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medical marijuana for anxiety in teens 2 Medical Marijuana for Anxiety in Teens

Medical Marijuana for Anxiety in Teens

“Anxiety” is the most common answer given by teenagers in today’s world when you ask them what their biggest worries are in life.

Anxiety is typically described as a catch-all phrase for any kind of worried thoughts, although Anxiety as a medical condition is extremely serious, causing severe anxiety and stress at common occurrences, making it nearly impossible to live a normal existence.

Anxiety is incredibly common among teenagers. They’re in that weird phase of life where they’re transitioning into adults but their brains aren’t fully developed yet, so they can’t always understand everything based on past experiences.

Is it really possible to acquire medical marijuana if you’re a kid with Anxiety? Can kids with Anxiety get their hands on some medical cannabis so they can alleviate their anxiety? Is there any truth to the idea that teenagers may lawfully use medicinal marijuana?


What Is Anxiety & How Does Medical Marijuana Help Treat It?

In order to grasp the issues that adolescents endure when they attempt to get medical marijuana , it is essential to comprehend what Anxiety truly is.

Anxiety is a stress-related mental disorder that is characterized by excessive, damaging thought processes; in other words, it creates the sensation of Anxiety and tension in routine activities rather than just during severe stress.

Anxiety is an adaptive mechanism that, by causing you stress and Anxiety, informs you to avoid a situation or react differently if there’s the potential for it to put you in danger. However, those who have Anxiety as a medical condition feel this same degree of continual stress and dread all the time – what might be seen as a simple and straightforward task for some individuals may actually be unendliness difficult for people with Anxiety.

Several studies have found that Marijuana can help treat medical Anxiety, just like regular anxiolytic medication works. For example, one study by the University of Washington for the Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute showed that people who used Marijuana and had symptoms of Anxiety experienced fewer episodes of anxiety.

Today, we realize that Cannabis has the potential to assist with Anxiety problems by reducing their symptoms and frequency of severe anxious episodes. This is only beneficial for those who are able to get Marijuana lawfully, such as adults.

What should you do if you’re a teen and want to use medical marijuana to relieve anxiety?

medical marijuana for anxiety in teens 11 Medical Marijuana for Anxiety in Teens

How Do You Get Medical Cannabis For Your Anxiety As a Teen?

In every scenario, the major difficulty with obtaining medical marijuana is the disparity between state and federal laws on marijuana.

Even though Marijuana has helpful medicinal properties, it is still federally illegal. However, state laws are more lenient; ten states have legalized Marijuana for recreational use and thirty-three states have legalized it for medical treatment.

If you live in a US state that allows medical marijuana, this is excellent news for you (including Guam and the District of Columbia!), but it won’t help you with your age.

A major problem with medicine in the United States is that teenagers do not have the authority to decide whether they want to take it or not. This becomes more difficult because each state has different rules about what age someone can be when they agree to taking medicine.

In simpler terms, you will most likely still be able to get medical cannabis prescribed to treat anxiety, but it is possible that your parents’ permission may be required.

In states where medical marijuana is legal, doctors are allowed to prescribe it to underage patients. However, in most cases, they need permission from the patient’s legal guardian first. There are also a few states where it must be the guardian who fills out and renews the prescription rather than the patient themselves.

Therefore, you’ll have to not only persuade your doctor of the benefits of using marijuana to alleviate your anxiety but also win over your parents.

However, let’s suppose you have the whole support of your parents – what do you need to get your doctor to prescribe medical marijuana? nIt varies from state to state, but generally speaking, only some form of identification and evidence of your medical condition are required. Although doctors will be able to see your diagnosis of Anxiety on your medical records, it is recommended that you have physical copies as well as any information regarding prior medication prescriptions in order to attempt and cure the disease.

If you manage to convince both your parents and physician of the usefulness of marijuana, you might be excited; You did it! You can now use marijuana for consequence-free treatment of anxiety?

However, there are certain perils to be aware of while using marijuana as a teenager.

medical marijuana for anxiety in teens 3 Medical Marijuana for Anxiety in Teens

Are There Any Risks For Teens Using Medical Marijuana for Anxiety?

One of the most frequently mentioned advantages of marijuana usage is that it has minimal or no negative side effects. Users can enjoy a risk-free experience that leads to a perfect therapy for a variety of illnesses and ailments, according to advocates. Isn’t it true?

While there are several benefits to using marijuana, it is important to be aware of the potential side effects- especially for teenagers.

Paranoia and anxiety have both been linked to haut THC levels. However, it is important to keep in mind that marijuana can help treat anxiety while also causing it if too much is consumed- especially for those who already suffer from anxiety disorders.

The most severe effet that Marijuana causes is only present in teenagers – a slower rate of brain development.

A major reason why teenagers are not able to provide consent for a plethora of different things in their lives is that they have not fully developed, both emotionally and mentally. The brain doesn’t actually finish developing until approximately 21 years old, which means that any Marijuana consumed before this point has the potential to cause permanent damage.

Joanna Jacobus and Susan F. Tapert’s study in the Journal of Current Pharmaceutical Design found that teens who frequently smoked Marijuana displayed continuous neuro-cognitive disadvantages, as well as less brain development than those who didn’t smoke. Furthermore, there were significant changes in brain functioning discovered when compared to brains that hadn’t been exposed to marijuana Smoke

The risks are only significant if you regularly smoke large amounts of Marijuana. So, if you plan to use small doses of Marijuana to treat anxiety, most likely you will be fine.

Is it possible to experience the medicinal benefits of marijuana for anxiety without harming brain development?

What About CBD for Anxiety?

If you’re searching for a solution to prevent the potentially severe hazards caused by big quantities of THC in marijuana, CDB is a good option. You might want to have a look at this detailed article on CBD’s advantages.

Cannabidiol (CBD), also known as hemp or marijuana, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid present in the cannabis plant. Cannabidiol has no psychoactive side effects and does not cause a “high.” All Cannabis strains contain at least trace amounts of CBD, although it’s possible to find varieties that have been developed with particularly high levels of CBD compared to THC, such as Charlotte’s Web, which was created to help cure Epilepsy.

CBD differs from THC in that it does not excessively stimulate the CB1 and CB2 receptors within the Endocannabinoid system–a network of health controls within the body. By gradually adjusting these receptors, CBD can encourage serotonin production (among other neurochemicals) to help you feel more relaxed.

If you’re concerned about debilitating Anxiety symptoms or if your doctor prohibits it because of the huge dose you’d need, consider CBD – it’s frequently available at regular shops, both on high streets and online as a food supplement.

CBD Oil is readily available on the internet and in some countries, such as the United Kingdom, it may even be bought over-the-counter. However, because it is not yet possible to acquire pure CBD Oil prescribed by a doctor, you must go through a private vendor.

medical marijuana for anxiety in teens Medical Marijuana for Anxiety in Teens

Final Thoughts on Can Teens Get Medical Marijuana for Anxiety?

Anxiety is one of the most serious and deadly mental diseases in today’s world, making it almost impossible to live a normal life when you’re dealing with continuous stress, anxiety, and general panic.

Considering the gravity of Anxiety’s symptoms, it’s no surprise that so many individuals turn to Cannabis to assist their condition. Unfortunately, it is more difficult to obtain Marijuana as a teenager than as an adult, and sometimes necessitates the assistance of an adult or the permission of an adult before you can do it, depending on the state.

While medical marijuana can be used to treat anxiety, it is important to weigh the potential risks of brain damage. Though this only happens in a small number of people who use too much marijuana regularly, it is still something worth considering.

Anxiety symptoms are unpleasant, but the prospect of having a diminished intellect as a youngster is worse.

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