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Ice Wax Dabs All You Need to Know 1 Ice Wax Dabs: All You Need to Know

Ice Wax Dabs: All You Need to Know

Ice wax dabs are a clean yet powerful hit. It’s a bubble hash collected by freezing plant parts with ice and water to remove the THC from frozen material. You then pass it through an assortment of mesh screens with varying micron counts. The end product is a smooth, sandy-textured wax that resembles sand from a virgin beach. When you dab ice wax, it will fully liquefy and leave minimal residue. You can buy this product in our store.

Ice wax concentrate is one of the most powerful forms of marijuana concentrates available without the aid of solvents. Typically, a solvent such as butane is required when producing a concentrate, but ice wax is not the case.

History of Ice Hash

Ice Wax Dabs All You Need to Know 2 Ice Wax Dabs: All You Need to Know
Ice Wax Dabs: All You Need to Know

Ice hash was originally developed by seed expert and industry pioneer Skunkman (aka Sadhu Sam or David Watson) in the 1980s. After learning that resin glands sink in water, Skunkman popularized a method of mixing whole plant cannabis or sieved resin in water for making hash. He even sponsored an article in High Times Magazine in 1987, providing home-based water extraction techniques.

Skunkman’s ice-water extraction methods paved the way for the first automated sieving devices, as well as innovative ways to extract water from ice. In the 1990s, new strategies for extracting water from ice emerged. Around this period, Canadian cannabis entrepreneur and activist Marcus “Bubbleman” Richardson made his mark on the industry by inventing the Bubble Bag extraction system.

Throughout the ’90s, Bubbleman was active in medical cannabis advocacy, macro photography of cannabis, and the creation of cannabis extraction and decontamination. In 1999, he pioneered the multi-bag filtration technique with the first multi-bag filtration kit — three bags that would filter glandular trichome heads for the sake of “harm reduction,” “finding the best way to deliver cannabinoids,” and “exploring the limits of pot purity.”

How to Make Ice Wax Dabs

To make high-quality ice wax, marijuana plants with lots of trichomes are required. If you use low-grade brick weed, your ice wax will be ugly and awful, and the high won’t be strong. Plant material frozen immediately after being hand-trimmed is said to produce the greatest ice wax.

You’ll need a variety of micron-sized bubble bags in many sizes. The ideal scenario is to use 5-gallon bubble bags or bubble bowls with 70, 90, 120, and 160 microns on each screen.

Speed is essential when making ice wax. The faster you do it, the fewer flavonoids, cannabinoids, and terpenes are lost. If you soak it for too long, you allow the outside layers of the material, containing all of the aroma and flavor, to be washed away.

What is Ice Wax Precisely?

Ice wax isn’t anything new, but it does sound pleasant, doesn’t it? It’s a solvent-less extraction procedure that yields a concentrate. To get the trichomes and THC from frozen plant material, you use both ice and water to extract the trichomes and THC. So in a way, it’s like bubbly hash that goes through a thorough filtering process and ends on with around 99% THC concentration. It has a gritty texture rather than being as thick as oil.

Ice Wax Dabs All You Need to Know 3 Ice Wax Dabs: All You Need to Know
Ice Wax Dabs: All You Need to Know

Ice Water Extraction Method

The majority of the time, butane, alcohol, or other solvents are utilized to get THC, CBD, and terpenes out of the plant. The ice-water extraction technique involves washing a frozen plant with low-temperature water. It is then filtered using several bubble screens to produce high-quality THC content after being rinsed.

It is not Hard to Make

It is critical to seek for plant material with a lot of trichomes in order to create high-quality ice wax. The quality of the substance you’re employing is crucial. It’s critical to know where your stuff comes from. The residue would taint the end result if it was poisoned by pesticides or poorly maintained. Ice wax made from leaves that have been frozen right after being cut is the best kind. It’s a very safe procedure since no flammable solvents are employed. There isn’t any cooking necessary, and you can use leaf or bud tissue as well. It’s entirely up to you.

Freezing harvested cannabis leaves after cutting them is much better than storing them in air-tight containers. Oxygen and UV rays destroy cannabinoids and reduce the medicinal value of the plant.

The Benefits of Ice Wax

The first advantage is that there are no hazardous solvents used in the extraction process. The concentration’s taste and flavor are enhanced, and a genuinely pure content is produced because no residue is found. It’s also the quickest method of extraction.

How Do You Use Ice Wax?

Ice wax is a liquid that can be spread and used as ice. It might be sprinkled into a bowl or joint in its most basic form. Ice wax dabs may also be manufactured by pressing ice wax between two pieces of parchment paper. The trichome heads should be welded together using your own body heat when they’re ready. It may then be dabbed with ease.

How to Smoke Ice Wax Dabs

There are several ways to smoke your ice wax, and some are superior than others. Here, we go through the most popular methods so you can select the best one for your needs.

Smoking Ice Wax Concentrate with a Dab Rig

This is the technique we suggest. A rig is a water pipe that has been modified with dabbing accessories such as a nail attached to the intake, including it. It may be composed of many materials, but most users agree that quartz or titanium are the best options.

Check to see whether you can cause the water to bubble by blowing into the downstem after adding water to the chamber and before releasing it. If any water splashes in your mouth while doing this, drain some of it away. It’s critical to ‘season’ a quartz or titanium nail for the first time if you’re using one. When new nails are heated, they may leach natural minerals and produce an unpleasant taste in your wax.

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