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This Gas Town strain is a descendant of the most popular cannabis variety in the United States, OG Kush. This 75 percent indica-dominant crossbred has established its credentials over several generations of crossbreedings to achieve excellence. OG Kush is a Triple Crown Winner, having won all three Highlife Cup, Medical Cannabis Cup, and Spannabis Cup honors. The history of ‘Gas Town’ begins with ChemDawg crossed with a Lemon Thai and Hindu Kush cross. As a consequence, you’ll discover many of those original tastes in Gas Town. The body high from Indica fans is heady and powerful, bringing along a soul-stirring Sativa flavor profile. Above all, the Gas Town high is creative, inspiring, and very sociable.


A huge sticky bud has years of refinement in indica dominance behind it. It’s packed with delectable terpenes interspersed amongst amber trichomes. Furthermore, these trichomes cover the entire blossom liberally. Breaking up Gas Town can be difficult because the buds are tightly crammed together. A metal grinder is suggested to unleash this strain’s full cannabinoid potential. Each dark green leaf of Gas Town is enveloped in brilliant orange pistils, each gleaming with sparkling crystals.

Gas Town Effects

Gas Town’s psychoactive effects are highly desired and have made it well-known throughout the world. This strain has a 75 percent indica composition, which can cause you to feel drowsy. The extremely innovative phenotypes, on the other hand, are a waste of space with an early bedtime. This high-grade cannabis strain provides a powerful onset of euphoria that makes you feel happier, more creative, and talkative.

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