CANNALEAN – 1000mg Blue Raspberry THC Infused Syrup

CANNALEAN – 1000mg Blue Raspberry THC Infused Syrup



Cannalean THC-Infused Syrup, also known as 420 Syrup, has just been released on our website and is flying off the shelves. With 250 mg of THC per fluid ounce and a total of 1000 effective milligrams, this extremely powerful and delicious tasting 420 syrup will have you leaning over. Each bottle contains 4 ounces with 250 mg of THC per oz in three delicious flavors of Cherry, Strawberry, and Blue Raspberry. This 420 syrup will leave you surprised with its flavor and potency if you try anything else involving THC edibles. If you’re into cannabis edibles, this is an obligation must-try!

Suggest ways of use:

To begin, add a spoonful of this fire to your favorite drink. The most popular method of consuming Cannalean is with flavored soda over ice. Second, our advice would be to consume a mild lemonade or soda since the THC liquid is already sweet. You may also take a shot of it like you would cough medicine.

If you’re not sure what to do, any option will work. If your preferred method is not available, then be prepared to buckle up and put on your seatbelt with whatever floats your boat. The activation period is usually between 30 and 1 hours. Finally, be cautious when using this product for the first time and follow the dosage instructions carefully. Cannalean THC Infused Syrup isn’t for people who are new to consuming cannabis edibles or for experts. Feel free to go ahead!

Available Flavors:

  • Cherry
  • Strawberry
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Mango
  • Fruit Punch

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