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Green Dream *Hybrid*

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Green Dream Marijuana Strain

50% Sativa / 50% Indica Hybrid

The Green Dream strain is certainly one to satisfy the taste buds of cannabis users who also happen to love green tea especially those who like their tea with a little hint of sweetness. This hybrid is widely known to possess a green tea-like taste mixed with some fruity tinge which, by the way, is said to be one of the reasons for its name.

&Green Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid that relies on some powerful genetics to reach impressive new heights of euphoria and healing. Although its original breeder is undocumented, this strain is known to be a cross between the uber-popular Blue Dream and notorious sativa Green Crack. With an enduring high and a complex aroma that mixes citrus and floral accents, there’s no denying this bud’s appeal to indica and sativa lovers alike. Green Dream’s THC content has been measured at between 20% and 24%.

Green Dream’s flowers are dreamy indeed — colorful and particularly large in size. These chunky buds adhere in elongated spindly shapes, something like miniature cypress trees. The flowers have a distinctly sativa structure, with loose, ragged-looking leaves that can be easily torn away from their central stems. These fluffy leaves are a dark shade of forest green and are twisted through with a particularly high volume of orange-brown pistils. Finally, a crown of cloudy white trichomes makes these flowers very sticky and hard to break up without the use of a quality grinder.

Now, if that is not enticing enough, here are some of Green Dream’s attributes that any prospective user ought to know. Although there is not a lot of information available about this strain that is made available to the public, what is known so far about Green Dream should be enough reason for cannabis users to love it.

Green Dream is believed to be a cross between Green Crack and Blue Dream. Hence, aside from its taste, one can easily tell why it is named as such based on its parent strains.


With parents that are mostly Sativa, Green Dream is also expected to be a Sativa-dominant strain. However, the exact ratio of its Sativa to Indica concentration is unclear.

Green Dream’s THC level might be every seasoned user’s dream, but it could easily be a novice user’s nightmare. With a whopping 25% maximum THC concentration, Green Dream is regarded as highly potent strain boasting of a prominent cerebral high.

To wit, Green Dream is capable of stimulating the mind in a way that stirs one’s imagination making it possible for users to think more creatively. This mental stimulation is often accompanied by happy thoughts and a profound sense of euphoria that can improve one’s social behavior. Simply put, Green Dream’s head buzz is mentally energizing.

As the Indica effect of the strain slowly creeps in, the user will start feeling a mild relaxation that is never sedative. Instead, it calms the body and helps relieve various health conditions. Due to the dominating cerebral effects of Green Dream, it makes a good strain choice for an early morning medication or a mid-day treat. Now, one can truly say that Green Dream is more like a daydream.


The aroma of Green Dream seamlessly reflects that of its parents. The strain’s overall scent is a combination of the fruity and earthy smell of Green Crack complemented by the skunky and berry sensations of Blue Dream. In effect, users are pretty much like experiencing the best of worlds.


If we break down Green Dream’s flavors, it would be woody and piney coupled with some sweet and citrusy undertones. But, if one has to describe its overall flavor, it should be that of a delicious fruit-flavored green tea.

Adverse Reaction

Although experiencing side effects is common among cannabis users, it is quite surprising for a Sativa-dominant strain like Green Dream to have minimal psychological adverse reactions.

It appears that the most commonly reported case among users is dry mouth. There are some instances though that a user might experience dizziness which is most likely true to those that have a low tolerance to high levels of THC. In very rare occasions, some users can feel the symptoms of dry eyes, paranoia, and anxiety.


The CBD levels of Green Dream is relatively low which makes it less helpful for those patients who benefit on higher CBD concentrations. Nonetheless, the overwhelming Sativa effects of Green Dream make it an excellent strain choice for medical marijuana users to alleviate certain health issues.

For one, its uplifting effect is recognized as an effective antidepressant and stress reliever alternative for patients with those said conditions. Also, the mild relaxation brought about by the strain is enough to provide temporary relief for headaches, fatigue, and mild pain.

Green Dream’s smooth combination of effects makes it appealing to indica and sativa lovers alike. If you break this strain out in a social situation, be sure to bring enough to share, as its aroma is likely to attract attention.

Strain spotlight

Additional information


  • Effects: Creative, Energizing, Euphoria, Happy, Sociable, Uplifting
  • Medical Usage: ADD/ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Insomnia, Migraines, Stress
  • Flavors: Citrus, Pine, Sweet, Woody
  • Aromas: Blueberry, Earthy, Fruity, Skunky, Sweet
  • THC Content: 20%-24%
  • CBD Level: 0.24%-0.89%
  • CBC Level: 0.18%-0.83%
  • CBG Level: 0.43%-1.78%
  • CBN Level: 0.08%-0.16%
  • THCV Level: 0.26%-1.79%
  • Genetics: Blue Dream and Green Crack
  • Type: 50% Sativa / 50% Indica
  • Terpenes: Limonene, Pinene, Terpineol, Valencene, Phellandrene
  • Texture: Normal
  • Adverse reactions (negative): Anxious, Dry Eyes, Dry Mouth, Dizzy, Paranoid


  1. Decima)

    My 2nd favorite strain! Cracks me up and makes me feel light on my feet! makes me have good throughts and an artistic mind)

  2. Snowman

    Sweet combination, this hybrid. Sweet and piney, awesome color and thick body high with enough of an uplifting head buzz to keep you to peaceful and well rested.

  3. Snow White

    Really gives you an uplifting feeling. I was so energetic throughout the night.

  4. Veruca Salt

    Great for sativa lovers! Has a very uplifting feeling and tastes excellent. Has a very strong aroma of the Green Crack but an undertone of Blue Dream. Could not imagine it in concentrated form.

  5. Voodoo Man

    Nice and slow with a energetic boost)

  6. Vivian

    Really boosts your appetite. Good daytime buzz that gets me lost in my mind but also helps me zone out when I’m working.

  7. Kim-kom

    Green Dream is a pretty good day high. I’m very alert and focused, but sometimes a little too focused on one thing to pay attention to other things, if that makes sense. I guess it can be a little “speedy” but it is a really nice high. It smelled very earthy with slight citrus tones, and the taste was similar. this is a true sativa high, but you do feel some relaxation in your extremities. you could definitely go to sleep on this strain if you had to, it relaxes your brain and body enough to mute your thoughts and lull you to sleep. Overall very nice strain.

  8. Dragonfly

    Very good high relaxing but uplifting gets the creative juices going)

  9. Loki

    Fluffy nugs fresh mild tangy smell ,seemed like multicolored nugs,. Immediately felt brain-numb followed with chatter mouth ,On came the munchies extra dry mouth,.After about 1 hour it was chilling constant buzz for a few hours. Long lasting must have for anyone that doesn’t enjoy sativa it’s a pleaser)

  10. Tor

    Nice, relaxing, super mellow high. Had a nice woody taste to it and really calms me down.

  11. Jaaaaaa =))

    Great strain for chillaxin at the house watching football or just plain old day time use or great for a night out where you wanna be up and not locked or stuck.

  12. Connor

    Nice sticky strain . Great colors all around , a nice lightish dark green with plenty of crystals enhancing the bud look . Full leaves on bud laid on top of each other perfectly together . Taste not to earth just that right amount of pine flavor with a hint of fruit .

  13. Cruella de VeL’)

    This strain is like blue dream but with a twist. Same sweet flavor but a little hint of earthiness. The smell and taste are nearly identical. More balanced high compared to blue dream. The flowers look great, medium and light greens with many bright orange hairs. Great anytime strain.

  14. x-Santa

    Very nice tasting smoke out of pipe or water piece. Very smooth and crisp/piny taste like green crack with that hazy blue dream smell. Great social buzz. fast hitting cerebral high that leaves Long lasting indica effects in the body high. – based on Green Dream by Forte Farms.

  15. Ifrit

    This strain has a amazing taste and it is also very smooth when you smoke it to me its one of my favorite strains and I recommend it to who ever wants to try it.

  16. Stud

    Good earthy flavor. Any pain you might feel goes away. Very motivated and happy.

  17. Grinch

    This stuff is great. Doesn’t make me sleepy keeps me calm and helps me focus.)

  18. Roy Roy

    Wonderful strain. Great head high, overall mood enhancer. I can focus on work and just feel elevated over all. Body high is great, warm and cozy feeling. definitely a favorite.

  19. Vlad Tepes

    Excellent flavor and forest green in color. immediate relief of arthritis symptoms and good body high, relaxing and a good change of pace from lime green bud.

  20. Zoroastrianism

    Awesome strain … Certainly a great creative high. Let’s your thoughts flow freely …

  21. Scruffy

    Excellent sativa. Usually use green crack for day use. But the mix of blue dream gives an exaggerated euphoric feeling. Highly recommend. “To infinity and beyond.”

  22. Until The Light Takes Us

    Smoked this strain last week, had me feeling very uplifted and happy as well as energetic. Very good day time smoke.

  23. Amir

    Tens do exist, and this is one of them.The buds are ungodly frosty, it is a great quality high, reminiscent of a sativa hash high. It makes me really happy, and it makes music really enjoyable.

  24. Marid

    The HIGHEST high and helped my appetite immensely. Went from chillin on the couch watching basketball to killing all of my honey do list without a hitch. Love this stuff!

  25. Krampus

    Used bong, pipe, and vape. Best when vaped. Amazing taste. Very aromatic. Nice, long lasting cerebral high. 9/10.

  26. Grimoire

    Very tasty and sweet, the nugs looked dense and dry. Very keify, with some of it falling off as I break the nugs. The high was amazing, it left me with lots of things I wanted to do. I recommend a buddy to psych each other up! I had some jitters, but they only made me more happy. 4.5/5

  27. Kerberos

    This strain is awesomeee! My all time fav is Blue Dream, and i love uppity strains. Me and my friend smoked it and we both went to the gym! usually when i smoke I just wanna chill, but this def got me off the couch.

  28. Hatif

    One of my favorite strains. Great head buzz that doesn’t make you tired, with a crisp pine tree smell & taste! great for day time when you need to get some cleaning done!

  29. Keroberos

    Until I can get my hands on some blue dream, I think this is the strain for me. I didn’t get a immediate head high so I was able to focus on things I could enjoy. Took about fifteen minutes to kick in, but boi did it kick in. Put me in the creative mindset I need to create art. I also had the most trippy dream in recent memory.

  30. Hell: on!)

    I just got some green dream and this is by far the best weed I have ever smoked it only takes a couple of hits to get high I will be buying more when its all gone.

  31. Katatonia %)

    I was excited when my bud tender pointed this out to me. BD and GC combined?!?! I had to check his out. WOW! Glad I did..A joint later and was feeling really good

  32. Schneewittchen

    Great replacement for coffee, gives me some anxiety in dabs but it’s nothing too bad. Perfect daytime for a family day at the beach or a hot date.

  33. Chif

    Nice way to enjoy a peaceful day.

  34. Abramelin

    Perfect for a Wake-n Bake or to keep your mind mellow on a hike. Tastes of blueberry and loam.

  35. Slayer

    I love blue dram and green crack so when they had a baby I was like I’ll give it a try and glad I did it’s one of the most well rounded strain just enough sativa and indica. Great for any time of day morning or evening best for feeling happy doing work.

  36. Iron Maiden=)

    I love how this strain helps with my depression. I would have a hard time getting out of bed when I am having a severe depressive episode, but when I smoke green dream I become productive like crazy, cleaning the entire place top to bottom and I feel great afterwords because I got at least one thing done throughout the day. Great strain

  37. Iron MaskX)

    This was an incredible day high. It combines the insane energy of Green Crack with the good feelings of Blue Dream. This has jumped to the top of my personal favorites.

  38. James

    Got it as a vape. Amazing and fantastic sweet citrus taste. Reminded me of lemonade and iced tea with honey. The ending is definitely earthy. Cerebral high for sure. Felt a little tingly in my shoulders though. This strain is in my top 5 <3

  39. Greenpeace )

    Favorite Strain Now. Best for anxiety/depression. I recommend this strain to everyone

  40. Oompa-Loompas

    Unbelievably powerful body buzz yet I have no problem keeping a keen focus on whatever it is I am doing. In this case, listening to music, I get the impression my sense of hearing has sharpened, everything sounds crisp. But I can’t get up. RIP me.

  41. Okta

    This strain was great, It helps me sleep and feel alive and relaxed. It deff promotes love and unity)

  42. Pondicherry

    Very similar to Green Crack parent strain, but a LITTLE more mellow….. still very potent, makes the wheels turn…..

  43. Prego Kiki

    This is probably one of my favourite sativa dominants i ever smoked. It gives you a very humourous and euphoric high. When i heard about it i wondered if it would be better than just smoking what i already have. But when i had for myself i didn’t regret it at all. What i looked at was a very frosty and sticky beautiful looking weed. This is a very enjoyable high that you want to have when you are just hanging out with a bunch of friends who are high as well. But at the same time its not a strain you want to medicate or smoke on before you work or do something requiring focus and too much physical effort. Because you can still feel that indica vibe from the strain being a hybrid, the indica vibe that pulls you then locks you on to the couch and watch some south park or adult humour. The only thing i have against it is that since its dense and sticky (which isnt exactly bad), it takes a longer time grinding then it usually does (might just be cause i have a pretty bad grinder). But i still love this and am definitely going to try to find more soon.

  44. Gidget

    I think this strain makes you happy and uplifted great bud as well!)

  45. Pink Moon

    I was skeptical at first, as this strain’s parents are both a bit heady, but I was immediately proven wrong. Green Dream is what I’ve been looking for: cerebral without paranoia, light pain and anxiety relief without needing to take a nap, and an overall feeling of well-being. I can still read and comprehend, but then analyze what I’ve read in an unconventional way. And most importantly I can hold a conversation without totally weirding out the other person! I definitely pick this one up whenever I find it. Note, I’ve only ever had this in the form of a Bhang e-vape cartridge. I’m sure the flower isn’t much different, though.

  46. Pink Woolf

    I love this strain. I was cleaning and organizing my house like crazy. Very talkative and energetic. Amazing day high.

  47. Dirty Harry

    Dry Mouth within 10 minutes, oh well. It’s great. 8/10. Squishy, Smells fucking great!! Munchies to the max though. xD

  48. Red Velvet

    This hit me like a ton of bricks. It also hit my mouth with a thousand cotton balls. In all honesty, this strain is super heady without the paranoia or the anxiety. Would recommend if you have water and cough drops on hand!

  49. Pink Floyd

    Smoked one bowl out of a pipe and it was dank. I had the mega muchies and they never ended, I ended up eating 300 dollars worth of food.

  50. Puck

    This weed hits you harder/faster than any other weed i have tried. With it’s deliciously sweet flavor, it explodes you into a long lasting, enjoyable experience. Use with caution beginners, very very potent.

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