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Black Diamond is a cross between flavor-engineered Blackberry and Diamond OG, a hybrid produced from OG Kush. This strain provides a strong, sedative high that allows for mental clarity, making it ideal for study and conversation. Aside from its psychoactive potency, Black Diamond has great bag appeal thanks to its multicolored blooms and pungent aroma. The THC content of this indica has been measured at between 15% and 24%. You may purchase Black Diamond at our online store.

Black Diamond has a rich blackberry scent passed down from its parent strain, Blackberry. These buds also have an underlying dank and earthy flavor. Breaking up or grinding the buds gives off a nutty, toasted aroma. When burned, Black Diamond produces a surprisingly smooth smoke for an indica; on the exhale, this smoke leaves behind the taste of oak and berries. Black Diamond lacks any grape taste because the pigments that give the leaves their purple hues do not elicit a corresponding flavor effect.

The high sets of the ‘Black Diamond’ are quite quick to come, with a weightiness in the core and limbs that leads smokers to seek refuge in the nearest comfy place. Consumers may find themselves more calm and able to breathe more deeply and freely. There are also some subtle mental effects that can lead to increased noises as well as visual distor- tions. Such trippy vibes might be ideal for watching TV or listening to immersive, atmospheric music. Black Diamond may make even seasoned cannabis consumers giggly, with bouts of uncontrollable laughter not uncommon. A sturdy body stone persists throughout all this excitement, making active activities like exercise or house cleaning difficult. That said, because to its capacity to influence both the physical and mental bodies, Black Diamond can be used as an effective aphrodisiac. Because it is more sedative than stimulating, Black Diamond is ideally consumed in the evening or just before bedtime when its slow burn of relaxation can be fully appreciated.

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