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Fruity Pebbles *Hybrid*

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Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Fruity Pebbles OG Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid

FPOG (AKA Fruity Pebbles OG) by Alien Genetics was a limited-time offering from the breeder. This sweethybrid takes genetics from Green Ribbon, Granddaddy Purple, and Tahoe Alien to create a tropical, berry flavor reminiscent of the cereal. The euphoric effects will keep you happy when you’re stressed and help you catch some sleep when faced with insomnia. Sit back, relax, and pour yourself a bowl of FPOG!

Strains going by the name Fruity Pebbles have circulated since at least 2006, particularly in dispensaries in California. These strains are so named for smelling just like their namesake cereal. Although most are labeled as hybrid or as slightly Indica-dominant, the true genetics of Fruity Pebbles may be impossible to discern, as individual growers may use different parent strains or breeding techniques. According to a report provided to Wikileaf by Alaskan grower, Alaska Loven It, the THC composition of Fruity Pebbles was tested in 2021 with a THC percentage high of 28.40%.

One variety, created by breeders Alien Genetics, was marketed as Fruity Pebbles OG, an April 2012 limited edition. Packs of these special Fruity Pebbles OG seeds sold for $1,000-$1,500 each. The mother, a cross of Green Ribbon and Granddaddy Purps, was bred with a strain crossed from Tahoe OG and Alien Kush. Given that successful growers can reap anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000 per plant, a pack of these specialty seeds may substantially cut into profit margins for commercial growers — and would certainly be a sunk cost for the more casual home grower.

Fruity Pebbles is marked by long and densely-packed conical buds that look strikingly different from the smaller, more compact nugs more typical of pure indicas. Leaves are green, although many phenotypes have vibrant shades of purple and red with contrasting orange pistils. These bright colors — which provide further reason for this strain’s name — are the result of anthocyanins, compounds similar to chlorophyll in the plant that produce colors when exposed to cold temperatures.

Perhaps most notably, Fruity Pebbles has a sweet, tropical scent, similar to citrus and berries. Breaking the buds open yields a more spicy, hashy scent. When combusted, the smoke from this strain is smooth when drawn through a joint or a pipe and it has a sugary, fruity aftertaste.

Most cannabis strains sold under the label Fruity Pebbles provide a hybrid-type high that takes hold quickly, with a soft but strong body buzz that can provide relaxation and some spacey, psychedelic effects. Many fans of the strains describe a strange physical sensation and a sharpening of the senses and a heightened awareness that can lend itself to stimulating conversation, creative projects, or even exercise. However, the more indica-dominant varieties of Fruity Pebbles have the capacity to produce produce heavy body highs that cause couchlock. In general, these strains may be effective medication for pain, mood disorders, migraines, and attention deficit disorders. Indica-leaning phenotypes are also very helpful in relieving insomnia, and easing mental tension.

Those looking to grow their own supply of Fruity Pebbles can obtain clones (healthy clippings) from mature plants. Alternatively, it’s possible to buy packaged seeds of Fruity Pebbles. Growing outdoors requires a steady temperate climate with indirect sunlight. Those looking to grow indoors should plan on having a large gros space — depending on the phenotype, Fruity Pebbles can grow to tall sativa-like heights with a heavy yield of flowers that will need to be staked and tied to grow properly. Growers should be sure to trim fan leaves at the tops of plants in order to let light penetrate to lower branches. Indoors, plants will flower and be ready for harvest within 8 to 9 weeks. Because the flowers have a pungent, fruity odor, growers may want to equip their growing spaces with tools like carbon filters or exhaust fans. Fruity Pebbles are considered a somewhat difficult strain to grow, and may pose a challenge for the novice grower.

Although its appearance and tropical taste may classify it as a novelty craft strain, Fruity Pebbles can be a potent standby option. Whether a hybrid that stimulates thought and creativity or an indica suited to solo evening use, this strain has a nuanced high to match its impressive taste profile. Fruity Pebbles works well in social settings — its distinctive smell is sure to turn heads and attract some new friends, as long as you don’t mind sharing.

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Additional information


  • Effects: Body High, Energizing, Relaxing, Uplifting
  • Medical Usage: Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Mood Swings, Muscle Spasms, Stress
  • Flavors: Chocolate, Diesel, Pine, Sour
  • Aromas: Chocolate, Diesel, Earthy, Pine, Pungent, Sweet
  • THC Content: 27%
  • CBD Level: 0.01%-0.54%
  • CBC Level: 0.18%-1.41%
  • CBG Level: 0.14%-1.83%
  • CBN Level: 0.08%-0.29%
  • THCV Level: 0.21%-1.29%
  • Genetics: Green Ribbon & Granddaddy Purple & Tahoe OG & Alien Kush
  • Type: 60% Sativa / 40% Indica
  • Texture: Grainy
  • Terpenes: Pinene, Humulene, Carene, Camphene, Terpinolene
  • Adverse reactions (negative): Thirst and dry mouth, Dry eyes, Panic attacks, Hunger

35 reviews for Fruity Pebbles *Hybrid*

  1. editor

    This is a great strain! Made me giggly and social.

  2. editor

    Fun strain. The smell is amazing. All types of fruit and a crisp clean scent. The first time I tried this I was very disappointed with harsh smoke and a hint of fruit flavor. I slipped a boost pack in my container and brought the bud back to life. Smooth heavy smoke and enhanced fruity flavor returned. Happy and upbeat but at the same time relaxed. If you poor milk into the bud and smoke you’ll never want the cereal again.

  3. editor

    Knocked me on my fuckin’ ass. Tasted heavenly. I spaced harder than I ever have before, and I even started to hallucinate. Made me forget all my troubles and put me in a great mood. To say the least I was really fucking high. 10/10

  4. editor

    Good and doesn’t make me to sleepy.

  5. editor

    I love this strain dude. It made my thanksgiving dinner taste way better.

  6. editor

    Hands down, my favorite stain. The only high I bother remembering by name. Makes me feel super happy, friendly, loving, relaxed, ready to have fun or get some work done. Also, the potency’s what I look for for regular use. You definitely get super high, but not to the point of losing function. I work from home, and most stuff makes me unproductive. This stuff makes me appreciate everything more, including my work.

  7. editor

    This stuff will smell up the whole room and I had it in a bag in a jar in a briefcase. When smelled it smells like super pungent almost a little skunky and very fruity. When breaking up, you will smell the fruity pebbles cereal scent extremely sweet. When smoked it is like taking a big bite of fruity pebbles cereal that leaves you a kush-like high that is extra creative. 5/5 amazing

  8. editor

    Amazing strain. My friends and I smoked it last night and I can safely say we all had a rather trippy night. The smell is the first thing you spot, it smells amazing and you truly understand why it is called Fruity Pebbles. Once we started smoking, we all felt the effects almost instantly. For a few of us it took a few minutes to start feeling full effects, but eventually it got there as well. The high lasted us a few good hours through the night. I can say that due to this strains effects of making us all happy and giggly, we had a pretty funny night. Definitely one of my new favorite strains. (4.5/5)

  9. editor

    You ever just leaned the fuck back and chilled? This is the perfect weed for just leaning the fuck back and chillin.

  10. editor

    Greatest tasting shit I’ve ever had. Smells fantastic as well. Smokes good. The high lasted for a long time, about two hours, and I felt great afterwards as opposed to how I normally feel tired and groggy. I had a feeling of “euphoria” after smoking it. I also did fucking great at COD afterwards, which usually takes an act of God. So studies may prove that this stuff improves your video game skills. Great stuff. Personal favorite.

  11. editor

    Smoking this right now out of a glass spoon very euphoric excellent body and mind Stone energetic and thoughtful upbeat lots of smiles and easy wonderful rest.

  12. editor

    Two different kind of fruity pepples I’ve ran into one that is pure green the other that looked like a actual bowl of fruity pepples.

  13. editor

    Actually lives up to its name, limy dominant flavor. I prefer to smoke this in a peach flavored wrap. As far as high it’s very mellow relaxing I felt it mostly in the front of my face to the back like when you dive into a pool.

  14. editor

    A very nice combination of head and body high. This smoke was extremely relaxing of both the mind and body. It’s sort of like being in one of the happiest dazed-out states possible while still being conscious. After the mind effects began to wear off, a very mellow sleepiness began to take over. I suggest smoking this just a few hours before bed.

  15. editor

    First off, I would like to state that my girlfriend and I are very heavy smokers and we enjoy looking for new strains that are going to top our previous high. That being said, we were very skeptical at first being that they did not provide any information on the strain at the local dispensary however reviews compelled us to buy an eigth. This is my ideal weed, I feel so fucking uplifted, I’m happy, I feel great, we’re about to go hiking for the second time today, but this strain still keeps shit funny… we were laughing for about ten minutes straight over nothing. This strain will give you a genuine good time I believe regardless. Shit I was compelled by it enough to even bother making an account to write this review. Well done.

  16. editor

    Hands down the aroma of this strand is why it’s called Fruity Pebbles. My girlfriend, my cousin and I had wonderful memories with this one. We smoked for 2 hours straight and we did this right after we drank. We were crossed at 2-3 in the morning for like 3 days straight. Anyways, this bud makes you hungry and happy. The only negative would be it makes you giggly so if you don’t like laughing too much in public then don’t smoke it right before you go out. Great strain. 4/5 for me.

  17. editor

    Is this strain REAL or am I looking at drawings of a strain?!?….You guys on the westcoast or midwest DO NOT know how lucky you are……Il look at this and literally dream!

  18. editor

    Smells like a bag of fruity pebbles straight up I got so faded.

  19. editor

    The smell of this flower is unreal. Linalool, limonene and myrcene must be present in high amounts as when I open a jar tropical nuances of sweet pungent berries pour out almost tingling the nostrils. Under light and magnification the calyxes have an extremely caked and “pebble” like look to them. This herb is balanced perfectly for daytime life helping with decreasing ever day stress, enhancing appetite, spurring creative outlooks, lessening pain and all while creating a compassionate and loving spiritual buzz that eminates through the body and this holy herb.

  20. editor

    Just got this from my local dispensary Restore Inagrative Wellness Center, when I checked the menu and it was finally in stock I went right away and wow is all i can say, better then 9mg of xanax ever did for me and I’m actually functional.

  21. editor

    The best strain I ever smoked. Incredible high head with the tiniest touch of a body buzz that motivates you to get shit done. I struggle w fatigue and this strain squashed it completely. Highly recommend. If you come across this strain, get it immediately.

  22. editor

    My hats off to ever created such a complex delusions hybrid . It’s high thc content combined with overwhelming berry smell/taste along with everything else I’ve said have me rating this 10/10

  23. editor

    Great video game strain. Had it in the vapen x pod (which hit hard as hell) and felt instant relief from anxiety and pain. nice euphoria of happiness set it as I relaxed and hit up some black ops. Puts you right in between couch lock and wanting to organize stuff. I found my self cleaning afterwords. Awesome after work wind down or Weekend strain.

  24. editor

    Mellow. Lasts a while. Definitely sativa dominant.

  25. editor

    This was the first strain I’ve tried where everything I’ve read was true for me. The initial rush was pretty psychedelic with light visuals involving perspective. A subtle shift, followed by a high happy head buzz. Evens out after a bit, but the high stays strong. Overall my current favorite along with Golden Goat for PTSD, anxiety and depression.

  26. editor

    This strain was good feel relaxed and slept well Fruity Pebbles is the shit!sss.

  27. editor

    I don’t understand why this is rated so low…while FP isn’t gonna blow your ass into space, it’s, quite frankly, delicious. I could eat this shit. leaves a real nice taste. Might take a few more hits than usual to get baked, but it’s an okay sacrifice for the amazing flavor.

  28. editor

    I underestimated this one. Automatic top 3 for sure! Newbies take your time with this one.

  29. editor

    Extremely intense high, as a daily user I only needed 3 or 4 hits and I had a decent buzz going. Smells exactly like fruity pebbles, taste is sweet. Very good for vegging out and watching movies or listening to music, not much was accomplished during those highs. Really takes ya by storm.

  30. editor

    Best looking strain I’ve ever seen. great high.

  31. editor

    Amazing taste and a really good body high.

  32. editor

    When you are about to step foot into the arena, you need something to take your mind off the bloodshed. this strand not only allowed me to easily kill my enemies. It made me feel like I was floating across the tall grass of my country side. Are you not entertained? You will be.

  33. editor

    Very nice rip off of the bong, high is more of a active like high, I also don’t feel any cons, great strain!!

  34. editor

    Fantastic heady strain. Will knock you on your ass if you lay down but will also make simple and normally boring activities exciting. Incredibly bad munchies, but sometimes in a good way. Tastes fantastic and smells like the old days. Love this strain.

  35. editor

    An excellent choice. My personal favorite. Flavor truly is Fruity Pebbles.

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