Family Jewels


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Welcome to the dazzling world of Family Jewels , a sativa-dominant hybrid strain (70% sativa/30% indica) forged from the fiery lineage of the mighty Lost Coast OG and Old Growth OG strains. This strain is akin to a treasure chest, its name reflecting the precious experience it bestows. One puff and you’re welcomed by an incredible dessert symphony – think velvety, buttery apple sweetness intertwined with playful notes of fruity vanilla and a tantalizing burst of fresh oranges. It’s like biting into a freshly baked, warm apple pie crowned with a sprinkle of spicy flowers! The aroma is a mouthwatering encore of the same delectable ensemble. The Family Jewels high – oh, it’s a daytime delight! It sparks a mental energy surge, lifting your spirits to the zenith and infusing you with a creative zeal that makes even the mundane tasks on your to-do list seem like an exciting quest. However, beware, this laser-sharp focus may sometimes take a fun detour, leaving you in a state of infectious giggles. With its robust THC levels of 33%, Family Jewels is the go-to remedy for ailments like chronic stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, cramps, and even those pesky migraines. So, get ready to embark on this exhilarating journey with Family Jewels, a strain that truly lives up to its name!

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