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Pink Kush weed Pink Kush Marijuana Strain Review

Pink Kush Marijuana Strain Review

Rose Kush is an indica-dominant souche known for its physical relaxation effects. It also has a boosting and euphoric haut, making it ideal for those trying to relax away their troubles.

Rose Kush is a cross between Skunk and GSC. It’s an indica-dominant hybride that produces very dense buds, with fragrant, purple nuggets inside. Pink Kush has been known for its soothing effects. Many of the strains’ origins are obscured but some cultivators think it has strong ties to OG Kush. Pink Kush, like OG Kush, has a long-lasting buzz that hovers for hours and is described as pleasant and relaxing without having an severe edge. It also provides a euphoric, uplifting high accompanied by a let-down effet that relieves aches and pains.

Qu'est-ce que la variété Pink Kush ?

The majority of the time, it’s an indica-dominant strain. According to experts, its indica dominance can range from 90 to 100%. It does have a suggested sativa profile with a rating of ten percent. Despite its modest score, its sativa foundations aid in elevating, happy, and euphoric effects.

Users enjoy the flavorful and surprisingly sweet flavor of this strain. They also appreciate its adaptability. This plant can be used in a variety of ways by consumers. Its reputation for soothing frayed nerves and putting people to sleep is well-deserved.

Users recommend using Pink Kush to alleviate back pain, migraines, and other aches. These sentiments are aligned with Pink Kush’s indica character. It has some characteristics that make it a good choice for relaxing and soothing individuals, similar to some other indica strains.

Users enjoy the light and fun side of this strain. Pink OG, Pink OG Kush, and Pink Candy are just a few of the names it is known by.

Pink Kush weed 2 Pink Kush Marijuana Strain Review

It’s a great idea to take this important oil before bedtime. People who suffer from chronic stress and worry report that it aids in the release of tension, especially when it comes to racing thoughts. As a result, you may often feel more calm and peaceful. This element particularly appeals to insomniacs since many people claim that the inability to silence their worries is a major barrier to sleep.

Many individuals enjoy Pink Kush’s sedative and relaxing effects, but many others think it is a wonderful social strain. It makes for simple conversation, reduces stress and anxiety, and relieves mental pressure.

This strain is best consumed in the late afternoon or evening since it may cause some users to feel sleepy. It might provide a sense of drowsy lethargy as well as a touch of couch lock. It might also induce hunger, so it’s a good idea to have snacks on hand.


The fragrance of Purple Kush is unique. It has a pungent and powerful scent, albeit not entirely unpleasant. Instead, many people enjoy that it combines some sweetness with other intriguing components. Vanilla, woods, and dirt are all detectable undertones.

It also contains a few additional light fragrances, such as pine and blossoms. It has a hint of sour blended with a little bit of heat in its aroma. Some people would describe the smoke as being extremely powerful yet not acrid or overpowering. Fans of this strain have described it as fruit-flavored and even minty.


Pink Kush has a strong odor, yet it also has a wonderful flavor. Many people appreciate the rich and complex tastes of this plant. This strain’s flavors aren’t too light, and for those who enjoy complicated taste profiles, it’s an excellent choice. On the inhale, there are notes of sweet vanilla candies followed by a floral scent.

The initial notes are of sweet, candied vanilla on the breath, which is quickly replaced by a floral aroma.

The flavor is further enhanced by a tart citrus note, which is blended with the refreshing menthol and pine notes. Users have claimed that they detect berries as well as hints of other ripe, summer fruits in certain doses. Wood splashes and damp earth are evident through the clouds of smoke.

The flavors have a little bit of heat to them. While some may dislike the burst of spice, it gives the dish a strong flavor profile.


The physical appearance of White Kush is described as attractive by most people. It has a rainbow of colors ranging from bright pinks to brilliant greens. It has a glossy, frosty look and is covered in a thick coating of sticky resin.

The majority of the deep, rich green in this plant is provided by its leaves, while the pistils are bright yellows and dots of pink. Orange hues can be found here and there as well as distinct splashes of purples and tans. The nuggets are tiny and compact.

Pink Kush Strain Grow Info

The Indica variety is a stable plant that can survive a wide range of irritants. The majority of molds, mildew, and vermin are examples of irritants that this strain can withstand. Home growers, on the other hand, should exercise caution since if temperatures and humidity aren’t kept optimal, the plant might develop light molding.

Pink Kush weed 3 Pink Kush Marijuana Strain Review

The optimum temperature for the growth of Bubba Kush is between 65 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. The ideal environment for this type of plant is one that is warm and dry. Although this plant tends to develop slowly, some cultivators may assist it at the start. This will help prevent drooping. Other techniques, such as topping, are quite effective with this strain. It can grow both inside and outside. Indoor yield per square meter is about 18 ounces. Outdoor production may be around 25 ounces or more (ouch).

ThoughTrain is a hardy plant that may be grown easily, it does have a few challenges if given the wrong nutrients. The soil should be nutrient-dense, and the water’s pH should not exceed 6.5. This strain’s growth time might be inconvenient for those in a hurry.

It can take as long as 10-11 weeks for the plant to fully mature, but it is a sturdy and flourishing bloom. It takes approximately 10-11 weeks for this plant to become ripe. Some people claim that in certain situations, it might mature much faster, taking only 9 weeks to do so. When consumed, however, the greatest benefits are obtained if the plant is allowed to mature for 10-11 weeks before harvesting.

Hydroponics is another option for farmers. This will help with development and prevent mold from growing. Those interested in cultivating this strain should also consider low-stress training and pruning. Though it is a short plant, it has robust, leafy branches due to the amount of air circulation and sunshine it receives.

Teneur en THC – Test le plus élevé

le THC concentration in this crop is about 22 percent.

Teneur en CBD - Test le plus élevé

The most rigorous CDB content test has a maximum limit of 1%.

Bienfaits médicaux de la variété Pink Kush

Users of the Pink Kush strain credit it for soothing, calming, and relaxing them. It’s been a hit in cannabis circles due to its stress-reducing qualities. Users enjoy that this strain relieves tension. Many people claim that Pink Kush’s body high reduces pain. Pink Kush has been used to treat migraine headaches and muscular spasms among individuals with back discomfort or muscle cramps.

Cortisol’s rest-promoting functions also apply to symptoms of other illnesses, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and panic attacks. Its ability to induce calm and relaxing thoughts and drowsiness appeals to insomniacs. Its capacity to promote healthy sleeping habits and increased sleep duration are beneficial for individuals with a variety of sleep disorders.

For individuals struggling with attention deficit disorder (ADD) or ADHD, as well as those who have social anxiety disorder, a regular exercise regimen can be beneficial.

Effets secondaires possibles de la variété Pink Kush

For some individuals, White Widow may induce undesirable effects. Dizziness, dry eyes, and nausea are examples of negative effects. Mild paranoia and a dry mouth can also occur in other people.

Final Thoughts on the Pink Kush Strain

Pink Kush is a powerful strain, but it’s also an excellent technique to unwind and relax after a long day. The Pink Kush strain can also be used by those suffering from sleep problems or insomnia. It soothes and relaxes people, with the body buzz assisting with pains and aches.

Although its history is anything but simple, some experts believe it has OG Kush genetics. If that’s the case, it’s a sedative smoke with some euphoric effects. It is hardy but growers must be cautious as it may require a lot of resources from them.

Some people claim that G13 is a resinous strain derived from OG Kush, but the origins of this cannabis are somewhat convoluted.

Too much humidity, according to some home growers, can cause light molding, which is not desired for the plant or finished product. Pink Kush is optimized for a warm and dry environment. Cultivators should experiment with a variety of growing techniques. Topping, LST, and hydroponics are examples of this kind of growth technique.

A few years ago, I tried a similar strain and produced multiple jars. However, it was not the same as the one described here. The plants were taller (maybe even up to three or four feet), with far less leaves but no fewer resin glands. As a result of this, these buds are exceptionally sticky and difficult to break apart during flowering (unless you have gloves). This particular variety can take anywhere from 10-11 weeks to mature fully in its final stage before harvesting.

The third of the five Blueberry strains is Pink Kush. It develops thin and sturdy, but trimming should be done on a regular basis due to the thickness of its branches. Air and light circulation promote growth. Indoor yield ranges from 18 ounces per square meter to as much as 25 ounces in outdoor conditions. Despite its greater growing time, this big harvest makes this strain attractive for anybody seeking to cultivate.

Sweet fruit, candy, pine, vanilla, and warm earth are all characteristics of Purple Kush. It has a THC concentration of 22 percent. The scents of this strain, which include sweet fruit, candy, pine, vanilla, and warm earth, are well-liked by consumers.

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