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Marijuana And Yoga 1 Marijuana And Yoga

Marijuana And Yoga

Yoga is a physical and mental exercise that demands total concentration on one’s mind and body. Cannabis is a plant with various intoxicating and psychoactive chemicals that, when consumed in different ways, can help users to more fully access their brains and bodies. As a result, it should come as no surprise that there are an increasing number of instructors and practitioners who are combining cannabis with yoga in order to achieve specific kinds of mental and physical well-being. You can buy this product in our store.

Is it true that marijuana clouds your mental acuity, or does it enhance it? Yoga and cannabis have a long history in India’s subcontinent, but they’ve never really coexisted. Yoga has always aimed to heighten the senses in order to achieve enlightenment. Cannabis is also used to assist one connect with their body and mind by stimulating cannabinoids produced within the plant via yoga. Whether you use marijuana for euphoric, pain relief, to help you sleep better or as a general remedy for mood elevation and stress reduction, there are benefits. Each has its own set of benefits, but can you achieve a higher level of whole therapy if you combine the two? We’ll look at the link between marijuana and yoga and whether stoned yoga is a good idea or a bad idea in this section.

Marijuana And Yoga 2 Marijuana And Yoga
Marijuana And Yoga

What Kinds of Cannabis Are Best to Practice With?

This can give you a start in terms of determining the type of cannabis. nWhile there are certain elements that characterize each strain, such as Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid, most are labeled as such. nWhile effects differ from person to person, because most strains are classified as Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid, this can help.

The flower form of a hybrid strain is also more versatile. Hybrid strains are designed to work with each other as well as with resinous strains, allowing for much greater versatility than plant materials alone provide. Because yoga is a practice that integrates mind and body, it’s better to utilize a hybrid strain instead of concentrating your attention entirely in your head with a sativa or completely in your body with an indica strain.

  • A sativa-dominant hybrid can be a great partner for Vinyasa and Power yoga style classes, such as Jack Herer, ACDC, and White Widow.
  • An indica-dominant hybrid may be ideal for Restorative, Yin and meditation practices, such as OG Kush, White Diesel, and Lavender.
  • If you really want to dial in your ideal strain, learn about terpenes and look for strains that contain the terpenes you wish to work with.

Edibles that have an equal ratio of THC to CBD are also great cannabis partners for yoga since they help to balance out too much heady energy. If you’re not seeking for any psychotropic effects during your practice, stick with CBD, which for most people reduces the anxiety and tension dials, allowing for a greater focus in the mind.

Tantric Practice 

Tantric yoga uses subtle energies throughout the body to enhance spiritual uplifting and physical improvement, with the goal of uncovering life’s purpose and connecting new dimensions. Tantric technique has been observed to employ unusual approaches in order to discover enlightenment through utilizing one’s body as a tool, deviating from traditional yoga practices such as eating red meat, drinking alcohol, having sexual intercourse, and using marijuana. Tantric practitioners worship the incarnations of feminine and masculine spirits, which are said to bestow Siddhis, or magical powers and the capacity to advance spiritually. Cannabis is considered a useful tool in the proper context by Tantric yogic beliefs. The Kundalini school of yoga coexists with tantric practice, and cannabis is used in Kundalini rituals before ceremonies after a 24-hour fast. They believe that cannabis is an “ideal method to realize one’s own divinity through ecstatic exploration with one’s mind’s abilities.”

How To Cannabis Yoga

Limit your smoke intake

Breathing is important for yoga, so smoking a lot of marijuana before a session might reduce your breathing capacity. Try to avoid smoking joints or doing bong rips when using cannabis and yoga together. The greatest alternatives for your pre-yoga routine are vaping or eating edibles since they facilitate unaltered breathing in the lungs and a pure and focused high that will help you get closer to your spiritual enlightenment.

Micro dosing

When we speak about cannabis and yoga, I think the most important aspect to remember is that getting excessively stoned will simply ruin your attention and render the exercise pointless. To avoid this, we propose taking a little amount of what you would usually consume when using cannabis so that you feel the lightest buzz possible. As blood flow moves through your body, your high will get stronger as a result of this, so a micro dose hit is an excellent compromise between the two.

Pick the right strain

The last thing you want is to smoke a fantastic kush and be completely out of focus during your yoga session, so it’s worth understanding what strains affect your body and mind in specific. You may prefer a soothing indica to help you relax as you prepare for an uppity sativa with increased anxiety. It’s also a good idea to use a strain that has more CBD in it; this will lend to the relaxing and mindfulness aspect of your yoga practice without making you feel too stoned.

Work on your balance

You don’t want to walk into class after smoking a joint, go into a balancing position and fall flat on your face. At home, try experimenting with your balance after smoking cannabis; make sure there’s plenty of time between taking that vape and beginning your yoga session.

Are you looking for a certain strain that claims to assist with your stoned yoga? Visit our Cannabis Shop page to discover hundreds of different cannabis items, including CBD, edibles, vapes, and everything else that can help you explore your deepest feelings.

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