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what is crumble Ways to Smoke Crumble Wax

Ways to Smoke Crumble Wax

Although this sort of cannabis concentrate is relatively unknown, it is not deserving of being overlooked. It’s fantastic! Do you have some on your hands? Fantastic! Because we’ll be going through all sorts of ways to smoke it or at least consume it in this post. If you’re not sure what crumble wax is, that’s okay; we’ll get into that later. Simply sit back and relax while reading on.

What is Crumble Wax?

Crumble wax, honeycomb wax, crumble dab, or just crumb wax is a very strong concentrate with a dry, malleable, and powdery texture. It’s a cannabis extract that has a malleable texture that breaks apart when handled.

Its crumbliness might make it more difficult to handle than concentrates, but crumble wax is known to offer consumers a particularly potent and delicious experience. Its color usually varies from pale yellow to amber. The THC content of crumble is usually around 90%.

It’s a highly adaptable type of marijuana concentrate that may be readily smoked or consumed in a variety of ways. You can easily add it to joints, blunts, or spliffs, as well as a variety of other methods we will go through in further detail.

ways to smoke crumble wax 1 Ways to Smoke Crumble Wax

The texture of crumble, which is referred to in its name, comes from a unique production process. This involves heating at lower temperatures for longer periods of time than other concentrates, such as oil, shatter, and so on. The end result of this processing is a drier concentrate rather than a more thick liquid extract like shatter. Some people find the dryness of crumble appealing since it helps to minimize mold and decontamination when kept or left unused for long periods of time.

How Can You Use Crumble Wax?

As we previously said, crumble wax is a highly flexible cannabis concentrate that may be consumed in a variety of ways. Obviously, there are the most common methods for smoking crumble wax, as well as other techniques that people may not recognize. To be more specific, we’ve identified 7 distinct methods for smoking crumble wax.

Furthermore, if you’re left with a little of crumble and no means to smoke it, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. As we’ll go through a few techniques that don’t require the use of any tools or specialist equipment, all you need are some basic household ingredients that you’ll undoubtedly have on hand. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Dab it

This is unquestionably the most common technique of utilizing crumble, and concentrates in general. If you’ve never dabbed before, maybe this will pique your interest. The dabbing process for crumble wax is exactly the same as all other concentrates. Simply pick up a tiny amount of the wax with your dabber (dab tool), heat the nail with your blow torch to the desired temperature (lower temperatures improve terpene flavor retention) and dab away!

When scooping or transferring the crumble wax with your tool, be cautious because the texture may make it difficult to adhere to the tip of a dabber. We suggest using a dabber with a spoon tip for crumbling wax. You might also try heating your dabber tool slightly so that when you put it into your crumble stash, it will melt somewhat and cling to the end. Dabbing can create quite powerful effects, so be aware that overdoing it might have undesirable results. If you’re a first-time dabber, take it easy with tiny quantities and enjoy yourself.

Vape it

It’s not “smoking” as we know it, but it’s a wonderful way to utilize your crumble wax. To vape it, you’ll either need a vape pen or a dry herb vaporizer that also works with concentrates.

Using a Vape Pen

For the vape pen approach, you’ll need a pen with a detachable atomizer that you can use. Also, if you’re unfamiliar with atomizers, they’re just a heating element that’s usually made of metal and heated using the battery.

It’s possible to use a dab pen on it, but instead of using the atomizer, just dab the crumble wax onto the unheated coil. Turn on the battery chamber while connecting the atomizer to it. All you have to do now is attach the mouthpiece, press the button and hold while putting your lips around the mouthpiece and drawing slowly. It’s usually best to take things slow.

Using a Vaporizer

ways to smoke crumble Ways to Smoke Crumble Wax

It’s important to verify that your vaporizer is suitable with concentrates if you do this approach. A concentrate pad will often make it feasible. Simply heat up the concentrate as usual, place the concentrate pad inside the chamber, and then add your little amount of crumble on top. Close the lid and take a puff – usually everything evaporates in 1 inhalation, so make them count!

Smoke it

Smoking crumble isn’t as difficult or time-consuming as you might believe. You can, of course, smoke crumble in the same way that you would any other dry herb. However, it’s important to remember that crumble isn’t ideal on its own when it comes to smoking. Crumble wax may be an excellent addition to a joint or blunt, and it is simple to do. Simply add a little amount of crumble wax into your dry flower mixture and wrap it up for easy smoking!

Eat it

If you don’t want to smoke, you may use your crumble wax to make edibles! Making edibles with cannabis concentrates has grown in popularity in recent years, and there’s a good reason for that. Because the concentrate has already been decarbed during the extraction process, you won’t have to go through the time-consuming procedure of decarbing, steeping, and straining plant material. Remove the cannabis from the oven, lay it out on a dish towel, and allow to cool for roughly 15 minutes before removing it. Place your nug directly in an oil warmer or filled with hot water. Remove the cannabis and break off any visible strands until no more than three inches of plant material remain. Heat coconut oil in a pan at low heat, add your desired amount of crumble, and stir till all of the crumble dissolves. Now you can use your cannabis-infused oil in whatever meal or drink you choose!

It’s vital to remember that when cannabis oil is heated at high temperatures, it might lose terpenes and cannabinoids. Adding the oil to a dish that doesn’t require much heat, such as smoothies and sauces, is a good alternative.

Bong / Pipe it

Do you need to smoke some wax but don’t want to use a dab rig? If you have a comparable piece of equipment, such as a bong, you’re in luck. The primary distinction between these two glass items is that one has a nail and the other does not.

Rather of smoking through a nail, you must use a specific technique to fill your bowl. If you’re trying it out for the first time, here’s what you need to know…

Place a bud or two with a larger diameter than the downstem into the bowl. To seal the bud, place a few pieces of wax on top. Fill up the remaining portion of the bowl with another grind. As usual, light up and smoke away after your bowl is full.

The wax is concentrated in the middle of the bowl, which results in an oven-like heating effect.

Healthstone it

The preceding technique is also a separate approach, albeit one that continues the same idea. Healthstones are a type of glass with the consistency of volcanic rock. They’re meant to be used with pipes and bongs to smoke wax. Place the stone in your bong or pipe’s bowl region, either within the bowl itself or inside the titanium nail’s base section. The goal is to position the healthstone so that smoke may flow through it onto the mouthpiece.

After you’ve positioned the healthstone, add a little crumble wax to it. Heating it with a butane torch and then smoking it as usual are two ways to do this. Remember that cannabis wax hits should be taken in moderation.

Hot Knives it 

This technique is not only easy, but it also does not require any specialized equipment. You just need knives to complete the procedure. This approach has previously been covered in a separate post on another cannabis concentrate, hash; you may check that out here. This method works well for late nights when you don’t have access to any tools or anything else that can be used to smoke crumble wax easily.

Heat a butter knife over your stove until it’s nearly red hot, careful not to burn yourself, then apply some wax to it. Clouds of vapor will immediately issue from the wax as it evaporates, at which point you take a puff of the smoke.

Some argue that this technique is wasteful, since it will dissipate quickly in the open air. Some people take advantage of this by inhaling the smoke through a funnel, straw, or the top half of a plastic bottle.


There are many more than a few methods of smoking crumble wax without having the necessary equipment, believe it or not. If you happen to come across some crumble wax in your pocket and have the ability to try out any one of these techniques, why not do so? You might just discover a new favorite way to use crumble wax without realizing it!

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