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how to roll a blunt step by step guide How to Roll a Blunt: Step-By-Step Guide

How to Roll a Blunt: Step-By-Step Guide

If you’ve never rolled a blunt before, you’ll be relieved to learn that the procedure is quite similar torolling a joint and that it’s rather simple after you’ve mastered the fundamentals.

Joints may be the preferred way to smoke marijuana for many people, but blunts are a wonderful alternative if you want something distinctive.

The main distinction between a blunt and a joint is that blunts use tobacco leaves instead of standard rolling paper. This provides them with the shape of a cigar, slower burning properties, and an enhanced flavor from the leaf wrapping.

If you’re new to rolling blunts, don’t worry—it’s similar to rolling joints and pretty straightforward once you get the hang of it.

Qu'est-ce qu'un Blunt ?

Blunts are cannabis flowers rolled inside tobacco leaf wraps. The tobacco leaves add a extra layer of energy to the haut that you get from smoking cannabis. Blunt wraps come in packs of 1–2 and can be found at stores where rolling papers are also sold. They often have flavours added to them, but you can also split open a cigar or cigarillo, empty it out, and use the wrapping to make your blunt.

Blunts are larger in size and last longer than joints. Joints, on the other hand, are made from rolling paper (such as those produced from hemp fiber) and do not include tobacco. Despite this, both blunts and joints contain only cannabis flower within the roll-up.

Are Blunts Harsher Than Joints?

If you’re using rolling papers that are appropriate, joints should only exhibit the flavour of the weed inside them. However, blunts do carry a harsher taste and smoke because they’re made with a thicker wrap that’s infused with tobacco. When you add in flavoured blunt wraps that you can buy, the taste is usually even stronger.


  1. In order to roll a joint, you will need: a blunt wrap, cigarillo or cigar, weed, lighter, grinder (highly recommended), rolling tray (optional), razor blade (optional) and flexible card stock (if using a filter).
  2. Grind your weed. 1 to 2 grams is recommended for blunts.
  3. Fill the interior of your cigar/cigarillo with fresh tobacco. Use a razorblade to make a clean split.
  4. Moisten the wrap. You can lick it or use a slightly wet brush.
  5. Fill the wrap with weed, giving a consistently thick layer across its length.
  6. To roll the weed into a cylinder, move your thumbs up and down on the front and back of the paper.
  7. Tuck the front end of the wrap between the weed and the rear portion of the paper.
  8. Pass your tongue over the back of the paper to moisten it, then press down firmly to make the seal adhere. Use a lighter to go over the edges of the seal if desired.

Light it up.

how to roll a blunt step by step guide 3 How to Roll a Blunt: Step-By-Step Guide

What You Need

Here is a list of things, both necessary and optional, that you’ll need to gather before getting started rolling your blunt:

  • Blunt wraps or cigar: The wrap is the most important part of a blunt. You may purchase blunt wraps, but the more “fashioned” method is to get a cigar or cigarillo and open it up. As long as the cigar/cigarillo isn’t completely dry, you can basically use whatever you choose.
  • Cannabis: You will need some weed, usually 1 to 2 grams for a blunt.
  • Lighter: Though you need it to smoke regardless, this is a key component of blunt rolling because it allows you to seal everything up.
  • Grinder: While this step is technically optional, we highly advise it. Separating cannabis buds with your fingers or scissors may work, but it’s more difficult and not as effective.
  • Rolling tray: Blunt rolling can make quite a mess, but this optional step will help.
  • Razor blade: If you’re wrapping your cigarillo in a cigar, we highly recommend this method as it will make the process of breaking it apart much smoother and more reliable.
  • Card stock for filter: This is optional and kind of controversial. Generally speaking, people don’t use filters/crutches/roaches for blunts, but if you don’t want to waste the last little bit of weed and want more structure to your roll, it’s worth considering. The card should be thin enough to easily roll into a tube.

Everything you need to roll a blunt.

how to roll a blunt step by step guide 2 How to Roll a Blunt: Step-By-Step Guide

How to Roll a Blunt (7 Steps)

Time needed: 10 minutes.

  1. Grind Your Weed. You need to grind your weed into small pieces before you roll it. The best way to do this is with a grinder, which has teeth that will break down the buds quickly and easily. You can also do it by hand, but it will take longer and the end result won’t be as good.
  2. According to some sources, using your fingers to slow the burn of a completed blunt is a preferable and more conventional technique. However, I’d go with a grinder for practicality’s sake – the blunt wrap burns slower than regular paper anyhow.
  3. Get the Blunt Wrap Ready. If you’re smoking a cigarillo or cigar, prepare the wrap. Using a razor blade to split it down the center lengthways is the best method. Keep in mind that while doing this, you must be careful not to break the wrap; however, with a knife, this is simple. You may use your hands if you don’t have one available; just be cautious not to damage anything. Once it’s cut, simply throw away the tobacco (or save it for another occasion if you enjoy rolling spliffs).
  4. Moisten the Wrap. There are several ways you can prep a cigarillo or cigar wrapper in advance to make them more manageable. The most common method is get it slightly damp, which you can do by licking it, applying water with your fingers, or using a wet brush. You only want it lightly moistened–not soaked– so that the tobacco leaf is more flexible and easy to work with. If necessary, blot any excess moisture with some tissue paper until the desired consistency is achieved..
  5. Fill Your Wrap. The next step is to fill the blunt wrap with your ground-up cannabis. Try to evenly cover the surface of the wrap. If you need more weed, simply grind some more and add it until the desired amount is reached. If you’re using a filter/crutch, insert it at one end before adding cannabis. We’ve covered making a crutch in our guide to rolling a joint, or there are specific guides online if needed .
  6. Roll it Up. Now that your marijuana is in place, you’ll need to wrap the paper into a tiny tube. This is really easy: hold the paper between your index fingers and thumbs, then rock it up and down to shape it. Compressing the weed together will result in a cylinder with roughly uniform diameter as you do this. If the paper is giving you difficulty, it could be that it’s not moist enough or too moist. If it’s cracking, try emptying it out and adding more water. You can also do the opposite if too much moisture is the problem. Don’t worry if your project isn’t perfect; just keep going until you’re happy with it.
  7. Tuck and Seal. The most challenging part of rolling is going from this part to having a completed, sealed blunt. The hard part is getting the paper to completely surround the cannabis. Pull the front edge of the wrap down so it’s just above the level of the weed, and then tuck the front edge around behind the bud. You can use your thumbnails to get it right.
  8. At first, this might be tough, but don’t give up if you make a mistake! You can always start over again before you finish.
  9. After you’re done rolling and the blunt is fully wrapped, it’s time to seal it. Just lick the top of the inside section of the wrap and press down on the rest to secure it. The moisture will make the tobacco leaf stick to itself, but give it a little push just in case.
  10. Dry it Out. Pour some lighter fluid on your lighter and quickly run the flame up and down the length of the seal. This dries the saliva you’ve put on there, keeping everything together while you smoke. It doesn’t take much, so simply give it a little bit of heat until everything appears to be sealed.


You’re done now, and it’s time to smoke it. Fill one end with something combustible (such as a cigarette lighter) and light the other end.


If you’re enjoying a smooth smoke, pat yourself on the back- you’ve earned it.

Although it may be tough at first, with some practice learning how to roll a blunt becomes easy. It can be repetitive if you’re constantly having to redo it because you’re not satisfied but remember—if the joint gets smoked in the end, then you did something right.

After a few tries, your blunts will improve significantly and these procedures will soon be second nature to you. So savor the benefits of your efforts.

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