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Strawberry Switchblade *Hybrid*

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Strawberry Switchblade Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid

Strawberry Switchblade is an indica dominant hybrid strain that was bred by Riot Seeds. It has 55% indica and 45% sativa, making it quite balanced. It is a cross between Double Black Doja, East Coast Sour Diesel and Strawberry Crème. The Strawberry Crème lineage gives this strain a great flavor and aroma while the Diesel strains give it musky undertones. Being an Indica dominant strain, it gives a strong body high that may induce a couch lock. It is therefore ideal for evening or nighttime use.

Strawberry switchblade contains moderate amounts of THC, usually around 15%. Most patients have however reported that the effects compare to those of strains having 20% THC. The cerebral hit is moderate causing a feeling of happiness and euphoria. This effect is great in numbing pain and symptoms of depression without causing anxiety or paranoia. It may also help in relieving symptoms of PTSD.

It has a beautiful purple color with dark green nugs that are covered in snowy trichomes. Like most indicas Strawberry Switchblade is short and dense and produces a moderately high yield.

The scent is delicious which makes it a superb starting out strain for novice users. Underneath the berry scent is a musky undertone that is albeit bearable. The smoke is gentle on the throat and well tolerated by patients. It can work well with a vaporizer or in the form of edible treats.


Strawberry Switchblade is an easy strain to begin with, it kinds of cures the body without having to “take-it-down” first. The effects on the body and mind are relaxing and euphoric, meaning that you will be uplifted in body and mind. With the stress off, you can catch a quality nap or just take time to relax.

This strain is ideal for spurring inspiration to work on new ideas and concepts. It is also a great conversation starter especially for people who are not typically conversationalists.

Patient Reported Positive Effects:

  • Happiness;
  • Euphoria;
  • Talkativeness.

Patient Reported Negative Effects

With moderate THC levels, this strain is well tolerated by most patients. However, expect to feel some dehydration that may manifest as:

  • Cotton mouth;
  • Dry eyes.

Dealing with this is pretty simple; just keep rehydrating as you take your weed. Should you notice that your eyes are turning red there is no need to worry. This can be easily sorted out by- waiting it out!

Patient Reported Rare Negative Effects:

  • Anxiety;
  • Headaches.


Strawberry Switchblade has very balanced effects, making it an ideal option for patients wanting to avoid the overpowering effects of high THC strains. The cerebral effects are mind calming and helpful in relieving anxiety and tension. The body high will ease away tiredness and pain. In high doses, Strawberry Switchblade will induce non REM sleep. This kind of sleep is deeply relaxing and when you wake up you will be feeling well rested and refreshed.

Patients have reported relief with the following conditions:

  • Anxiety;
  • Insomnia;
  • Fatigue;
  • Pain;
  • PTS.

Whether you’re headed out to a social function or need some creative time at home, Strawberry will provide you with a pleasing mind and body high that’s manageable for even the most inexperienced user. Enjoy its sweet aroma and complex taste, and get ready for a sativa-dominant strain that’s balanced and subtle.

Strain spotlight

Additional information


  • Effects: Aroused, Energizing, Euphoria
  • Medical Usage: Arthritis, Asthma, Chronic Pain, Depression, Eye Pressure, Fatigue, Migraines, Stress
  • Flavors: Berry, Chemical, Grape, Spicy, Strawberry, Sweet
  • Aromas: Earthy, Grape, Pungent, Spicy
  • THC Content: 15%-23%
  • CBD: 0.37%-1.09%
  • CBC: 0.37%-1.18%
  • CBG: 0.43%-2.17%
  • CBN: 0.09%-0.32%
  • THCV: 0.24%-1.17%
  • Genetics: Double Black Doja x East Coast Sour Diesel x Strawberry Creme
  • Type: 45% Sativa / 55% Indica
  • Terpenes: Limonene, Linalool, Caryophyllene, Humulene, Carene, Valencene
  • Adverse reactions (negative): Dry eyes, Rapid heart beat, Low blood pressure, Fatigue

32 reviews for Strawberry Switchblade *Hybrid*

  1. Mimi Socks

    Tasty. Well balanced head and body high.

  2. Algingautr

    This is a top-notch hybrid in my book. Bought from Trulieve in FL, I’ve had it crumble, shatter, and edible forms (‘oral syringe’ 200mg infused olive oil) and it works well for me regardless of which form I use. The onset is all sativa, when inhaled at least but it mellows out into relaxation within an hour or two. When eaten, it provides a balanced effect with a slight uptick in energy. I use this strain any time besides bedtime and it keeps me going through whatever I need to accomplish. Top 3 daytime strain. Enjoy!

  3. Herp Derp

    Very balanced hybrid, smooth and good taste. Effects are long lasting. Highly recommend this for a nice peaceful evening setting.

  4. Corey Loo

    Picked up in flower at Trulieve in Florida. The THC came in at 16.5%. Total – 17.2%. Very small, very purple dense buds with a grape and woodsy smell. Cured nicely. I have had tastier, but still good. Even with the lower THC and my high tolerence, I still felt effects within 10 minutes and was highly impressed. A nice hybrid that made me feel relaxed but still able to go out to eat and enjoy. I also try to mention anxiety, since that is my biggest problem with flower and this one brought on absolutely no anxiety, if anything it reduced it. Would highly recommend. 5/5.

  5. Lucky Days

    I purchased a pre roll of this strain from truleive two weeks ago. I tried it for the first time today. I only take 1 to 2 inhalations of flower per doctors orders for anxiety; and let me tell you, 1 to 2 hits of this potent strain is more than enough to induce massive euphoria

  6. Bradley Henson

    Leans on the sativa vibes for sure – really good daytime high, no problem grocery shopping & getting through the daily tasks. Sweet taste from vaping, interested to try the flower.

  7. Mason Lang

    Picked up an 1/8th at Orlando South. Nice sour and fruity smell when I opened the jar. Good cure no trace of hay or stale hints at all. GREAT smoke, kind of a 1/2 woodsy 1/2 fruity taste imo. Weighed heavy by .3, will buy again. Could smoke at night but suits better as a day timer even though its an Indica Dom.

  8. Alvarez

    #1 hybrid IMO. For those who like indica hybrids. Still focused and ready to talk, but also use at night to help relax so I can turn off my brain and go to sleep. Trulieve since 2016 – best flower so far. Can use any time of day and I feel like it adjusts you to your surroundings whether social or not.

  9. Harry Potter

    Great strain for those with a high tolerance and old “heads”! I am usually a Sativa girl and while this is an Indica dominant hybrid, I noticed effects similar to Sativa…a significant giddy, lighthearted feeling. I was able to laugh away the days stress in an upbeat conversation after vaping! Great strain for any time you need an escape from things that annoy you!!!

  10. Aldafoor

    I am a Sativa gal, when its out of stock it is hard for me to find a Hybrid that isn’t too Indica-leaning for me. This is officially my first favorite hybrid. It is energizing and uplifting, makes me feel good and wanna get up and do stuff.

  11. Okta

    One of my all time favs. It was my first buy off Trulieve and it obsessed with it. Helps tremendously with headaches and helps with pain and inflammation helped with my anxiety and depression as well. Overall great strain for so many purposes

  12. Birdy

    Smooth and fruity smoke. Intense , uplifting high great for daytime smoking

  13. Boston Knight

    Nice flavor! Smoove on the inhalation. Perfect after a nice shower for relaxation.

  14. Chaya Lynn

    I wanted to slow down and relax, this strain did it. My brain didn’t want to get up and go and my body said I didn’t have to. I could get up, but I can sit still and I want to. Two pulls from the water pipe to get me started was just fine. Had two or three more just to make sure it lasts a while. 😉

  15. Rebel Boo

    A heavy hitting hybrid! Socially I feel confident with conversation and dont feel weird being out in public, and that means a bit coming from someone with long term depression. Helped a little with muscular pain. My favorite side by side with PEX. Satisfying sweet & creamy flavor!

  16. Cedric Lyons

    This strain is life. No other weed has ever made me feel more medicated and at peace. It may not be for everyone as it’s indica dominant, but it’s certainly for me.

  17. Layton Rocha

    Very tasty. Taste real fruity with a little tang. Very calm and relaxing smoke. It helpee me dose off to sleep very easily while suppressing a lot of pain. Very good balance for me. Feelw more like an Indica to me. Will buy again.

  18. Cruella de VeL’)

    Love the smell taste and euphoria. I got mine from Trulieve South Orlando.

  19. Eagle Head

    The warm relaxation this weed offers is all the ideal ingredient after a day of stress.

  20. Sean

    Wonderful strain from Trulieve!! Taste is smooth and sweet. Leaves me with a light high, enough to be productive and function.

  21. Shield Shaker

    I don’t think anything screams delicious the way the way this strain does.

  22. Mad Max

    My favorite hybrid strain from Trulieve in Florida. Excellent taste beautiful purple tint nugs. Normally a Sativa guy. My favorite strains are Super Silver Haze, Jack Herer, Dutch Hawaiian etc. Normally I don’t care for hybrid bud the buzz seems to wear off too quickly but not this one. You’ll be ripped most the day from a fat joint but it taste so good you wanna just blaze it up back to back. Definitely a 5 star quality hybrid though.

  23. Stephen Yenglin

    To be honest I was taken by surprise trulieve had some extra Minis and allowed me to have four I went home and popped One open and I was thrilled beautiful Crystal covered Deep Purple nugs that taste wonderful and only takes a few minutes to kick in she starts out fast and then creeps up onya for the next half hour very nice cerebral back of the head type Buzz that gives you energy yet still allows you to focus also helps with pain it is a strain that will let you know immediately when you have been medicated. it has become one of my new favorites and I suggest you give this lady a try.

  24. Loop

    Sweet strain, one of the better I’ve had from Trulieve.

  25. Zain Kline

    I think Ive had a distillate of this twice and its one of my faves. Fun times all around. Focused if Im playing games, chilling on break at work, listening to music, walks with my dog. Love it, def one to have during the day and still be rather productive.

  26. Green Cupcake

    I opened up a pre roll from Trulieve this morning and am taking bong hi hits. DAMN! I didn’t expect this big of a punch with only 15.1% THC for this batch, but I’ve taken about three hits and for a daily smoker I’m pretty damn medicated. The smell is amazing! Fruity, chocolate covered strawberries is what hit me right out of the tube. Even being ground up in a pre roll you can see pink and purple mixed in with the green. I feel great! Nice sativa like focus, but the calming and pain relief benefits of an indica. I honestly feel like I could take a nap if I wanted to, but I could also go people watching at the beach. Definitely going back for more of her.

  27. M.Mason

    Ayo this my first one of these and I came through cause I felt compelled to do so … got this from Trulieve you feel me … They always hook me up .. but yo this joint right here… this joint right here my g … you gonna feel it my guy … this strain is straight fire .. yo my g you gonna feel it … tasty and straight pressure .. you know everything with strawberry in the name fire .. pressure !

  28. Roy Roy

    Got this strain for the first time yesterday from Trulieve, and I am extremely pleased. Wonderful for a productive day— I feel like it clears my head and makes me feel happy and engaged with whatever I’m doing at the time. The taste of strawberry strains is my weak spot, and this one tastes wonderful.

  29. Iron MaskX)

    Purchased 1 gram of Crumble concentrate from a medical dispensary in Florida. Not sure if it has the same origin as the one listed here on leafly but it I would say that I agree with effects listed in the description. Also the sticker on my box says Hybrid and lists Sse for the acronym, not Sws like listed on leafly. Eitherway, doesn’t bring you down, pretty uplifting, would recommend. 🙂

  30. Maddie

    Definitely a creeper weed. It goes through phases, starts out around my head smooths me out and relaxes, then got me very clear. Creative and productive. Mild antidepressant effect. Has analgesic cloud based effects. It is quite relaxing, but it’s also quite strong and very very long lasting. Able to sit still. As a regular medical smoker tolerance is strong. Suggest starting slow as It did not take much of this to do the trick. I only use this on the weekend. Although I could easily do a days work on it. Still prefer this as more pain and anxiety relief and recreational. Quite hypnotic. Food tastes amazing. Very creative and productive. I’m giving it 5 stars. This batch will probably last me months.

  31. Red Velvet

    Top notch strain. Perfect for that 5’oclock somewhere. Helps chill, no anxiety and just help you slow your day down. Taste great. Highly recommend from truleave. I can’t spell it right now.

  32. Harley Gould

    I dont taste any of the concentrate, it’s very mild on the throat. It’s very good relief for arthritis which I have degenerative disks also. To me it somewhat feels like indica dominate. But it doesn’t put me to sleep or make me sleepy. I ony tried it in the Evole pen from truelieve so far, right now I did one orally let’s see if I get a good buz plus pain relief I like both.

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