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hotboxing guide 2 Hotboxing Guide

Hotboxing Guide

The act of hotboxing has been practiced for millennia, and many cannabis users continue to engage in this popular social gathering activity to improve themselves. Learn all about hotboxing, including the science behind it, where and how to do it, and if there are any risks involved with the practice.

Have you ever considered hotboxing? Hotboxing is a great way to spend an evening. You feel much higher after hotboxing than smoking cannabis in an open space. But are these effects all in your head? Find out everything you need to know about hotboxing below, including exactly how to do it.

What Is Hotboxing?

Hotboxing, as the name implies, entails smoking cannabis in a confined space to produce an abundance of smoke. It usually involves cramming numerous individuals into a car, tent, or tiny room and blocking off all sources of ventilation, such as vents on the dashboard and cracks beneath doors. The room is gradually filled with smoke as joints, bongs, and other smoking devices are passed around. Not everyone in the group need hit a joint to sense something, according to enthusiastic hotboxers. The dense cloud that results from smacking and passing around joints has the ability to alter consciousness on its own as a standalone source of THC.

hotboxing guide 3 Hotboxing Guide

Hotboxing may seem like a modern invention, but it has roots dating back millennia. Following funeral customs observed by the Greek writer Herodotus, the Scythians—a nomadic tribe of warriors—hotboxed in tent-like structures, which is considerably more macabre than just getting high with friends.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about hotboxing, from how it works to the potential dangers.

Does Hotboxing Get You Higher?

It’s only logical that sitting in a room filled with second-hand cannabis smoke would make everyone high; most people who have sat in a hotboxed car or tent will agree to that. Although many people have hotboxed and can attest to its effects, the practice was only considered conjecture until researchers at John Hopkins School of Medicine had the opportunity to set up an experimental hotbox.

The scientists discovered a second group of participants that was even more fortunate (six smokers and six non-smokers). The people sat in a makeshift building constructed of Plexiglas and aluminum support beams while being exposed to two types of ventilation: unventilated and ventilated. The cannabis smokers were given ten joints, each containing 1g of cannabis with a THC concentration of 11.3 percent (much lower than most strains used in hotboxes in the real world), and they were instructed to puff as much as possible.

After a 60-minute treatment, the non-smokers in the study had measurable amounts of cannabinoids in their blood and urine. They reported cognitive changes and minor impairment on a test that measures psychomotor agility and working memory, according to the study. However, they did not report any major subjective effects or improved performance during the same activity when conducted under ventilated conditions. According to study criteria, hotboxing does work—but only under “extremely unventilated conditions.”

hotboxing guide 4 Hotboxing Guide

How To Hotbox: Step by Step

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “hotboxing,” don’t worry; we’ll tell you all about it. For those of you who are new to this method, we’ll walk you through the process step by step so that you can try it out for yourself. Feel free to skip down to the section on where hotbox locations for some ideas if you’re already familiar with hotboxing.

Step 1: Gather Your Friends and Choose a Space

First and foremost, you’ll need to gather your smoking buddies! However, you should think about the location where you intend to hotbox. You’ll need a sufficient number of people to make enough smoke without being claustrophobic or crowded. Invite your best smoking buddies along; those who can offer high-quality marijuana and intelligent conversation.

Step 2: Make Necessary Preparations

Make sure you’re properly prepared before hotboxing. Eat together, hydrate with water, and clear your schedules for the next few hours so that you can relax. You should also seek out a comfortable environment without any added stressors. For example, don’t park your car far from home or in an unfamiliar place where driving back sober would be difficult. Also avoid locations like tents on private property where you could be interrupted or asked to leave.

Step 3: Ready the Space

Now that you’re ready, it’s time to get everything set up for the session. To save yourself some time and hassle, roll all of your joints and blunts in advance. If you’re using bongs and pipes, have a pile of ground bud ready so you can just pinch and pack when you need to. Hopefully, your friends brought some different strains to try out. Set aside different kinds and flavors of tobacco in distinct piles to add some diversity to your smoking experience. And, another thing: it’s best if you have lighters on reserve so you’re not left scrambling. Planning ahead will also ensure that you won’t need to open windows or doors to air out the space if you forget anything.

Step 4: Seal, and Set the Tone

Relax in your favorite hotbox location (there are many suggestions below) and unwind. If you’re outside in a chilly tent, be sure to have blankets and cushions. If you’re smoking up inside a vehicle, settle leg space disputes. Set the mood by playing music, putting your food away, and securing any holes through which third-hand smoke may seep out. Cover the gaps beneath doors with towels, zip up your tent firmly, and seal off automobile vents.

Step 5: Enjoy!

You’re at the point where you can light up! The preparations are about to pay off. Relax and savor the various strains that you’ve rolled. Get ready to be really high as you enjoy the different strains you’ve created. Continue smoking bong bowls until everyone is happy with the result.

Step 6: Clean Up

When you finish, unseal your space if you smoked indoors. If so, crack a window and run a fan in the same room. Spray some deodorizer if necessary to cover up the smell, and remove all of the spent joints and bong bowl remnants to avoid any lingering smells.

hotboxing guide 5 Hotboxing Guide

Where To Hotbox

Now that you know how to hotbox, it’s time to consider your options. Depending on your location, there are many places with varying advantages for this method. To help you make a decision, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to hot box.


Cars are, by and large, hotboxes on wheels. They’re generally airtight, allowing you to see stunning locations while using them, and they’re equipped with seats, heating, and stereos. Even though cars provide limited creature comforts, they also have certain disadvantages. Because of the positioning of the sitting area, talking may be difficult at times. The orientation of the seating makes conversation a little difficult as well as takes a toll on people in front who are seated. Finally, consider where you’ll park your car and partake responsibly if cannabis is illegal in your nation.


Bathrooms, on the other hand, are easy to keep clean because there is no seating. Waxy and oily compounds produced by smoke have a propensity to adhere to surfaces. Because bathrooms have sleek tiles, you won’t have to worry about the lingering smoky odor. It’s also simple to sweep up any spilled bud or snack crumbs on hard flooring. Spray the deodorizer and turn on the extractor fan after the session so that the next person who needs a toilet doesn’t notice anything.


Bring the outside in. Tents are wonderful for hotboxing. They trap a lot of smoke and allow you and your friends to visit new areas of the world with each session. You may also enjoy the benefits of camping, including bonfires and star gazing, at the same time. Make sure you have plenty of ashtrays on hand, though, because while most tents are fire resistant, they aren’t always totally fireproof; dropped joints can easily burn holes in your portable hotbox.


Closets are tiny, confined, and less visited than the living room or kitchen. With the aid of 2-3 additional individuals, you may quickly fill a closet with smoke as long as you seal it effectively. The benefit? Most people store their garments in closets, which leads to limited ventilation. Expect your wardrobe to have a skunky odor for several days after using it. After that, place a fan in the area to help ventilate it out.

DIY Fortress

Unlock your imagination! Gather some boxes, blankets, pillows, and fairy lights to build a DIY fortress you can hotbox. This will let you and your pals get imaginative and construct the dream arena. Just remember, things are going to get steamy in there–especially if you seal it off good. Keep your sessions short so everyone doesn’t melt.


This alternative is the most unusual on the list. If you live in a snowy region and have lots of ice and snow, this is something you should try! You could not only have an experience you’ll never forget, but you could also go viral.

hotboxing guide Hotboxing Guide

What Is a Jamaican Hotbox?

Traditional hotboxes rely on heat from either a stove top or oven to raise the temperature in an enclosed space. A Jamaican, or Hawaiian, hotbox requires only a bathroom and some very hot water. Simply seal off all of the ventilation points in your bathroom, turn on the shower and sink taps as high as they will go, and let the steam build up until it is too much to handle—relaxation guaranteed!

Is Hotboxing Dangerous?

Being enclosed in a small space for an extended period of time seems dangerous and it is. According to some reports, being deprived of oxygen contributes to the enhanced “high” people experience while hotboxing. Therefore, it’s evident that spending hours in a hotbox can be risky, especially if you have any pulmonary conditions.

Although the study discussed earlier monitored blood oxygen levels every 15 minutes and discovered no problems, it’s always best to use your common sense. Keep your sessions short, and if you have any respiratory conditions, don’t enter a sauna

Hotboxing Is an Old, Reliable, and Fun Technique

Although it’s been around for ages, people are now using it more than ever. It creates a social gathering and gets individuals much higher than a typical smoking session. It’s a fun way to make the most of your stash, and research suggests that it works—it isn’t just a gimmick. You don’t have to settle for your automobile or bathroom, though. These are tried-and-true settings, but there’s room to get creative and add some flare to this time-tested approach.

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