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jack herer marijuana strain review Jack Herer Marijuana Strain Review

Jack Herer Marijuana Strain Review

The Jack Herer souche is a sativa-dominant hybride with significant medical advantages. It’s also simple to grow, making it an ideal starting point for cannabis novices. Its flavor profile is citrus-dominant (with undertones of pine and skunk from its Shiva Skunk parent), so it’s great as a morning wake and bake smoke. Try another sativa-dominant hybrid like Fissure verte.

The Jack Herer strain, which was named after the cannabis activist who fought tirelessly to legalize marijuana in the United States, seems fitting since it has won no fewer than nine Cannabis Cup awards for Best In-Class Flower.

Jack Herer was a hero of mine, and whatever I could do to contribute to marijuana’s legalization would be appreciated. He fought for hemp and marijuana legalization as an individual, which is quite remarkable given that his efforts predate the concept of cannabis legality in the United States.

The Jack Herer strain, like its namesake, is a classic combination that blends various realms: it offers a distinctive yet delicate flavor, an indescribable haut, an outstanding therapeutic value, and a slew of energizing effects.

Many people would argue that Jack Herer (the weed) has revolutionized the world of cannabis usage, just as Jack Herer (the man) did in the fight against cannabis.

This beloved marijuana strain has truly blossomed into a global hit, thanks to the legend of cannabis entrepreneur Jack Herer (author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes), who bred it as an homage.

jack herer marijuana strain review 2 Jack Herer Marijuana Strain Review

Sensi Seeds’ Dutch breeders did an excellent job of capturing Herer’s personality and historical importance, turning his good attitude and perpetual energy into a reefer strain that has the same kind of worldwide appeal.

With all of that said, let’s fast-forward to the present and witness just what an impact the Jack Herer strain has had on the cannabis world; it’s become a parent plant for numerous famous marijuana strains, including Jack Skellington, Jack the Ripper, Critical Jack, and Jack’s Cleaner — all strains created from the OG Jack Herer.

Today, Jack Herer would be incredibly proud of what the cannabis movement has accomplished in the last decade or so. In fact, naming a strain for one of marijuana’s pioneers is the finest way to commemorate such a timeless figure.

Keep reading our thorough Jack Herer cannabis strain review to learn more about this ultra-popular, hard-hitting sativa mix.

Who Is Jack Herer… And What Is Jack Herer Weed?

The Jack Herer is a sativa and full-blown hybrid that was created by Sensi Seeds in the Netherlands during the 1990s. Dutch pharmacies and medical practitioners began taking on this strain not long after its creation, realizing the potent medicinal capability it possessed.

This 55% sativa 45% indica hybrid strain is a well-designed cross between Shiva Skunk (indica), Northern Lights #5 (indica), and Haze (sativa) that combines the benefits of both sides of the spectrum.

Jack Herer is a powerful sativa/indica hybrid strain that combines the best of both worlds. Jack Herer marijuana has excellent therapeutic potential for a wide range of people because to its rich combination of sativa and indica genetics. Although the origins of this strain are unknown, it is generally accepted that it has an THC concentration of about 18-24%, making it extremely likely to give you what you want.

Despite the fact that Jack Herer marijuana is known for providing outstanding feelings, it’s actually quite easy to cultivate and offers a medium-sized yield that finishes in less than average time. (Continue reading to learn more about growing Jack Herer.)

Jack Herer Strain Review: Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

Jack Herer weed has a unique yet delicious fragrance that is similar to damp, skunky earth found in an ancient, old-growth forest. This strain has a sense of connection with nature that you can truly feel, and after the initial scent impacts you, Jack Herer will give piney, woodsy notes that peak with the inevitable dank aroma of Skunk genetics.

Jack Herer’s initial notes are citrusy and spicy, with lemon and orange bursts revealing themselves as the strain’s complex bouquet unfolds.

You’ll get a bouquet of pleasant, refreshing fruit flavors with just a hint of sweetness that will make your taste buds rejoice.

You can also taste certain herbs on your tongue, such as those in your favorite leafy green teas. The Jack Herer strain is one-of-a-kind because it generates the typical “sativa reaction,” both physically and mentally, yet the hybrid effects are more than apparent after your first few tokes of the crop.

Furthermore, Jack Herer has a superior capacity to generate large amounts of resin, which makes it a crystal and sparkling strain that glistens like diamonds in the light – enticing ‘cannasseurs’ who want a piece of the frost to drool with child-like glee.

Jack Herer’s sugar leaves are generally sage green with coiled orange hairs (pistils) peeking out from between a row of greenery, creating a sharp contrast in hue. Water leaves Jack Herer are bright forest green, perhaps paying homage to the pine and earth scent that they offer.

Jack Herer Grow Info

jack herer marijuana strain review 3 Jack Herer Marijuana Strain Review

Even for those with no prior knowledge, Jack Herer marijuana is considered a simple strain to grow and may even be attempted by inexperienced gardeners. Regardless matter how or where you are sowing these seeds, though, prepare adequate space ahead of time because this plant can reach over two feet tall when cultivated.

Another advantage of Jack Herer is that, while it has decent disease resistance, powdery mildew, molds, pests, bugs, and other nuisances make the strain low-maintenance overall – or as close to “low-maintenance” as cannabis can get.

Jack Herer can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors, although it is best done outside. Outdoor cultivation needs a specific climate – in other words, continuous doses of dry, mild, sunny, warm weather.

Both hydroponics and soil cultivation are appropriate for producing Jack Herer indoors, with a yield of around 18 ounces per meter squared in each case. Outside crops usually produce around 18 ounces per plant and are harvested between late September and early October.

Jack Herer marijuana, whether cultivated indoors or outside, is known for its surprisingly quick flowering period, which ranges from 7 to 10 weeks depending on the crop. Jack Herer cannabis is considered a dream to cultivate due to numerous elements working in the grower’s advantage, which is why it has become a mainstay crop for medical dispensaries, recreational stores, and professional cultivation facilities all over the world.

Jack Herer Review: Mind + Body Effects

If you’re looking for a strong pick-me-up from your regular marijuana strains, Jack Herer is an excellent option. You’ll feel prepared to go after only a little of this stuff, and the effects will start almost immediately (meaning you won’t have to waste much time with that all-important wake-n’-bake).

You’ll be ready to go after you smoke a little of this stuff, with the effects kicking in almost immediately.

The Jack Herer variety is also a wonderful facilitator for deep, meaningful discussions as well as fun, hilarious, and light-hearted chatter. And don’t worry about losing any attention, because these buds will keep you awake and on your toes at all times (but not always in a way that produces anxiety or nervousness).

The effects of Jack Herer are often described as being like flying through the clouds, and while you’ll feel that way later on during your high, when Jack Herer begins to wear down, you’ll experience an overwhelming wave of ecstasy that isn’t always relaxing but still provides tremendous pleasure and frequently a fast flow of creative or artistic energy.

Jack Herer is a great strain to have on hand throughout the day or after work, since it’s relaxing and good for unwinding. It’s best saved for before bedtime — otherwise, you may find yourself tossing and turning all night, trying to fall asleep.

Medical Benefits of Jack Herer

Cannabis strains named for Jack Herer have been found to have a wide variety of medical applications, with the majority falling in the mental illness area. The strain has a reputation for being highly beneficial in assisting persons who are depressed or anxious, as well as those who suffer from chronic stress, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Jack Herer is a strain that helps to bring back your attention and awareness while soothing the stomach, increasing hunger (but not making you munchie hard), and numbing any underlying discomfort.

However, if you want to use Jack Herer marijuana to treat chronic pain, nausea, loss of appetite, or headaches, it’s recommended that you take a large dose immediately. If you want to consume the largest dose feasible with the least work, alternative cannabis products such as edibles, concentrates, live resin, and chews are typically your best bet.

For those with other psychological issues, such as stress, it’s vital to keep in mind that you should not take large doses of any marijuana type that would exceed your personal limits. THC overconsumption can lead to an escalation in anxiety or paranoia.

Possible Side Effects of Jack Herer

The most typical negative effects of Jack Herer consumption include dry mouth and eyes. Both of these problems can be easily prevented by drinking plenty of water before, during, and after your high, as well as having moisturizing eye drops on hand at all times.

The most typical negative effects linked to Jack Herer include dry mouth and eyes.

Jack Herer can also cause anxiety in those who are prone to THC-induced paranoia. If you’re feeling yourself fall down a dark, paranoid tunnel while stoned, close your eyes and take deep breaths. Keep telling yourself the high will pass and that no one has ever died from an overdose of marijuana!

Depending on your response, you may get a chance to shine at the end of this week’s studies. If you’ve been smoking weed for a few months or more and have developed tolerance, it will take longer before your symptoms return to normal after quitting. Hopefully, though, this will help to ground you and bring you back down to reality. (Alternatively, taking a couple CDB doses might help counteract the psychoactive effects of THC.)

Final Thoughts: Jack Herer Marijuana Strain Review

Overall, Jack Herer marijuana is a strain that every self-respecting cannabis enthusiast (or medical marijuana patient) must try at least once in their life – if only to pay homage to one of the greatest cannabis activists of all time.

The strain combines enough indica genetics to provide a variety of well-rounded medical therapeutic effects with all of the cerebral effects that one might acquire from a strong sativa. Jack Herer is frequently utilized by those who suffer from pain, migraines, and an lack of appetite, and it has the potential to assist you and your specific condition.

We hope you’ve enjoyed perusing this Jack Herer strain review, and that it was both interesting and educational. Thank you for joining us, and good luck — and health!

FAQ About Jack Herer Weed Strain

What is the Jack Herer strain yield?

The THC content of Jack Herer is between 18 and 19 percent, according to the strain’s creators.

How much THC does Jack Herer strain have?

From 18% to 23%

What are the origins of the Jack Herer strain?

Jack Herer was created in the mid-nineties in the Netherlands, using a sativa Haze hybrid, with indica Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk.

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