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moonrock weed 3 Moon Rock Weed: What It Is, How It Is Prepared and What Effects It Produces

Moon Rock Weed: What It Is, How It Is Prepared and What Effects It Produces

Let’s be clear about this. When we talk about “moon rocks,” we’re not talking about the kind that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin collected. We mean pricey yet highly potent marijuana nugs that will most certainly send you to outer space and back. Moon rock weed is a highly concentrated form of cannabis, and users who consume them on a regular basis claim that they offer the best high. If you want to get extremely high, keep reading.

What is Moon Rock Weed?

It’s possible to roll kief in the remnants of oil extracted from hashish. It’s easy to do, and it’s a fantastic method for knowledgeable experts to teach you about cannabis. Because they have the best estimates for THC content at around 51%, you’ll need it! That is more than double the potency of many powerful marijuana strains.

Starbudz60 is said to have been the first to produce these euphoric balls of joy. Moon rocks, on the other hand, have become a fad among West Coast rappers, with Kurupt registering a “Kurupt Moonrock” trademark.

He joined forces with Dr. Zodiak in the 1990s, and his label was notorious Death Row Records. His partner Dr. Zodiak came along for the ride. Today, all of the original moon rock goods from that period are known as Dr. Zodiak’s Moonrock, which is sure to please hip-hop fans.

Don’t be fooled by the title’s use of the term “moon.” Some moon rocks are low-quality, while others may be worth a lot.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of low-quality moon rocks on the market. These unethical vendors will utilize their cheapest buds and rancid oil to make moon rocks. As a result of the strains used and cannabinoid and terpene concentrations, each rock will have its own distinct taste.

There are several reputable sellers of moon rocks, but it’s recommended that you make your own for the first time and we’ll show you how below.

moonrock weed Moon Rock Weed: What It Is, How It Is Prepared and What Effects It Produces

Why Smoke Moon Rock?

Only the moon has been found to have rocks on it, making it the only natural heavenly body in which this occurs. The term “moon rock” originated from the fact that these stones were originally discovered on the moon. You’ll feel as if you’ve gone on a spaceflight when you smoke a high-quality version. When you consume a moon rock hit, one of the most powerful drug effects occurs.

The first thing you notice is a strong terpene flavor, which is beautiful. Second, moon rocks provide enormous clouds of smoke with each puff, so each hit has its own particular feel. Finally, the high is most certainly unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Seriously, even the highest-THC cannabis strains pail in comparison to what a moon rock session will do.

The uplifting cerebral head high is begun with a powerful euphoria that travels throughout your body.

You’ll be in Jim Morrison territory within the next 30 minutes, but instead of creating beautiful music, your thoughts will be elsewhere for what seems like an eternity. The majority of users report smoking moon rocks and waking up 12 or so hours later with no memory of how they got there.

How to Make Your Own Moon Rocks

There are several methods to create cannabis moon rocks, but we’ll show you how to make them fast and uncomplicated.

The quality of the components is, of course, essential to making excellent marijuana moon rocks. The strength of Moon Rocks may be controlled by using large or little flowers, oil, and kief. However, if you’re not looking for a particularly amazing experience, most moon rock consumers look for a strong high rather than a huge one.

As a result, we advise using high-quality, freshly cured indoor flowers like white Daisies, Bubble Hash Kief, and flower rosin, which is a highly active extract. If potency is an issue for some reason, use a high-CBD strain or CBD isolate instead of kief. To mix the three major ingredients in order to create the end product you will also require tongs, a knife, and a liquid dropper.

A Few Simple Steps to Help You Make Your Own Moon Rocks

This video will teach you how to create marijuana moon rocks step-by-step.

  1. Choose a firm, undamaged nug that is ready for the last step.
  2. On a hot summer day, you can use the hash oil to make your own e-liquid or something else. Place the nug and oil in a vaporizer or over a open flame. Drizzle the hash oil over the buds. Warm up your favorite concentrate with a knife and apply it to your skin if you’re using one.
  3. Remove the kief by hand and roll the hot nug in it until it is completely coated.
  4. Repeat the process as many times as you can, and wait for the buds to dry before smoking them.

This is especially useful if lunar rocks aren’t accessible.

Easy Moon Rock Smoking Tips

moonrock weed 4 Moon Rock Weed: What It Is, How It Is Prepared and What Effects It Produces

The potency of this type of marijuana use is the biggest problem. If you don’t know how to smoke moon rocks, you’ll feel like you’ve been blasted out of a cannon. Effects might overpower you if you’re unprepared, leaving you unable to work or go important events.

Before you begin, ensure that you’re well-hydrated and fed recently. Cottonmouth is a possibility after a rigorous activity, so be sure to drink plenty of water before smoking. We suggest keeping several liters of water on hand to drink gradually while smoking in order not to be caught off guard by the powerful high. You will soon regret it if you don’t do this since the high will hit and render your mobility impossible!

Smoking moon rocks in a peaceful setting where you won’t be disturbed is the best scenario.

If you reach a point where your mind is completely numb, remain calm and stay in the same posture! Take a few deep breaths to relax. Consider everything that happened so you may improve from it.

How to Smoke Moon Rock Weed

When it comes to smoking moon rocks, the first and most important rule is that you should never, ever use a grinder. Moon rocks must not be thought of in the same way as flowers. If you try to grind your stones, they’ll get gloopy and tough to turn.

When smoking with a grinder, you might anticipate to lose a lot of kief and oil in the nuggets; it’s such a waste! If possible, manually break down the moon rock into smaller pieces before smoking it.

Combining moon rocks with marijuana makes for a more powerful high. The majority of people just put some on their flower and wrap it up. It’s also a great chance to experiment with different marijuana strains. The following pairings are quite popular: Jack Herer kief with Bubba Kush hash and Diesel flower, and so forth.

Before you begin to dig into your moonrock bud, take a moment to settle down. Have you completed all of your daily responsibilities today? If not, finishing them first is critical before embarking on your journey to the moon. You’ve never tried it if we’re being overly dramatic about the moon rock high! Some people think that their artistic side will emerge while others realize that even going from one room to the next is difficult when under its influence.

Using a Glass Bong or Desktop Vaporizer with Moon Rocks

It’s a significant distance from smoking moon rocks to smoking regular flowers, therefore you’ll need a glass bong, pipe, or even a desktop vaporizer to obtain the most out of it. You’ll need to squeeze the moon rocks with your fingertips. Be careful not to squeeze too hard or the oil will melt in the heat between your fingers, leaving part of the precious mix!

moonrock weed 16 Moon Rock Weed: What It Is, How It Is Prepared and What Effects It Produces

To assist the stone burn more evenly, add some normal weed to your bong after you’ve selected a piece of moon rock. Remember that moon rocks must be heated in order to melt the wax and burn the flower, so there is an initial lag as heat enters them. As a result, you must first fill the moon rock with marijuana before packing it.

Because of the delayed heating reaction, most customers prefer to pull gently rather than risk burning the rock unevenly. Rather, it’s better to enjoy it slowly and repeatedly with a lengthy, slow, and constant draw.

The first layer of kief and wax is melted using this technique, allowing you to remove the nug, which burns like normal.

Desktop vaporizers are superior for smoking moon rocks since they are more powerful than their portable counterparts and can concurrently vaporize flower and oil. Do not attempt to smoke moon rocks in a device that isn’t capable of doing so. While your gadget may have flower and concentrate attachments, using moon rocks might cause damage.

Conclusion on Moon Rock

The most lovely high conceivable is moon rocks, which are also known as “caviar gold” owing to their exceptional quality. Moon rocks aren’t composed of cannabis. They’re made up of several marijuana components that give you a feeling of pure pleasure.

Why not start with Girl Scout Cookies as your base, soak it in high-grade hash oil for a week, and then top it with the greatest kief available?

Moon rocks are available in dispensaries where marijuana is legal to purchase, but you’ll pay roughly $1,400 per ounce! An eighth costs around $200, but you’ll get far more with much less than ordinary marijuana. It’s not difficult to produce your own version, however. Simply combine the three primary components of marijuana and follow the procedures above.

Moon rocks may also be smoked, although most people prefer the better smoking experience. You’ll need glassware to utilize moon rocks, which is not a good idea if you’re a cannabis novice. After you’ve ready to consume your moon rocks, go somewhere obscure and enjoy an actual lunar journey!

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