The most popular type is the disposable variety, often known as “Nice Guy” vapes. This indicates you may simply throw them away when you’ve finished with them. Disposable e-cigarettes contain a battery that will power at least one complete vape cartridge. You can buy Cotton Candy – Nice Guy Disposable THC Vape Pen at our online store.

The cannabis concentrate in THC vape pens is made from 95% distillate and 5% terpenes. Nice Guy provides high-quality marijuana vapes that include 95 percent distillate and 5 percent terpenes. The Nice Guy Vape Pen series includes auto-draw units. Disposable vapes have a mechanism that activates automatically when you take a draw and then shuts off automatically after your session is done instead of relying on a button. Instead of depending on a switch, disposable vapes employ a technology that activates automatically when you take a puff and then shuts off after your trip is over.