Purple Peyote *Hybrid*


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Peyote Purple Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid

Peyote Purple has its origin in a careful selection of the legendary Indica Bubba Kush variety very famous in the United States and in Canada for many years. The result is a vigorous hybrid, robust, easy to grow, with short flowering, powerful and productive. Peyote Purple develops a small cannabis plant, with a compact structure, with a short knot distance with large, elongated leaves. It grows with the appearance of a stumpy, bushy shrub and its structure is capable of supporting the weight of dense and resinous buds. It takes on a beautiful purple hue during flowering.

Peyote Purple is a marijuana plant that can withstand attacks of fungi and disease. It is a cannabis variety that works well in small indoor spaces and in temperate, continental climates outdoors. It may be interesting to keep a parent plant of this high quality genetics. Peyote Purple has an intense aroma and flavor, with notes of citrus, vanilla and coffee. Its effect is powerful, relaxing and long lasting. It is an ideal marijuana variety to relax deeply after a hard day.

Peyote Purple cannabis strain gives a powerful, clean high. The effect inclines towards the cerebral but it is also very stimulating for the body. It can least more than an hour, numbing and relaxing the body and mind, without couch locking you.

Peyote Purple offers all the effects that you have grown to love from an indica ranging all the way from the full body relaxation to the heavily sedated head high. The effects are not the only pleasurable part of taking a toke of Peyote Purple. The flavors and aromas are said to be equally as enjoyable. Many cannabis connoisseurs are a fan of earthy aromas and Peyote Purple offers just that along with a some delectably sweet flavors.

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