Champagne Supernova
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Champagne Supernova



Delightfully crafted by crossing the flavorful Supernova with the Champagne strains, Champagne Supernova is an indica-dominant hybrid strain (70% indica/30% sativa), making it an exquisite addition to any late-night relaxation regimen. As you break open the frost-kissed nuggets, your senses are greeted with the tantalizing aroma of tangy lemons and sweet fruits, beautifully rounded off with an herbal sage backdrop. The flavor profile doesn’t disappoint either, delivering a mouthful of delectable sweet citrus complemented by ripe fruits and an herbal sage finish. The effects of Champagne Supernova are as majestic as its name suggests, with an uplifting cerebral jolt that swiftly takes hold, leaving you in a blissful and slightly disoriented state of euphoria. This is then followed by a soothing body high that gently eases you into deep relaxation, ultimately anchoring you to your couch. With a whopping average THC level of 27-30%, this strain’s calming properties make it an excellent remedy for conditions like muscle spasms, insomnia, appetite disorders, chronic pain, and PMS

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