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marijuana packaging 2 Marijuana Packaging: How to Store Weed

Marijuana Packaging: How to Store Weed

If you’ve ever smoked stale, unpleasantly harsh cannabis from a weed that has grown too old, you know how crucial it is to store your marijuana correctly. Knowing how to preserve marijuana fresh is critical for keeping your smoking sessions exciting and getting the most out of your cannabis.

Fortunately, there are several products on the market, such as marijuana pouches and weed containers, that can assist you in maintaining your cannabis fresh for a longer period of time. Continue reading to learn some suggestions and techniques for storing weed (and not storing it) in order to keep your stash at its peak quality for as long as possible.

‌How to Store Weed Properly at Home

Let’s be honest. Even if you adore your neighborhood cannabis shop, you don’t want to go there every day to get precisely the amount of bud you’ll need to make a joint or fill your pipe. My local store’s employees are fantastic, but I just don’t have time for daily visits.

If you’ve ever experienced a decrease in quality in a souche you recently bought, you know how awful it is. So, what’s the best way to preserve marijuana at home so that it remains fresh and effective for longer? It isn’t as difficult as you would believe. I’ve experimented with a few methods over the years and discovered that these are some of the most effective ways to keep marijuana fresh.

Factors That Affect the Quality of Your Weed

marijuana packaging 5 Marijuana Packaging: How to Store WeedIt’s critical to understand how to store cannabis. You’re spending your money on marijuana, so you want to make sure that it stays potent as long as possible.

The nice news is that if you store your cannabis properly, it may last a long time. So, let’s get started. Otherwise, the quality of your marijuana will deteriorate.

What exactly do we mean by terms such as “elements” and “dampness and humidity”? For example, wet and humid conditions aren’t good for cannabis. You don’t want to expose it to direct sunshine or put it in a location that gets a lot of light, either.

Here are some more information on how the components may harm your marijuana.


Mold can grow on your weed if it is excessively wet. Mold is never a good thing for marijuana. Mold that develops on cannabis is hazardous to one’s health, and it might cause lung problems, infection, and other illnesses. It’s perfectly fine to have natural moisture levels, but too much water may be the end of your stash.

marijuana packaging 3 Marijuana Packaging: How to Store Weed


Your herb is living, full of vitality, and thrives in similar circumstances to us. Your cannabis was cultivated in a suitable environment and must remain there for the sake of preservation.

Terpenes, which give your bud its fragrance, are prone to deterioration if exposed to extreme heat. When your buds dry out from the heat, they can lose their potency and therapeutic value.


When your marijuana is exposed to too much oxygen, it loses its potency. This can reduce the shelf life of your favorite herb. Furthermore, when buds are inadequately stored, they lose important cannabinoid and terpene content.

Simply said, the pleasant flavor and advantages of your cannabis strains begin to fade.


Keeping your marijuana in the dark, especially sunlight, is one of the most important things you can do for it. Artificial lighting and sunshine degrade and deteriorate cannabinoid content, reducing its strength.

Consider another scenario. When a vehicle is exposed to excessive sunshine, the paint fades with time. If the car is kept in a garage, the color stays intact. Your cannabis will also deteriorate over time due to too much exposure to natural and artificial light, as will your paint.

‌Storing Weed with Humidity Packs

Excess moisture is a weed killer, which is one of the worst things you can do to keep marijuana fresh. It makes your buds mushy and prevents them from grinding properly. Smoking becomes more difficult as a consequence of this because it promotes mold development and is extremely unsanitary.

Keeping moisture at bay is critical for maintaining the life and quality of your marijuana supply. The Integra Boost humidity comarijuana packaging 6 Marijuana Packaging: How to Store Weedntroller maintains this. These cannabis packs protect your buds from humidity without drying them out too much. They’re also really simple to use, just place one in the container where you keep your weed. A single 4-gram pack can preserve up to 12 grams of bud from dampness.

You may have previously utilized other humidity control packs for cannabis, but the Integra Boost packs are unique. Although no humidity pack lasts indefinitely, many others on the market require guesswork when time to replace them. The Integra Boost marijuana packs also include a replacement signal to notify you when they need replacing. They’re easy to understand: simply check if the dot shifts color. You don’t even have to be an expert on how to keep marijuana fresh with one of these.

The hygrometer is a small cylindrical device with a knob on one end and an LED light in the middle. It has two small holes in its base, which is used to attach it to your jar’s handle or lid. You won’t have to empty your bud out of its jar or rummage around in your stash to check on your safe-keeping humidity pack with the indicator. Not only is it inconvenient to have to root around in your weed jar; doing so also increases the risk of contamination. The Integra Boost packs include a feature that allows you to know when it’s time for replacements. That alone was enough for me to want them. They’re also reasonably priced (only $12.99 for a package of four), and they’re incredibly efficient at keeping marijuana fresh.

‌‌Sealed Mason Jars for Weed

marijuana packaging 9 Marijuana Packaging: How to Store WeedWhen it comes to learning how to keep cannabis fresh, Mason jars are a frequent sight. For storing a variety of goods, mason jars are quite common. While their most typical use is for food processing, such as jams, jellies, and pickled foods, they may also be utilized for a variety of things. Did you know that one of those additional purposes is keeping marijuana?

Mason jars are the ideal containers for marijuana, as they’re clear glass and allow you to view your stash without having to open the lid (unless you’re going in for some to grind). You won’t have to worry about your cannabis giving off an odor on the material, so you can reuse them for different strains. They create a hermetically sealed airtight seal when closed properly, which may help prevent bacterial growth. And they can contain a lot of marijuana, which is kind of nice. Mary Poppins said it best: “They’re practically perfect in every way.” Having a mason jar is only one step in storing marijuana; there are some other things to consider.

Mason jars are fantastic weed containers, but how you store them is just as important. To begin, check to see whether your jar lid is still on tight and secure. You should also remember to fully close the lid every time you put your stash away. Keep in mind that while mason jars are ideal marijuana storage containers, the way you keep them may affect their lifespan. Cabinets are a popular spot for cannabis smokers to keep their stash. You’ll also want to make sure your marijuana jars are completely dry after washing them before storing new weed in them. Even a little amount of water left on the lid or in the jars for marijuana can cause mold to develop, which is terrible and may ruin your entire supply. That’s precisely what we don’t want, so how do we keep cannabis fresh?

‌‌The Best Temp to Keep Weed Fresh

You can’t discuss how to keep marijuana fresh without also addressing the optimum storage temperature. Mold and mildew will develop if you place your stash in a location that is excessively hot and moist. In contrast, environments that are too warm or dry can dry out your buds, making them brittle and crumbly. Sure, breaking apart hard-dry buds is simple, but they’re harsh and unpleasant to smoke as well. Temperatures that are too chilly aren’t great either; I’ll get into why later.

The optimal storage temperature for marijuana is about 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius). You should also ensure that your stash isn’t stored in a location where it will be exposed to constant illumination. Around your house, look for cool, dark, and dry locations. As previously said, a cabinet in a secluded area with little light exposure is ideal.

While your favorite strains won’t last indefinitely, following these marijuana storage suggestions can help you keep them fresh for a long time. When it comes to how to keep cannabis fresh, knowing the temperature is just as important as where you store it.

‌Does Dry Weed Lose Potency?

marijuana packaging 4 Marijuana Packaging: How to Store WeedWe’ve already discussed some of the drawbacks of dry marijuana. It becomes brittle and breaks apart rather easily. Not only that, but it also becomes unpleasant to smoke. Another prevalent concern among users is whether dried cannabis loses potency.

In general, yes, dry marijuana loses potency. In fact, the drier it gets, the more potency it loses. When you smoke dried marijuana, you’re likely to experience little effects. The next thing you know, you’re burning through a large amount of your supply to achieve the same pleasure as a much smaller quantity of fresh bud.

So, how can you tell when your buds are getting dry and losing their potency? While brittleness is a good sign, you may be able to determine it without touching your stash. Fresh buds have a strong odor. When you open one of your marijuana containers, the smell smacks you in the face. Buds begin to deteriorate as they get drier, until they’re barely perceptible. Hopefully this also explains why it’s so crucial to keep weed fresh.

‌Can You Freeze Weed?

You know how to freeze food to keep it fresh longer? Well, that little trick might perplex a lot of marijuana users. Unfortunately, the answer is no. While soup, a loaf of bread, or cake slices may be frozen, weed cannot. Technically speaking, you can indeed do so; nevertheless, it would be pointless.

Frozen marijuana does not keep it fresh, contrary to popular belief. It makes your buds less potent in reality. Every bud contains trichomes, which are the tiny resin glands where cannabis generates and stores its cannabinoids and terpenes. These are the components responsible for taste, fragrance, and efficacy. When you freeze your flowers, the trichomes on the surface become brittle and fall off.

The process of unfreezing your stash is another story. Even if the trichomes were able to stay in position while the buds were frozen, the thawing procedure may cause them to be overly wet. Again, this makes it difficult to grind and near-impossible to smoke. It also raises the danger of mold growth.

In a nutshell, keep the freezer at arm’s length at all costs. It may seem like a smart idea at the moment, but you’ll soon discover that it isn’t.

marijuana packaging 7 Marijuana Packaging: How to Store Weed

‌Bottom Line

Keeping your marijuana fresh is critical for novice and experienced users. It’s important to keep your buds in the proper conditions to preserve their potency. Using weed bags to keep moisture (and therefore mold) at bay, as well as how to store cannabis in an airtight container to avoid contamination and unwanted airflow, are two ways that

In addition, you’ll have to worry about variables such as temperature and lighting. It is crucial that your cannabis does not remain in temperatures that are too hot or cold. To keep your marijuana fresher for longer, store it in a dry, cool, dark location such as a cabinet away from heat sources.

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