Hawaiian Pancake


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Say ‘Aloha’ to the Hawaiian Pancake , a strain that is as tantalizing as a tropical breakfast! This sativa-forward hybrid (70% sativa/30% indica) is a delightful concoction of the scrumptious Blueberry Pancake and Rambutan strains. Hawaiian Pancake, with its delectable potency and staggering flavor, is a must-have addition for any sativa aficionado. Its high comes as a powerful wave, so tread lightly with your dosage. The Hawaiian Pancake experience is a swift and intense journey, catapulting your mind into a whirlwind of elevated energy. This strain sparks creativity and induces a state of euphoria, making you content to simply bask in the moment, watching the world go by. It also comes with a hearty side of ‘the munchies’ making you feel like you’re at a Hawaiian luau, feasting on every delicious morsel in sight. With an impressively high THC level of 30-34% on average, and a CBD level averaging at 1%, Hawaiian Pancake is particularly beneficial for seasoned users grappling with depression, chronic fatigue, mood swings, loss of appetite, nausea, or chronic stress. The Hawaiian Pancake strain tantalizes the senses with a sweet, fruity blueberry citrus flavor, rounded off with a zesty nutty aroma like a tropical breeze. Give it a try and let the Hawaiian Pancake take you on a tropical journey to a sativa paradise.

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