 99’s body high is less intense than the mental high, but grinning broadly from ear to ear for no reason at all is frequent, and overpowering feelings of happiness, elation, and satisfaction are associated with it. This marijuana strain takes away all of your worries and replaces them with positive attitudes, positive vibrations, relaxation, a focused mindset, and happy laughter.

Medical Marijuana Benefits of Cinderella 99

Cindy is a cannabinoid-based medication used to alleviate a variety of physical and mental/emotional symptoms, sicknesses, and illnesses. It’s been appreciated by the medical cannabis community for this reason.

Physically, this marijuana helps to treat loss of appetite, nausea, chronic tiredness syndrome (CFS), light to severe arthritis, joint discomfort and pains, muscular cramping, chronic pain, headaches and inflammation.

Cinderella 99 can help to ease physical discomfort in a number of ways, but if you’re looking for more potent relief than just smoking, consider using edibles, concentrates, extracts, sweets, gummies, chocolate and tinctures. Edibles (particularly THC-laced edibles), concentrates, extracts, sweets (particularly THC-laced sweets), gummies (especially THC-laced gummies) , chocolates (particularly THC-laced chocolates)

This is the moment where C99 truly shines mentally and emotionally. Naturally, the strain already uplifts those who are sad or negative, so it serves as a great remedy for people with depression, anxiety, stress, or ADHD/ADD.

Cindy is quite potent, therefore caution should be taken with higher doses. It’s most likely best to start with a small dose and increase gradually after 10-15 minutes once the effects have fully kicked in and your reaction to the strain is better understood.

Possible Negative Side Effects of Cinderella 99

Cinderella 99 has the same negative qualities as other cannabis strains, including cotton mouth (slivery) and dry/red eyes. Both of these unfavorable side effects are easy to address and require only a little more forethought and planning.

Before, during, and immediately after your meal, drink a lot of water to keep your body hydrated. This not only eliminates cotton mouth symptoms but also helps to prevent headaches and any grogginess you may feel the day after.

You may prevent the difficulties of dry, itchy, or red eyes by purchasing a bottle of moisturizing eye drops from your local drugstore or pharmacy ahead of time. These drops are not only inexpensive, but they can also provide significant comfort that other treatments don’t seem to be able to match.

Cinderella 99 has a high amount of THC, which can cause anxiety in sensitive people and occasionally paranoia. This is not a typical occurrence, and it should not be cause for worry if you know that you are more prone to experience marijuana-induced anxiety or paranoia.

There are hundreds of cannabis strains on the market with reduced THC concentrations and greater CBD percentages, which are great alternatives for individuals who are sensitive to strong marijuana.

Final Thoughts on the Cinderella 99 Strain

Cinderella 99 is a non-traditional, herbal remedy for chronic pain, stress, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, nausea, exhaustion, lack of appetite, migraines, muscular cramps, inflammation and other conditions.

The Cinderella 99 strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that has developed a large following among both recreational and medical users. Look for C99 on your next dispensary visit, and thanks for checking out our Cinderella 99 strain review. Keep happy and healthy!