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Blue Death Star *Indica*

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Blue Death Star Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid

Blue Death Star is an Ohio-bred hybrid, that is more indica than sativa. It is a strain that has risen to fame not only due to its fitting name, but also because of its reliable, smooth high. Growers love this plant because it is fairly uncomplicated to tend to, and easy even for amateur growers to cultivate.

This indica delivers a powerful body high, that will have you happily munching out to the Star Wars trilogy on your couch. Blue Death Star is a cross between Sensi Star and Sour Diesel, and was created in its native Ohio, from where it quickly rose to stardom.

A perfect blend of both indica and sativa, this strain has more prominent indica features. This is why it is in demand among those looking for something to space themselves out with, and the perfect strain to unwind to.


This star of a strain is very potent, as is famous for just that. Newbies should approach this one slowly, as a little really does go a long way. Blue Death Star will provide a guaranteed perfect head and body high that will set off your inner nerd.
Blue Death Star can make you feel body-heavy, relaxing you infinitely. This strain will have you feeling euphoric and happy, like you have been swept up into the universe by a rocket and are never coming down again.

Often this strain can make you feel sleepy too, which is great for when you are done with a long day at work, and need something to make you relax. Blue Death Star will make you feel uplifted at the same time, leaving your worries behind and preparing you for a long deserved restful and relaxing night of blissful sleep.


This bud is very fragrant and pleasant. Blue Death Star smells pungent, preparing you for what’s to come. Its potency is obvious in its aroma – you will feel enticed by the sweet and earthy scent, mixed with a distinct skunkiness and a lingering note of diesel.


Blue Death Star’s taste is hinted upon by its very prominent aroma. The sticky diesel flavor will stick to your tongue when you inhale, and its smoke tastes creamy and earthy mixed with some citrus. This strain has hints of a pungent sweet and skunky flavor to it that is hard to miss.

Adverse reactions

Blue Death Star is fairly easy on its adverse effects, but it is very potent bud and should be handled accordingly. When consumed in the appropriate doses, this strain is smooth and produces very minor side effects.

A sense of dry mouth and dry eyes can be present when smoking Blue Death Star, and a lingering feeling of being dehydrated will make you want to reach for the liquids to stay hydrated. Sometimes, you may feel a little dizzy, due to this strain’s high THC and CBD levels.

Blue Death Star can cause a little anxiety in some, which can, in more extreme cases register are feeling of paranoia. This can often be avoided by regulating the amount consumed, and allowing yourself to simply relax into this bud’s effects.

Medical Benefits

Blue Death Star is a growing sensation in the medical cannabis scene, most notably due to its potency and high THC and CBD levels. Many patients who suffer from anxiety disorders and other mood-issues have found much relief in this soothing bud.
Those suffering from bouts of occasional or clinical depression are known to find much healing in the regular use of Blue Death Star. Patients who complain of insomnia also love this medical strain, because of its efficiency in relaxing the body and mind and easing restless people into a guaranteed state of relaxation.

Patients who complain of chronic stress are known to benefit from this generous strain, and pain sufferers love Blue Death Star because of its surefire way of eliminating debilitating pain symptoms. Nausea has also known to be cured with this bud, as Blue Death Star can cause the munchies and restore lost appetite to long-time sufferers.

Strain spotlight

Additional information


  • Bud Size: Medium
  • Effects: Euphoria, Happy, Uplifted, Relaxing, Sleepy
  • Medical Usage: Stress, Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia
  • Flavors: Diesel, Skunky, Sweet, Spicy, Herbal, Earthy
  • Aromas: Diesel, Earthy, Pungent, Skunky, Sweet
  • THC Content: 24%-26%
  • CBD Level: <2%
  • Genetics: Sour Diesel and Sensi Star
  • Type: 80% Indica / 20% Sativa
  • Adverse reactions (negative): Dry mouth, Anxious, Dizzy, Dry eyes, Headache


  1. Janitor

    After i smoked this I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of neurons suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.

  2. Stud

    I don’t remember my pain scale as this was last night. Nausea was pretty damn bad when I medicated round 2130 or so. Takes bout 5-10 min to start working. Pain/nausea gone. Only had a gram too so high quality $#!# for me! Love a a good indica makes me so damn horny! Anywho, I think I got more of a hybrid as compared to an Indica. Almost was not able to go to sleep but managed to do so round 230 or so. Will definitely be getting dis one again! 29% THC in a flower?! Wow. 🙂

  3. Pansy

    Excellent for pain and insomnia, not only getting to sleep but staying asleep. Wouldn’t recommend smoking this in the morning, this is my go to relaxation strain at the moment. Really nice after a hard days work to help wind down.

  4. Gator

    What to say about this strain…..well let me just start off with appearance. From first glimpse, I found it to be one of the frostiest strains I’ve ever seen. There were so many crystals in the center you could have literally dusted them out. The high is a ride of it’s own, and gets you soaring like a goddam rocket by the end of the first bowl….which is usually all you are gonna need even for a seasoned toker. Overall, it’s a strain that can send you to hell in a handbasket. Highly recommend this strain to be put on your

  5. Twonmon

    Highly recommend. Cant go wrong felt very uplifted and happy.

  6. Adrianna

    Definitely one of my favourite strains…purple, fluffy, crystal coated nugs and a thick flavourful smoke. Heavy uplifting high followed by a sleepy comedown. Great for night time, but I slap a few doobers mid afternoon just for shits and giggles…

  7. Buds

    I have to say, the only reason I bought this Death Star is because I thought I would turn into Darth Vader. Well, I didn’t. Isn’t that shitty? In all honesty though, this Death Star is a very awesome strain. It a unique kind of an effect; it left me sort of floating around in a relaxed state, but allowed me to still be creative with music. Boy, is it damn strong though…I smoked a bit too much and got a little weak and dizzy — It was probably my blood sugar or something, but still…I just thought I should warn someone that this Death Star is incredibly strong. Having said that, enjoy! It’s really a nice strain.

  8. James

    Definitely one of my favourite strains…purple, fluffy, crystal coated nugs and a thick flavourful smoke. Heavy uplifting high followed by a sleepy comedown. Great for night time, but I slap a few doobers mid afternoon just for shits and giggles…

  9. Mass

    This is a killer strain. The dense buds airs a sweet, fruity aroma that tastes even better. This is certainly more of a hybrid than an indica dominant strain, however it doesn’t mean it’s not a relaxing smoke. It’s very cerebral and uplifting, with a generally clear head-high. It usually comes with a nice body buzz suited for mild-pain relief. I certainly consider it a versatile strain that can be used for a wake-n-bake, bedtime, alone, at a party, at the beach, in the woods. It is also extremely powerful so it does not take much to get medicated, it comes up very quickly. Overall it’s one of the best strains out there.

  10. StonedHogg

    Before you compare my review to someone else’s, I am smoking home-grown, well cared for cannabis so the THC levels may be higher than most users. Anyway, this is definitely one of the craziest highs I have ever experienced. As an individual with a high tolerance, this straight-up handed me my ass. I will say this is a heavy indicate though, and if you have plans for the day then to wait till you are settled for the night – heck even the next morning. Also P.S.A. have water standing by, and for users with a low-tolerance try and have a friend to smoke with (smoking with friends is better anyway) in case you begin to feel dizzy or paranoid/overwhelmed because like I noted before this is a very heavy indicate. Tracers (sight begins to blur as you look around) should also be expected.

  11. James

    Christ. Smoked 1g with some CBD and it still got me high as hell. Had a nice night of sleep.

  12. Kymber

    Great strain!! The smell when you open the jar everytime makes you want to smoke even more. Potent and great for an evening session.

  13. Mandy Emily

    This is one of my favorites right now. Excellent taste beauty buds and a trip to the couch or eyes glued to video game.

  14. Marij

    I have tried about 75 different strains now, and Death Star remains my favorite.

  15. Red Bloom

    Really good bud. Smooth smoke. Very dank. 1 dime got to experienced stoners baked.

  16. Cam

    This stuff is crazy potent. I have a crazy tolerance so it’s hard for me to get really smashed by something this is by far one of the most potent strains i’ve smoked. I get a lot of strains that look like they’d give you the high this one gives, but this is top shelf stuff.

  17. ACDC

    I always keep this around for sharing. It is strong and goes a long way. I let the heavy weights hit it first (more THC) and the lightweights last (more CBD). I gave this to a daily smoker who was visiting from out of state…he turned Chinese in 2 hits. Next time I look over he is laying down with a bag of potato ships on his chest smiling at the TV. I have to be careful though. It gets me a little anxious and paranoid if I have too much to quickly. If I get TOO stoned with it my legs get wobbly and I get pretty dizzy. But don’t let that make you think it is not good weed because it IS. But you should know that so you can adjust accordingly. ALL of those less than desirable effects can be managed with careful dosing and timing. If you are prone, take your time and ramp up easy. If you are a super stoner…hit it as hard as you want and watch the show. It will not disappoint.

  18. Patient

    WOW, this strain is amazing, the buds are so dense and feel springy to the touch, there covered in a layer of crystals and smells of diesel crossed with heaven. I hit this with a zob honeycomb perc it was sooo smooth with hints of burnt diesel and spice and left a good taste in my mouth (unlike other strains wich can leave an ashy taste.) I felt the high come on slowly for the first half a minute then BAM! I was higher then Luke Skywalker over endor and the high hit me like the deathstar was just blown up, my eyes dropped my body became slow, my movements lagged for a second after my brain told it to do something. The high continued for about 2 hours and was very pleasant. If your local dispensary/ dealer has any “deathstar” get it! i garuntee you’ll enjoy it.

  19. Jeremiah Malone

    Glad to see that this was still in stock. Love this strain. Always puts me in space and get the best sleep after.

  20. Killerkronik

    Included an eighth of this Death Star in my first order a couple of weeks ago…haven’t cracked open the bag yet but she looks just like the photo…one big bud, purple and olive green and absolutely covered in “sugar”…beautiful Death Star gets 5 stars on looks alone! It’s so nice to be able to buy “a little bit of this and a little bit of that”…variety is the spice of life! Thank you HA!

  21. Eddieburgett

    I love Death Star! It’s my absolute favorite. I struggle with anxiety and depression. I feel so content and relaxed when I smoke it.

  22. Freckles 420

    Very good but not my favourite. I found the smoke a bit harsh and very heavy on the lungs. The dense buds are super sticky. The high is strong and promotes sleep on the come down. Finally, this strain gave me extraordinary munchies – keep snacks nearby!

  23. Binkensky

    I just smoked this and it’s great. I’m currently using the force to write this review as I roll another one while watching Star Wars in ASCII code on command prompt. I feel myself leaning to the dark side of snacking but I can work that off at a later date. This is a good relaxing high. Two sabers up!

  24. Vlad Tepes

    This strain is now in my top 3. It gave me a very strong releaxing high and it also helped me manage my sever pain. The flavors I got were very smooth and the smell was amazing! I will most definitely be getting it on my next trip to the dispensary!

  25. Jeni 999

    First strain I ever purchased, in my hometown, Grand Rapids, MI. Personally, I have found that this particular strain has highly satisfying flavors/aromas; the most stabilizing effects for my PTSD and related depression/anxiety.

  26. Adamwolfe

    Amazing! beautiful buds covered in trichomes and super loud smell! smoke is pleasant and tasteful with an amazingly tingly body high. gotta try it! one of my favorites!

  27. Smokindopin

    I suffer from PTSD and TBI. I vaped Deathstar and not only was it calming and relaxing but I got the best night sleep. Plus I woke up refresh and happy, no nightmares or headaches. Miracle liquid!!!

  28. Raul Cook

    ATTN LADIES: I have officially added this strain to the PMS/ period collection. Kills pain, numbs a headache down, relaxed the body and I feel like its helping to chill me out. You’re welcome.

  29. Guacamole

    I literally took one hit from my steamroller and was blown out of my mind. Earthy and chemical taste, one and done hit. Locks you down to your bed/couch. This is some dank shit.

  30. Big MoIn

    Death Star has been my favourite from the start, it was the first strain I ever tried! It helps me with migraines like no other strain I’ve found so far, I always make sure I have some around!

  31. Bartender

    This strain was really amazing. Got my mind off of everything that was bugging me and gave a very relaxed feeling. Definitely a top strain for sleep or anxiety.

  32. London Day

    I love this strain. It does creep up on you though. Didn’t even know I was high until replayed what I had just said back to me and said “why the fu*k did I just say that” had a very dry mouth and was VERY talkative. Also Very fun and very euphoric. Was happy for the first time in a while. I hope to come across it again.

  33. Treewalking

    Major Depressive Disorder, major anxiety and other mental problems as well as body aches from a life as an athlete don’t have anything on this. One of the best strains around!

  34. Minkensky

    I smoke this every night before bed and it really helps me get a full night of sleep, and not be interrupted throughout the night. I’d highly recommend this strain to anyone with insomnia.

  35. Wifey

    Never have I been knocked on my ass so hard before, I had 2 and a half bowls of this. The flavour was a pine/diesel/ but also very sweet on the exhale. I was left melting into the couch, it took about 1 minute to start a buzz then 2 minutes later my eyes dropped low and i felt like I had weights stopping me from walking, my pain was gone. I recommend this to anyone looking for a true medicinal strain to cope with pain or if very agitated as you will not be going anywhere fast, also if you’r going to smoke, be weary as you will feel sleepy on the comedown but not to bad. 10/10 i would recomened!

  36. Kelvin Lowe

    Overall great strain, very balanced. Helps with insomnia but you can also use it during the day. Good for pain and muscle spasms. Extremely potent, probably the best medical strain we have here in NJ.

  37. Straityp

    Top of its class. This strain really blows me away. Very strong smelling buds such as this strain never dissapoint. Very crystally. Very laid back not a care in the world feeling. Strongly recommend for those stressful jobs and stessful home lives. Very peaceful feeling.

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