Moonrocks have arrived.  Shatter moonrocks are made with Pineapple Express, White Widow AK47 strain, Death Bubba strain, Rockstar Kush strain , Peyote Cookies strain , and other strain buds coated with liquified shatter and dipped in pure THC. Our buds are squished and redipped in THC, repressed once again.  Finally, each bud is left to solidify and placed in it’s new home, awaiting your pipe, bong, rolling papers, or however you choose to dive in.

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White Widow, Cookie OG, Black Diamond, Moonwalker, Mojito, Stankasaurus, El Chapo, Moby Dick, Layer Cake, Peyote Cookies, Lemon Haze, Sherbet Cake, Mimosa, Ice Cream Cake, City of God, Mac 1, Blueberry Hashplant, Grease Monkey, Peanut Butter Breath, Strawberry Field, Jungle Mac, Super Silver Haze, Orange Daiquiri, Death Butter Breath


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