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what is live rosin 04 Live Rosin

Live Rosin

Cannabis concentrates have been one of the most quickly-expanding areas in the cannabis market. Over time, advances in cannabis extraction have altered industry standards when it comes to determining a high-quality product, with first CO2 extracts praised as a replacement for butane-based products and those same butane solvents judged superior to handmade and bubble hash products from previous years.

Today, live resin is regarded as top-tier among solvent-based concentrates for the quality of its fresh-plant tastes and well-preserved terpene profiles. However, its solventless sibling, live rosin, has recently gained a far higher reputation among cannabis flavor connoisseurs. There are several important distinctions between live resin and live rosin that we will examine throughout this article, but there are also significant differences between them that we’ll point out now.

what is live rosin 01 Live Rosin

Unless you’re a cannabis connoisseur, this may be new to you, but don’t worry. We’re here to explore and explain the distinctions between these extracts and why live rosin is a better option than extract.

What Does “Live” Mean When It Comes To Concentrates?

For people who are new to concentrates or for enthusiasts of concentrates looking to learn more, the term “Live” may be perplexing. Is it referring to cells that still exist in the concentrate, similar to probiotics? Is it implying that the concentrate itself is alive and raises ethical issues about burning it with red hot metal? Does it imply the concentrate has attained sentience and might be planning some sort of global domination?

When it comes to concentrates, the word “live” implies ones that have been produced from fresh plant material. In contrast, the most frequent types of concentrates (such as wax and shatter) are derived from plants that have been dried and cured before being processed. The most common technique for preparing bud for sale is drying and curing flower, which is often required to deliver a high-quality product.

The buds from the plant are trimmed, then set out to dry for a week or two. This removes a lot of moisture while keeping terpenes in check. The bud is then cured for another two to eight weeks before it can be distributed and sold. Dried and cured bud will have a low water content, which helps to keep it preserved as well as allowing it to burn freely. It will also have an intense fragrance due to chlorophyll being broken down throughout the curing process. (Improperly dried and cured bud has an unpleasant harshness, weakness, and hay-like aroma owing to the excessive chlorophyll.)

The drying and curing procedure, on the other hand, extracts moisture from the buds, resulting in some of their terpenes being lost. Because the bud or the concentrate extracted from it is still flavorful and powerful, most consumers are unaware of any difference.

However, all of the plant’s terpenes are maintained when extract is derived from fresh plant material using “live” extraction. As a result, this produces a high-quality concentrate that is much more flavorful and perhaps stronger owing to the entourage effect.

What is Live Rosin?

Live Rosin is a new approach to get cannabinoids and terpenes into concentrates without the use of hydrocarbon extraction. In live rosin extraction, no solvents or chemicals are used. In contrast, Live Rosin is extracted from plant material using heat and pressure instead of solvent or chemical extraction. Producers may now extract a potent resinous sap from their dried plant matter, hash, or kief in an instant using this technique. Hash oil, which is a thick, gooey, full-melt extract derived from cannabis plants that requires no additional cleaning or removal of chemicals, is the ideal option for health-conscious consumers. This high THC percentage and robust flavor profile (as long as it was produced from plant materials), this cannabinoid and terpene-rich, full-melt hash oil has a significant amount of THC. live Rosin has developed a large following among cannabis users because it is chemical-free and full spectrum.

Live Rosin cannot be extracted from flash-frozen plant material, as it is not possible to remove the heat and pressure produced in its formation. The extra moisture in the plant material would boil up alongside the cannabinoids and terpenes, spoiling the end product.

what is live rosin 03 Live Rosin

Instead, live rosin producers must go through the artisan process of producing whole melt bubble hash (also known as ice water hash). To make bubble hash, the recently frozen plant material is shaken underwater in a bath of water and ice, shaking off the frozen trichomes from the plant and into the water. After this, the plant material is filtered through a series of finer and finer mesh bags to remove any remaining plant particles. Remaining plant material would burn rather than melt during the extraction procedure, affecting the end product. The trichomes are then dried into full-melt bubble hash in a freeze dryer once they’ve been collected.

After being extracted, the bubble hash is pressed into live Rosin using a Live Rosin press with low heat and force. The finished product is far more flavorful and pure than standard live rosin, with no loss of terpenes. As a result of this purity, live Rosin varies from yellow to off-white rather than amber in color, unlike ordinary Live Rosin.

How Do You Make Live Rosin?

Live Rosin is prepared quickly, easily, and safely using Live Rosin’s unique quick, easy, and safe extraction process. The best part is that you probably already have everything you’ll need! There are two distinct methods for producing it.

The second approach is to invest in a specific heated press, which can cost hundreds of dollars. Let’s concentrate on the low-cost and easy method for making live rosin.

Here’s what you need:

  1. A pair of hair straighteners
  2. Parchment paper
  3. A collection tool
  4. Heat resistant gloves

You can finish the entire procedure in 15 minutes. You will be rewarded with a high-quality concentrate if you get it correct. It may even outperform outdated solvent-based extraction technologies in terms of flavor, potency, and yield.

Place your marijuana flower on the parchment-lined straightener. The parchment will not only protect the straighteners but also collect the waxy substance as it melts. It’s critical that the temperature doesn’t exceed 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Apply pressure and strain on your cannabis with the straighteners. When cooled, you should see a wax-like substance form, which will become more brittle as it cools.

You isolate the concentrated cannabinoids from the flowers by applying pressure and heat to the straighteners. The most important factor is how much pressure you can apply to the material; the higher the pressure, the better your results will be. Putting a lot of force on plant matter causes liquid concentrate to seep out of it, resulting in a superior product.

It’s vital to note that while the heat is necessary, it’s also critical to avoid overcooking the material. Some of the cannabinoids and terpenes in the bud may be damaged by an excessively high temperature.

You can use a water-cooled extractor to extract cannabis flowers, dry buds, and other items.

What Are the Benefits of Live Rosin?

what is live rosin 02 Live Rosin

The following are the drawbacks of this revolutionary concentrate:

  • Cheaper than many comparable concentrates.
  • Extremely easy to create at home.
  • A relatively safe form of extraction.
  • Versatile
  • Potent

Live Rosin is a fantastic way for beginners to try out a safe extraction technique. It’s also popular among medical marijuana patients. Because it contains so many cannabinoids, it enables people to take advantage of the entourage effect. Live Rosin has no solvents or other hazardous by-products, and it may be vaporized. As a result, there is no need to breathe in any marijuana smoke.

You’ll get to enjoy all of the tastes and scents of cannabis because the high terpene concentration makes it possible.

When using Live Rosin, we recommend using a dab rig or a vaporizer. You’ll need to expose it to temperatures of up to 480 degrees in any case. This is how you ensure that every active chemical leaves the concentrate fully. Because Live Rosin does not go through the lipid and fat removal procedure, it does not require as high a temperature as other concentrates.

Downsides of Live Rosin

There are a few negatives, to be sure. It is simple to produce at home if you have the equipment. Its popularity has pushed the price of commercial grade Live Rosin, however. Despite its growing demand, not every dispensary currently sells it.

You may find that Live Rosin leaves a residue after using it. After using Live Rosin, your vaping device or dab rig must be cleaned. Otherwise, the residue forms adhered and difficult-to-remove clumps.

Live Rosin isn’t for novices or those with a low THC tolerance, as it can only reduce strain-to-strain variation by up to 80%.

It’s also essential to note that Live Rosin is high in THC. It isn’t the greatest option for novices or people with a low THC sensitivity, having an alcohol content of up to 80%. Use may induce dizziness, headaches, paranoia, and anxiety if abused.

Finally, be careful if you want to attempt it yourself. If you come into contact with the heated portion while the straighteners are at the correct temperature, you may suffer serious burns.

Final Thoughts About Live Rosin

Overall, Live Rosin is a fascinating cannabis concentrate solution. It offers a slew of advantages that outweigh the negatives by far.

Live Rosin is a delicious way to consume exceptionally high doses of THC. Live Rosin is a full-spectrum product that is quickly becoming popular among medical marijuana patients. It’s arguably a safer choice than concentrates that rely on chemicals like butane because it doesn’t contain solvents or other hazardous by-products.

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