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Monster Cookies *Hybrid*

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Monster Cookies Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid

Monster Cookies did not take its name from any delicacy or the lovable Sesame Street character. Instead, it was a play on Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), one of its parent strains. It may also not produce monster-size buds, but its heavy-Indica effects are nothing short of monstrosity.

GSC, as many users have come to know, is not one that is lacking in potency. In fact, it has won several Cannabis Cups because of its insane THC. In some ways, Monster Cookies inherited its mind-bending mental high but only to a small degree.

Like GSC, Granddaddy Purple boast of a stimulating mental high followed by intense relaxation. Its influence on Monster Cookies, though, is more significant as attested by the heavy Indica heritage, flavors, and even its appearance.

Unfortunately, the plant is clone-only. No one even knows who the original breeder was. It is also not to be confused with another hybrid that goes by the same name developed by Greenpoint Seeds. It may very well be an attempt to have a plant that is closest to matching the original Monster Cookies by crossing GSC with Yeti OG.


Describing the effects of Monster Cookies as nothing short of monstrosity is not an exaggeration. Packing up to 21% THC, it slams hard into the body in due time. At its onset though, it begins with a euphoric buzz that is both uplifting as well as invigorating. Although the strain is 80% Indica, its mental high is surprisingly pronounced. No doubt, this is an apparent quality of GSC.

It does take a while before the Indica traits begin to manifest. Once it does, it starts with a warm buzz ebbing into the body. The relaxing sensation can indeed put users not only at ease but also in utter bliss. As the numbing effects spread, most users are likely to stay glued to the couch.

Like others, the early onset of the mental high is often one that clears the head. After succumbing to the full effects of Monster Cookies, most users end feeling spacey with an almost meditative quality while merely savoring the incredible pleasant feeling.


Both parent strains of Monster Cookies are well known and famed for their unique flavors, and fans of either will adore the result of clever breeding in this bud. Rocking a pungent mix of earth and sweet berries from Grandaddy Purple, the scent will be very familiar to those who have ever given GDP a go in the past.

Upon first inhale, notes of sweet berry with gassy undertones come through in a mouth-watering wave that compels any budding cannabis enthusiast to explore further. Upon breaking up the dense bud, you will be hit with a spicier, fruity scent that takes on an almost incense-like fragrance.

It is a genuinely complex combination of aromas that are overwhelmingly sweet and alluring.


While it is true that most of Monster Cookies’ delicious aromas come from Granddaddy Purple, it is undoubtedly Girl Scout Cookies that we can recognize in this bud’s taste. With a deliciously sweet vanilla undertone mingled with fruity notes, this is a wonderful bud for anyone who has a sweet tooth!

The smoke for Monster Cookies is super smooth and is perfect for those less experienced users who can’t yet tolerate a harsh kick to the back of the throat.

Upon exhaling, you will be hit with a more dank flavor than before, quickly followed by another burst of sweet and sour cherry that is dangerously moreish.

Adverse Reaction

Experiencing dry mouth and dry eyes is a common occurrence when using marijuana and not just Monster Cookies. At times, it may also cause a mild headache or dizziness. Also, some people are more susceptible to feeling paranoid.

As a general rule, use marijuana conservatively especially when a strain is as potent as Monster Cookies. The adverse effects described can occur even in moderate use, but overindulging may also make the symptoms more pronounced. At any rate, it is often too mild and ignored by most people.

THC Content – Highest Test

Monster Cookies offers a modest THC range with the highest recorded levels being at around 15% and the lowest at 10%. Don’t be fooled by its average status; this is still a pungent bud that will serve you a top of the range high!

Medical Benefits

As the strain delivers an uplifting mind and body high, Monster Cookies can help wipe out stress. As it leaves users feeling happy, it dramatically benefits people suffering from depression and related illnesses or conditions.

The numbing Indica traits, aside from inducing body relaxation, also comes with significant pharmacological benefits. Because it helps get rid of tension in the body as well as soothe aching muscles, it can lessen or even eliminate chronic pains.

Most people who use this strain ends up sleeping through the night. As such, it is an excellent choice as well for people who need a little help in getting quality sleep.

Possible Side Effects

Like we mentioned earlier, there haven’t been many reports of paranoia or racing thoughts with this bud, but some users find it to cause dry eyes, dry mouth and potential dizziness if taken in too high a dose.

Strain spotlight

Additional information


  • Bud Size: Medium
  • Effects: Euphoria, Happy, Hungry, Sleepy
  • Medical Usage: Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Anxiety, Stress
  • Flavors: Berry, Diesel, Grape, Sweet
  • Aromas: Earthy, Grape, Sweet, Vanilla
  • THC Content: 17%-21%
  • CBD Level: 1%
  • Genetics: Girl Scout Cookies and GrandDaddy Purple
  • Type: 80% Indica / 20% Sativa
  • Adverse reactions (negative): Dry mouth, Anxious, Dizzy, Dry eyes

Strain spotlight



  1. Mini Mini Fox

    Anything mixed with granddaddy purp seems to be really solid. Cookies strains always make me cough a lot it seems. This stuff is a heavy hitter so get ready. Tastes great, burn and looks are great.

  2. Ashes

    This strain definitely does a great job at helping you relax at the end of a long day. I used this strain to help me chill out before going to bed and it allowed me a to get a solid night’s sleep.

  3. Pink Moon

    Vapours from flower taste like a sweet earthy grape and berry. The high is instant and not a creeper feels relaxing with cerebral uplift. Pain relief. Stress relief. Pleasant aroma. Regret not purchasing more bought an 8th of this for 27 dollars after taxes. Totally worth picking up more.

  4. Squirt 13

    Enjoyed this strain! It made me a master at whatever task I was doing during my high. Dirty kitchen? It had me clean the hell out of it. Reading a book? Fly through chapters (with memory of details!). Nearing sleep? Sleep like a baby. Love the versatility of this strain.

  5. Moonshine

    Incredible strain! So good I finally decided to make an account to start writing strain reviews. Out of my freshly cleaned Davinci IQ, a small to medium sized bowl will get me feeling great for 3 to 4 hours. Girl Scout Cookies and Grandaddy purp are two of my top 3 favorite strains so I was expecting a lot out of this and it blew my expectations. Looks are incredible, sugar coated with crystals and vibrant purple hues all over the bud thanks to the gdp. 5/5 on the high, a very euphoric body and head high perfect for the evening and night time to relax.

  6. Freeway

    Best cookies strain with monster kick. Long sessions result in couch lock. Sticky flowers with purple, green, & orange hairs.

  7. Teddy-Bear

    Great strain. I just packed a bowl and I hit it twice. Very relaxed, stoney feeling. Good for after work, wouldn’t smoke this and go about your day though.

  8. Buster

    New favorite strain for me… I have always preferred indica dominants and I have been smoking cannabis for 15+ years. I have anxiety (bad), C-ptsd., insomnia, and, due to my job that requires strenuous physical labor- muscle aches and pains. It helps with all of them instantly! And very well, too. 😉 I recommend this strain to anyone who is a fan of the traditional Indica dominant properties such as feeling relaxed, chill, calm,; there is that soothing effect, it can be slumber inducing if you smoke it right before crawling into bed for the night, it has many anti-anxiety benefits,, and if you smoke a lot, you’ll get that “melting-into-the-couch” feeling- but not overwhelmingly so, so you can still function if you need to. 5 out of 5 for sure.

  9. Bodie Dante

    Nice and smooth hit. Very potent aroma that can dank a screened porch. Sweet smooth hit through a raw filter rolled in a juicy jay orange. this strain is great for pain-gone in 10 minutes. Insomnia-check, ready for bed in 20. Great mellow.mood with some great mellow tunes make for a perfect end to a rough day.

  10. Rocco

    Quite possibly my favorite night time strain. Complete chill mode, but not a couch lock. Stress, depressed, anxiety? Get this and enjoy.

  11. Alex Koda

    I’ve been wanting to try this strain and my dispensary happened to just get it in and it does not disappoint. Heavy relaxation and a euphoric blanket, any pain or stress just melts away.

  12. Quinn

    When you get a good bag of this, hit the lights! This is Girl Scout Cookies in full on indica zone. The frosted-out purple orange buds are some of the most dense around. A half ounce is probably only 10 rock-like buds. Cuts up impressive, like velvet in the grinder. Great top shelf strain that brings interesting indica backing and effects to the Girl Scout party.

  13. Silvester

    A very good strain, the buds tend to be very small yet dense and super sticky. I still Prefer the real cookies over this strain, yet still a very strong strain. I’m a heavy indica mostly smoker, so this is more of a day time smoke for me. If your not an indica fan stay away! If you are I give 4/5. Made me hungry as hell (lol).

  14. Maya

    Monster Cookies is off the menu delicious. Heavy on the indica, this shimmering flower delivers a uniquely euphoric high. Long lasting in both the groovy relaxation and the focus, this cookie stands out in the bakery. Santa wouldn’t get past another house if he stopped and enjoyed these cookies… the euphoria is very substantial in this member of the cookie family. I highly recommend this strain to any lover of indicas or anyone looking for a powerful uplifting blast off. Polaris did a fine job with this one.

  15. Tilly

    Very nice & smooth. Helps keep me calm. I like it. I went to Pure Options in Lansing, MI and the place was clean and didn’t reek of weed. The young ladies were very knowledgeable regarding what would be the best for me.

  16. Elliot

    I’m a noob and feel anxious and paranoid pretty easily. I was even starting to wonder if cannibis was for me – that is, until my friend recommended Monster Cookies. This is the first strain I’ve actually enjoyed. One hit and my heavy depression is lifted. I feel energetic and slightly euphoric. It’s as if my world is aligned again. No munchies for me.

  17. Loop

    This is the only stain that puts a smile on my face, no matter what, literally a second after I take a hit. It also feels like it’s taking weight off me but pulling my shoulders down. I love this strain. For anyone who maybe is trying to switch from benzodiazepines to marijuana, but never meshed to well with weed, or weed gave them panic attacks (my case)…I would definitely try this one. I’m using it for ptsd, anxiety, and depression. Monster cookies has gotta be one of the best I’ve tried so far. It feels like I’m inhaling a Valium. And it always makes me smile I love it! Plus it’s great for migraines!

  18. Hobbes

    Such a clean and relaxing a high with no harsh come down. Had my girl and I dancing in the kitchen like a couple of goons before eating dinner and relaxing for the rest of the night.

  19. Birdy

    Omg!!! This is such a fun strain!!!! I’m chillin’ like a villain and watching “Up” …and it’s so bright and trippy. My pain is gone, I have zero anxiety, and I’m awake, but probably will pass out soon. Awesome.

  20. Bradley Henson

    Good cookie cross. The GSC in it fights off the munchies a bit. I’m an anxiety patient and I enjoy it in moderate doses.

  21. Roy Roy

    Like someone else said on here, very mellow. It’s a head high, but it’s not anything too crazy. Also really smooth, rarely any coughing. My only complaint is that it seems to only last about an hour to an hour & a half.

  22. Newton TT

    Holy tasty bud! I’ve only had the pleasure of coming across this cut(in bud form) once, a year ago!!!! I have longed for it ever since! Sooo earthy and pleasant. Loads of GDP coming through, but plenty of cookie influence in structure/resin production. Lots of bag appeal. *BONUS* I just found this cutting in my neighborhood and am currently vegging 4 of these sweet ladies. Hopefully she doesn’t stretch like its sister, animal cookies!

  23. Gina Shah

    I love this strain it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling that is awesome for sleep or a movie night with somone special.

  24. Chaya Lynn

    I’m a true believer in GSC fo real. So while at The Cafe Liv in Ann Arbor, MI I seen among their vast and impressive selection of superb herb there was a jar of Monster Cookies. As I write this review I’m feeling real chill and the buzz is steady. Still functional and aware. The taste I would say is semi-spicy and “herbish” with a nice after taste. Definitely a great discovery and now among my favorites.

  25. Connor

    Great Indica. Really great for night time use if your looking to get a good night sleep. This strain put’s you at ease, alleviates your stress, anxiety, and helps treat your insomnia. This strain will give you the rest you need and the body relief your seeking. Very effective. I only do Indicas for insomnia and this has been one of the best Indica strains I ever tried. Sweet smell, sweet taste, highly effective.

  26. Mitch

    Copped an 8th of this from Peace in Medicine in Sebastopol, CA. Big, nice nugs and the smell was crazy. This is some potent medicine so watch where you open it up. Any room or enclosed space will soon be smelling incredibly dankey. If you’ve got problems with loss of appetite, insomnia, pain management etc. this is a great option.

  27. Kayla

    Holy wow did this get me high. One hit and I am gone. Lovely bud as others have commented- very purple and green with tight buds. I bought mine October 1st- one of two of my first legal purchases here in Oregon- and it’s now May, and the buds are still pretty sticky. Takes about 5 to 10 minutes to hit full on. I can still write this review and I’m at my full high (I think), so it’s still maneuverable, but damn I am floating on a purple cloud. High-grade cannabis right here.

  28. Filly Fally

    I love the cookies high mixed with the GDP indica. I think it’s a fabulous balance and it’s great for bed time but not before a blast of euphoria from the cookies. It’s also great for watching tv because you get the giggles plus the couch lock feeling and it’s like being 16 again all over. The grape flavor plus the cookies is incredible and the buds them selves might be the most beautiful looking buds I’ve ever laid my eyes on. The picture will speak for its self.

  29. Doc Cloud

    It’s extremely calming , I’m literally just floating, cruising baby , I’m feeling creative and forward thinking as well.

  30. Herp Derp

    Strong, smooth smoke that’s great for the daily chronic users. Perfect after a long day, relieved my tension and definitely increased my appetite. Have something to eat on hand and you’re set for the night.

  31. Wifey

    My personal favorite strain! it taste incredible and everytime I purchase monster cookies it’s always fresh. great strain for sleep!

  32. Alvarez

    High So hungry and I just ate Ugh stomach is roaring at me dreaming state of mind.

  33. Sand5

    This one here is for the veterans. You call this shit monster cookies I call this shit the beez knees. Its got a purple potent taste. Relaxing your mind one hit at a time. Medication at its finest.

  34. Red Velvet

    Just got an oz of monster cookies. They lookexactly like alot of the legit pics, the thicky knobby structure, covered in trichs with dark purple streaks throughout it. Maybe this is a kush leaning pheno, because the smell is very kushy, but differnt at the same time. Earthy kushy but with a sweet twist, not the gdp cold-grape taste though. Still its very enjoyable, definetly dank and sticks in my nose forever. Vvery potent, probably good for pain and sleep. I smoked a nice joint and was happy to not get couch locked. not yet anyway. Very happy with it.

  35. Lisa Pavao

    I love monster cookies. Best Indica strain I’ve tried in a while! It relaxed and calmed me very much. No jittery feelings, just euphoria. Didn’t make me cough, was very smooth.

  36. Stud

    Smoked this out of my bong. Immediately noticed on the exhale that there’s a real earthy, peppery, almost tea-like taste. Very smooth hitting, had no harsh cough. Left me with a thoughtful and euphoric mood. A good strain for the evening or night time for sure cause I’m writing this before I go to bed and I can feel the tiredness setting in.

  37. Puck

    For me this strain was excellent, the perfect balance between potency, flavour and euphorea.

  38. Okta

    Hands down my favorite strain. Chronic pain; these buds knock the pain down better than anything, and the nice body relaxation is wonderful too. The smoke is tasty, like a fruity GSC- pain relief 10/10, relaxation 10/10 taste 15/10. One puff and you’ll see what I mean. All of that, and it doesn’t bog you down like a heavy indica can. I stay alert and mentally awake. Great round the clock weed.

  39. Spike

    This strain is a real hard hitter. I feel so relaxed and calm. Music is good for this strain. I’m not sleepy at all which is great. I don’t get hungry either. I have a chronic anxiety disorder when I am alone. I don’t feel lonely at all! Playing on my phone is so entertaining which gets my mind off of it 🙂

  40. Willie

    Hit my acute anxiety within 5-10 minutes. Mood improved within 15. I’d rec this for date night as well, definitely a pm strain.

  41. Carpenter

    Amazing strain!! The aroma is great and you get some of the Grandaddy Purp when breaking it up, sweet and berries. The high is very relaxing and stress free but can make you a little sleepy if you sit for too long. Haha Sex is also amazing on this strain. Very much recommend this strain.

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