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Gelonade , a predominantly sativa hybrid strain, is the remarkable offspring of the reputed Lemon Tre and Gelato #41 strains. If you’re seeking an extraordinary flavor coupled with a prolonged, heady high, Gelonade is your perfect match. This strain offers a tangy citrus lemon taste that makes your lips pucker, complemented by notes of vanilla cookies as you breathe out. Its fragrance is equally enticing, beginning with a sweet vanilla scent that evolves into a sour, citrusy aroma as the buds are crushed and combusted. The high induced by Gelonade is as impressive as its flavor, introducing eye-widening, euphoric, and somewhat exciting effects. Almost immediately after exhaling, you’ll experience a tingling sensation at the back of your eyes and neck, gradually spreading throughout your mind, leaving you feeling uplifted and invigorated. This is followed by a sweeping wave of euphoria, enveloping your entire self and instilling a profound sense of peace with your surroundings. Given its impressively high average THC concentration of 28%, Gelonade is a popular choice among those seeking relief from chronic stress or anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, and persistent pain. This strain is not just about its remarkable effects but also its potential therapeutic benefits.

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