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Ice Cream Man Five Star Organic LSO Exotics *Hybrid*

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Ice Cream Man Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid

Ice Cream Man is a rare indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the powerful Jet Fuel Gelato X Legend Orange Apricot strains. Known for its deliciously creamy flavor, Ice Cream Man packs a punch of effects that will have you feeling lifted and pretty aroused in no time at all. Each inhale brings on tastes of sweet berries and fruits alongside sharp citrus and peppery fuel. The aroma is very peppery and herbal with a fruity overtone that sweetens the more that you toke. The Ice Cream Man high is just as tantalizing as the flavor, with effects that hit both mind and body. It starts with a fast-acting euphoria that slams into the mind with a high level of potency and a touch of creative energy. As your mood is boosted and your mind soars, a tingly relaxation will spread over the body, one that can quickly become arousing. With these effects and its high 16% average THC level, Ice Cream Man is often chosen to treat those suffering from conditions such as chronic fatigue, depression, chronic stress, insomnia and chronic pain. This bud has fluffy bright neon green nugs with minty leaves, vivid orange hairs and a coating of milky white crystal trichomes.

Medical Benefits of Ice Cream Man

This weed is not only a good junk food-like gift to smokers but more so as medical assistance to quickly heal their common illnesses. This was found to be a cure to stress, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, depression, muscle pain, spasm, inflammation, menstrual cramps, and also bipolar disorders, too.

Effects of Ice Cream Man

Arousing the energy, creativity, and motivation of users, creating a numbing effect are just some of the wonderful offers of this weed. Ice Cream Man delivers sweet sensations to the body and mind that can last for some time to let smokers savor everything deliciously. It grows more intense as one goes on with the toke. No part of the body may be left untouched or unsatisfied.

Jet Fuel Gelato

Trichome Farms’ Jet Fuel Gelato is your get-up-and-go strain, the ultimate kickstart to a day of creativity or productivity. The child of two hybrids, Jet Fuel Gelato has a distinctive lineage that produces a jolt of energy that sends you into the clouds like a rocket, then glides you to a gentle descent full of optimism and physical relaxation.

You can smell the Diesel lineage of Jet Fuel right off the bat,—that gassy odor comes from the combination of myrcene and caryophyllene. Gelato’s limonene brightens the flavor and gives it a complex finish with a hint of humulene. The combination of these terpenes presents a flavor profile that is unforgettable.

Best paired with a day hike, bike ride, live music, or spring cleaning around the house. Make sure you have definite plans though, because if you start your day on the couch, Jet Fuel Gelato might keep you there.

Legend Orange Apricot

Legend Orange Apricot is a strain with both the indica as the sativa variety and has a THC percentage of 19%. This strain has CBD levels around 1%. Legend Orange Apricot is similar to Legend OG and is a combination of 50% indica and 50% sativa. If you Legend Orange Apricot seeds it will result in a moderate plant in height giving a low yield. Grow Legend Orange Apricot seeds into a nice and bushy marijuana plant, about 60 days of flowering before the plant is ready.

You cannot buy Legend Orange Apricot seeds in one single seedbank on the internet, as soon as we know a shop which are selling Legend Orange Apricot seeds, we will post it here.

Strain spotlight

Additional information


  • Effects: Aroused, Creative, Energizing, Euphoria, Uplifting
  • Medical Usage: Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Insomnia, Stress
  • Flavors: Berry, Fruity, Herbal, Peppery, Spicy
  • Aromas: Blueberry, Citrus, Diesel, Orange, Sour
  • THC Content: 16%
  • Genetics: Jet Fuel Gelato and Legend Orange Apricot
  • Type: 70% Indica / 30% Sativa
  • Adverse reactions (negative): Anxious, Dry Eyes, Dry Mouth, Dizzy, Paranoid


  1. editor

    I recently had the chance to try “Ice Cream Man” by Northeast Alternatives. It is a hybrid of Jetfuel Gelato x legend Orange Apricot F2. The high is slightly uplifting, but is relaxing on the body. The nuggets were massive trichome covered colas that were nice and dense, yet spongey. Smells like sweet apricots with a hint of fuel. The taste is exactly that, a beautifully sun drenched apricot taste with traces of pungent fuel that keep surprising you. I can’t get enough Ice Cream this summer!

  2. editor

    Smoked this last night with my grandmother and we were both zooooooted. Tastes great and definitely made me way more sleepy than I already was. BUT having problems staying asleep, Ice Cream Man kept me knocked out all night!

  3. editor

    Good Night Time Strain. Had the Lady Screamin for a Creamin. Put it Down before I put it down. Woke Up at midnight and Cleaned up my room for 2 hours. Smoked another J and tucked back in until noon. Definitely not good for the Diet. Put the Monster in Monster Cookies. Had my wife making those sounds while she swallowed a cookie she never intended to have. Worse than the Milk Man on your Housewife and your waistline. Buyer Beware. Will buy again when I’m not Dieting.

  4. editor

    I purchased this strain based solely on its genetics. I’m a huge fan of Orange Apricot, and the remaining genetics are great too. Opening the jar is like opening a jar of Smuckers jam. Taste is the same. Good evening meds or if pain is a problem. Not to bad on munchies. Bag appeal is good with nice dense buds covered in trichomes, nice and sticky. All in all a great strain. Enjoy ?

  5. editor

    Great strain. Gorgeous green and purple dense nugs that smell very fruity and tropical. Great for bedtime use.

  6. editor

    Bought these seeds from Neptune Seed Bank and found a keeper that is amazing. This pheno is purple and lavender with a Fuel & Warm Berry Pie Aroma that is Un Mistakable. This is the best plant I have grown in my career so far. Compound Genetics really nails this pairing. It is by far my favorite strain! Very balanced Hybrid of Jet Fuel, Gelato & Apricot/Berry

  7. editor

    Northeast Alternatives strikes again!!! Perfect for bedtime, lights out!! Nice smell, purple shades, kinda dense. A definite purchase if you would see it at your local dispensary!

  8. editor

    Beautiful buds packed with a purple hue covered in white crystals. The high comes on fast and sets in right behind the eyes. Feelings of euphoria and relaxation take over quickly. Would highly recommend to an experienced user. Nice work

  9. editor

    This strain is amazing for my anxiety and depression. Very uplifting with an amazing taste of floral, sweet, and fruit tones. Got it from the DC Dabbler. ??

  10. editor

    It has taste of floral, sweet, and fruit tones! Amazing!!!

  11. editor

    ICE CREAM MAN – This Indica dominant cross of Jet Fuel Gelato X Legend Orange Apricot from @compound_genetics and grown by @trichome_factory_sp has all the looks of Legend Orange Apricot with the lime Green, dense buds, completely frosted with icy white trichomes. However the sweet, slightly fuely, Desert like terpene profile reflects its other Parent Jet fuel Gelato. When smoking the strain there is an immense flavour explosion with a long lasting, desert like aftertaste. The effects are a fast hitting mellow and tranquil experience. This is the perfect all rounder.

  12. editor

    Supremely chill without over powering. Just wanna sit and read Achewood.

  13. editor

    Best and delicious strain..instantly felt the euphoric affect..def a night time weed..love this flower but it is pricey.

  14. editor

    Soo good but it makes you sleepy but also not sleepy enough to sleep a long time. It’s kinda weird but really good to smoke and not harsh. Great high not really a happy high but more of a leveled high.

  15. editor

    I had a fun high, but a pretty bad headache at the end. Felt pretty tired, too.

  16. editor

    I was blown away by the Ice Cream Man. I picked up a gram of Honest MJ brand wax. Wasn’t expecting much as it’s the cheapest brand and I’ve never tried something of theirs that was anything more than decent. The smell is almost indescribable, like the orange tropical flavored trident dipped in gasoline, and the taste even crazier with woody notes. instant giggly, cerebral high that quickly sinks you down into the nearest chair. Definitely recommend trying this if you can.

  17. editor

    One of my new favorites in flower and extract, super delicious peppery apricot flavor, there’s some CBD and CBG in this strain, I think that’s where the overall great vibes mix with the THC will be seeking again!

  18. editor

    The scent is very orangey. I felt very uplifted, yet relaxed at the same time. Music was incredible to listen to, especially while watching the sunset.

  19. editor

    Awesome for relaxation and sleep. Love it!!

  20. editor

    One of my favorite strains. Super relaxing but mentally uplifting. One of my favorite ICM memories came at the very start of a winter vacation… My partner and I lit a joint after checking into our hotel room, both crashed onto the still-made bed, and laid there silent and smiling until we ended up in a short nap. Woke up relaxed and happy. Strongly recommend for smiley relaxation purposes.

  21. editor

    I’m Impressed With How Mellow I Felt After Toking a Bowl. Indica Roots Are Obviously Smoothing Slowly Any Agitation.

  22. editor

    I really love smoking Ice Cream Man. My experience was Incredible. The taste was like fresh appricots with a pungent note to it. What I found amazing was I noticed a light taste and smell of like a creamsicle for quite a while after coming out of my lungs. The high hit me fast and hard. It was a nice day to chill outside and just watch what was going on around me. Shortly after it was nap time. On the medical side I felt an instant relief of stress. Totally calm. Pain was down to a more than acceptable level. And it put me in a much better mood. Later that evening, I smoked some more before bed, and slept better than normal.

  23. editor

    Calming very focused uplifting High.

  24. editor

    Relaxing… too relaxing. Munchie madness!

  25. editor

    I typically get anxiety and to far into my own head when i smoke. So i laid off for years. on a day trip we decided to stop by Telluride Bud Co. and i picked up some Ice cream man and i could not be happier. This stuff made for a fantastic day with my lady.

  26. editor

    Perfect for bedtime use. I get peaceful sleep all night!

  27. editor

    Recently had a can from HonestMJ, 19.66%. Smokes harder than that. Tasty but harsh hits. Starts with a nice face blast that drips into your corporeal self. Great for stepping away.

  28. editor

    Comes with a kick of energy and then a slow drift into tiredness. Pros: fun for social situations Cons: ridiculous case of the munchies, increased anxiety response.

  29. editor

    It smells amazing and very pungent. The feelings it says are spot on and eating ice cream while using is honestly one of the best things ever since it makes you wonderfully hungry and very relaxed. Very dry and kind of more stems than normal.

  30. editor

    Chill high that doesn’t sap your energy. Very relaxing and focused experiencing. Definitely one you can go out and be around others on if you wish.

  31. editor

    Instant chill, happy to chap Dry dry mouth…. munchies!

  32. editor

    Nicest strain I’ve ever produced! Love the initial trippy rushy high (which leaves you happy to euphoric) and the feeling of being uplifted. Great flavours, wonderful smoke, very nice cerebral hit before a mellow but tingly stone. My new favourite day time strain! Highly recommended.

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