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what does organic marijuana mean 3 What Does Organic Marijuana Mean

What Does Organic Marijuana Mean

Are you as enthusiastic about the legality of genuinely cultivated, organically grown marijuana as we are? Do you share our enthusiasm for the increase in quality and diversity of marijuana available on the market? Do your eyes enjoy seeing all of the various shapes, hues, and textures that cannabis has to offer? Do you touch and squeeze marijuana buds while smelling and comparing the aromas similarly to how you would a piece of fruit or a vegetable before purchasing it from a dispensary? If you aren’t already, you will be by the time you finish reading this post!

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Maybe you’re feeling a little overwhelmed and anxious at the moment about attempting something new after all of this new, perplexing, and occasionally contrary cannabis information. Before you spend any of your money on bad marijuana, this article will teach you how to tell the good, the awful, and the moldy varieties so that you don’t get burned!

What Does Organic Marijuana Mean?

Cannabis that has been grown without the use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals is referred to as “organically cultivated.” In nature, cannabis grows according to natural laws.

Cannabis that is grown without the use of pesticides or other chemicals is known as organic weed. There are no pesticides or fertilizers used to speed up growth or production. Cannabis that has been cultivated organically uses natural nutrients, soil, and light as resources.

As cannabis becomes more popular, most growers are concentrating on faster manufacturing and larger yields. Cannabis cultivation has evolved into a science with the hydroponic movement, and chemical nutrients and artificial lighting are all utilized to duplicate and hasten a plant’s life span in order to create bigger and more plentiful flowers and buds. This is in contrast to organic marijuana production, which emphasizes long-term growth rather than rapid yield expansion.

what does organic marijuana mean 2 What Does Organic Marijuana Mean

Bunk Weed

The good news is that awful marijuana, often known as “bunk weed,” might finally be consigned to the compost heaps of history. If you’ve never smoked bunk weed, consider yourself lucky. Continue reading to ensure that you never do. The extremely avoidable event is nearly always the same; when you most want, desire, and need some excellent ganja, bunk weed finds you.

When people are desperate and negligent, they pay a premium for low-quality marijuana. You’ve had a horrible week, and you’re looking for that ideal hit of sweet oblivion. You finally received your check, and you were able to connect with your dealer. Perhaps you were so delighted to see your dealer that you didn’t bother inspecting the drugs while shopping with him. You’ve finally caught up on your work. You’ve finally completed your preparations for the weekend, you’ve established a play list, and you have all of your favorite snacks on hand. As soon as the munchies tell you what you want, you’re going to order take out.

Dank Organic Marijuana

You reach for your bag of rocks, which is typically from a plastic sandwich baggie if you haven’t yet opened it, expecting a pleasant, wet, “dank,” healthy, moist, earthy scent to hit you right away…but it doesn’t.

Schwag Organic Marijuana

The marijuana has lost much of its sheen and luster. It’s not as flowery or delicate as it was before. There are numerous hard twigs and seeds packed inside some tough, dry buds and leaves that are brownish rather than green. If anything, it smells like old, dried-out, cut grass or musty hay. You got a piece of junk for a bargain. You don’t exactly get a thrill out of the prospect of putting this stuff in your pipe, papers, bong, or vape, but you’re desperate for pain relief and you hit it anyhow because it’s all that’s available… but nothing happens. The plant itself has an unpleasant flavor. The smoke is dry, thick, and flavorless. The feeling of euphoria and alleviation never quite arrives. You puff on more of it in the hopes that the euphoria and comfort will come quicker on you, but instead you experience a headache, some thirst, and maybe an upset stomach.

“Chemmy Weed”

Worse, you discover your cannabis has an unpleasant sour scent when you open it. Perhaps there are too many dark purple spots on it. The weed is so soggy that it’s difficult to light and hard to breathe with a harsh ” chemmy ” metallic taste. You were stoned for hours with the couch lock was the bomb, the terrible movies got more amusing but you cough so much with each hit that you don’t feel much relief. You don’t want to contemplate how it makes you feel, because you’re going to be thinking about that for a long time. It causes a pounding headache, scratchy throat, sore lungs, and stomach discomfort more than a pleasant time since you were smoking drugs cultivated in closets with unnatural LED lights and too many man-made chemicals in the soil or oxygen and nutrient infused hydroponic solution.

what does organic marijuana mean 5 What Does Organic Marijuana Mean

Moldy Marijuana

Perhaps the herb smells like a damp, moldy towel that someone has left somewhere cool and moist for a few days! At the very least, you hope you discovered the mold before taking any of it! The grower didn’t allow it to dry enough. Perhaps it was over-dried by the grower and your dealer added a drop of water or a citrus peel to keep it wet….and therefore potentially moldy. If you are satisfied with your dealer’s medicine, tell them never to moisture marijuana again. If your dealer doesn’t listen to you, look for a different one. In the meantime, though, you’re wondering if it’s okay to smoke moldy marijuana since that’s all you have right now. It isn’t. You know you shouldn’t smoke it because of all the threads on discussion boards about moldy marijuana, but you’re in need and desperate, so you burn off as much mold as possible and bake the nuggets for approximately nineteen minutes (also online!) yet despite that fact, the smoke still smells and tastes more like sour earthy fungus than marijuana, and you can’t stop coughing after smoking. The next day your head hurts, your throat is scratchy, and your stomach is sick.

Mold is harmful to your health and should be avoided, so check for mold in your marijuana before smoking it, and if you do find mold, discard it. You can chill out and not worry too much about what you’re smoking for the time being as long as no fuzzy aspergillus mold is visible on your medicine. Most long-term consistent cannabis users have undoubtedly smoked some mold at some point in their medicine; we’re still generally healthier and happier than non-cannabis consumers. It is unlikely to kill or cause any serious long-term damage if you smoke a little amount of moldy marijuana inadvertently. If you believe you’ve smoked some moldy marijuana and have asthma or a weak immune system as a result of a more severe medical problem such as cancer or HIV/AIDS, you should see your doctor.

Scope It Out!

Obtain a low-cost, small LED microscope to assist you see unhealthy aspergillus mold and other possible pot pests that could develop on your marijuana and to help you understand how amazing beautiful healthy marijuana buds are. A blacklight may also aid in the identification of mold on your cannabis.

What Went Wrong With The Weed?

You could inquire, “How do I make sure I’m receiving haut-quality organic marijuana that provides me with the positive side effects I desire more of?” What makes certain cannabis medicine good medicine and why does some cannabis make you feel even worse? Is organically grown ganja really the healthiest, safest type of cannabis available? How can you tell if your medication is certified organic or not? What distinguishes “organic” ganja from other types of marijuana.

what does organic marijuana mean 4 What Does Organic Marijuana Mean

Enter The Organic Marijuana

“Organically cultivated” food or cannabis is produced without the use of synthetic fertilizers or poisons. Unfortunately, there is no precise method to verify whether your marijuana is organic. Because the USDA will not certify farms as organic and will not impose penalties on growers who label their medicine as organic, any grower may make any assertion regarding their marijuana they choose. This is why it’s so important to understand the difference between organically grown and non-organically grown cannabis.

Question Your Cannabis

The easiest approach to discover the finest buds is to become aware with some of the many different types of marijuana farming as well as getting to know your growers as individuals. Inquire about whether your medication was produced in soil or hydroponically, using nutrient-filled water. In the long run, asking this crucial question will make you a better, happier, and more sophisticated cannabis expert. The most crucial thing to ask oneself is whether your ganja was grown organically, and if not, what that means for you and the quality of your experience.

What Makes Organic Marijuana Organic?

Although marijuana is frequently referred to as “organic,” it isn’t necessarily so. Is the marijuana watered with a sprinkler or with a hose? Was it sprayed or watered down? According to our standards, whether the watering procedure is wasteful and damaging to the local environment depends on how natural the cannabis was grown. Even if marijuana was grown outside and pesticides were used on lawns, golf courses, and sports fields, it is not organic. It’s also impossible to clean pesticides off of chemmy-tasting marijuana. Spider mites are a problem for cannabis cultivated outdoors as well, since along with their feces, they might carry germs such as e-coli. If marijuana is dried incorrectly or too quickly, it can also be infested with Aspergillus mold if cultivated naturally without the use of harsh pesticides or fertilizers. Organic cannabis’s healthy soil life will eventually produce natural bacterial deterrents against mites and mold. Many consumers have probably smoked marijuana infested with spider mites unintentionally without experiencing any negative health effects. Your little LED microscope will allow you to spot tiny red spider mites so you don’t accidentally consume them or their excrement.

Soil or water?

Cannabis that is cultivated indoors in hydroponically irrigated nutrient and oxygen-infused water rather than on the ground thrives faster. These techniques don’t improve the quality of the cannabis, although they might induce it to become chemmy moldy and infested with indoor spider mites.

Marijuana may still be cultivated organically as much as possible, even in industrial-grade fertilizers. Even Hydroponic marijuana can and should be grown with two upper and lower root systems that mimic naturally growing cannabis along streambanks, swamplands, river and lake shores with lots of fresh water under rich soil. Hydroponic marijuana can also be produced outside in artificial nutrient and oxygen-infused reservoirs, although it must be done so in the presence of natural light.

what does organic marijuana mean What Does Organic Marijuana Mean

Enter the Organic Reefer Revolution!

There is no question that organic cannabis is the healthiest form of marijuana available. The confusion stems from the fact that because the cannabis plant grows in so many different natural environments, determining what “organic” means in terms of marijuana may be difficult. nThe great thing about the revolution in growing organic marijuana is that consumers are demanding higher quality marijuana.The editors of MMJ Business Daily asked twice as many medical marijuana patients in Colorado, California, and Washington State if organic cannabis — rather than discounted pricing — is their foremost consideration when selecting a dispensary. The fact that criminal drug cartels are shipping organically grown marijuana to Mexico for illegal sale indicates that there is a worldwide demand for organic marijuana, which is greater than ever before in human history. This increased demand for superior natural medicine, as a result of which more cannabis will be produced safely for the environment and our physical bodies since most cannabis users will not compromise on the organic qualities of their medication, implies that even indoor and hydroponically grown marijuana will be cultivated more safely for the health of the environment and our physical bodies.

The last step is for you to take the first step into the organic marijuana revolution if you haven’t already, now that you know a little bit more about how organic marijuana is produced and how to spot the finest quality medicine. Other than growing it yourself, the most dependable method to determine whether or not your cannabis is organic is to watch it burn as you smoke it. Organic weed should almost always be pleasant until the very end of the session. Look for clean grey or white ash rather than sticky black resin.

“In order for cannabis to fully express all of its rich, nuanced tastes and subtleties, it must be cultivated organically. Chemically fed hydro results in a black foul-tasting cruddy mess of hazardous carcinogens, whereas organics cultivated correctly leave nothing but delicious hits until the final puff (and residue disappears as a clean grey ash). The Cannabible author Jason King’.

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