Platinum Cake *Hybrid*

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Platinum Cake, often known as “Platinum Cheesecake” and “Platinum Cheese Cake,” is a Platinum OG/Wedding Cake hybride marijuana souche that produces strong physical effects. This strain has a strong body haut that will make you feel very calm and euphoric. Consumers have reported that the effects of this strain come on swiftly and may sometimes be hazy. With continued usage, Platinum Cake’s effects become sedating, making it perfect for evening use.

The aroma of Platinum Cake is earthy and delicious, with undertones of dried fruit. Medical marijuana patients enjoy Platinum Cake to assist relieve chronic pain, headaches, anxiety, and inflammation symptoms. This strain has beautiful buds covered in glistening trichomes and a purple hue that runs throughout. Tell us about your experience smoking, dabbing, or eating Platinum Cake by leaving a review of this strain if you’ve done so.

The Platinum Cake strain is a Sativa variety that has an earthy, woody flavor. It’s ideal for those who are searching for an Indica strain that avoids the typical sweet and berry tastes of these blooms.

Platinum Cake Strain Appearance

The name Platinum Cake implies exactly what it means. When you open a bag of the Platinum Cake strain, you’re greeted by gleaming purple trichomes that pique your interest right away. When you break these dense buds apart, they crackle and reveal lovely lime and green leaves with golden pistils. This strain’s stunning appearance will make your body want to smoke instantly.

When handling Platinum Cake, keep in mind that its glossy resin will adhere to your fingertips. Prepare for a hard-hitting smoking session with Moon Rocks if you have a kief collector in your grinder.

Platinum Cake Strain Genetics

Platinum Cake was born when House Genetics combined the potent Indica qualities of Wedding Cake with the pungent and earthy terpene profile of Platinum, resulting in a powerful terpene profile with subtle undertones of vanilla and dirt.

Wedding Cake has become popular for its capacity to assist people suffering from pain, sleeplessness, and hunger loss, due to the fact that both parents have strong sedative effects. Platinum OG is also ideal for resin extraction due on account of its thick trichome layer and THC concentration. It’s also a powerful helper when it comes to anxiety, discomfort, and stress disorders.

Teneur en THC

The Platinum Cake strain’s 20-23% THC level is strong in terms of relaxation and hazy sensations. When enjoying this rare treat, experienced smokers have difficulty forming phrases, so novice users must ensure they are prepared to take on the big high of Platinum Cake.

Platinum Cake Strain Effects

After a long day, sit down on the couch and enjoy your Platinum Cake buds. You will feel high starting to take over your head after the first puff, with a hazy sensation quickly settling in to provide you bliss.

The more you smoke, the more this bud will distribute its effects throughout your body. Your limbs will become calm, and the stress of the day will lessen, being replaced with pleasant waves that can feel numbing. Furthermore, engaging in this strain may render you immobile on the couch, making it ideal for watching a movie or just hanging out.

The Platinum Cake strain’s effects on medical marijuana patients may be beneficial, since its sedative qualities and high THC concentration might help with headaches, anxiety, inflammation, and pain.

Platinum Cake Strain Reported Flavors

Although we enjoy cannabis for its effects and how it helps us relax, there’s no doubt that a distinct terpene profile is what distinguishes us from one another. Linalool, Myrcene, and Limonene joined together in the Platinum Cake strain to give it a unique fragrance profile and taste distinctions from other Indica strains.

First, the smoke greets you with an earthy and woody scent that includes notes of pine and Kush. The vanilla, cake-like flavor, and hints of pepper then embrace your mouth as you exhale, offering you comfort after a difficult day.

Where to Buy Platinum Cake Strain

Depending on where you reside, obtaining a slice of this cake might be difficult. However, you may always use internet search engines like Weedmaps to locate a reputable vendor who can supply some of this marijuana delight.

Platinum Cake Strain Growing Information

There’s nothing growers like more than having resin-coated, beautiful buds in their gardens. However, producing this bud isn’t easy, and seasoned farmers may be the only ones to achieve success with a Platinum Cake strain.

This strain takes 7-8 weeks to bloom and produces tall plants that flower both inside and outside. Kief-coated buds with gorgeous hues of purple, green, and lime may be observed when the plant is healthy.

Sweet treats at the end of the day are a proven mood booster. If you can’t try the Platinum Cake strain, there are plenty of options for you in nature. What about a delectable pre-roll with lemon twist, sour apple, and diesel undertones? The Super Sour Space Candy strain is an Oregon CDB offering that has won over hybrid marijuana users.

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