Blueberry Slapz is an indica hybrid of Blueberry X Slapz . Blueberry Slapz opens with a euphoric, hazy high that envelops you with a calm, peaceful feeling. As this high increases, your mind will fall into a hazy state of introspection that erases any negative or racing thoughts, as well as numbs your brain. Slapz, in its effect, is said to slap you in the face, and this strain packs a quick, full-bodied high that knocks you out cold in seconds. It sends a jolt of euphoric energy into your thoughts and a feeling of immense happiness that lifts your creativity. As this energy dissipates, you’ll feel a tingly, hazy high that is pretty unfocused. The high begins as an arousing tingle before dropping you into a one-two punch of pure sedation and relaxation.