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Marijuana Tincture 27 How to Make Marijuana Tincture

How to Make Marijuana Tincture

Cannabis is an extremely versatile plant, with a wide variety of forms that offer the ultimate in diversity. One such form is a marijuana  tincture, which is a type of cannabis-infused product with a long history that dates back generations. Tinctures are convenient and user-friendly, and they don’t produce smoke, making them appealing to new and experienced consumers alike.

What exactly is a marijuana  tincture, and is it the right solution for you? We’re going through everything you need to know about this “liquid gold in a bottle” so you can make an educated choice and go forward with confidence.

What is a Marijuana Tincture?

A tincture is a liquid product that contains haut-percentage alcohol and is sold in convenient dropper-top bottles. A tincture, in essence, is cannabis-infused alcohol produced according to a specific method.

A tincture is made by extracting cannabinoids (THC et CDB) and terpenes from the cannabis plant using a solvent (alcohol). Alcohol serves as both the solvent and a component of the end product, which is where tinctures differ from common cannabis oils.

Interestingly, tinctures were the primary form of cannabis-based medicine for decades. However, when the United States outlawed cannabis, tinctures fell out of popularity. Now that a growing number of states are legalizing medicinal and/or recreational cannabis consumption, tinctures are making a come back.

Although some individuals craft DIY tinctures at home, most customers prefer professionally produced tinctures because of their convenience and consistency. Making a homemade cannabis tincture may be time-consuming, but buying high-quality supplies from your favorite dispensary provides a considerably more pleasurable and dependable experience.

Marijuana Tincture 26 How to Make Marijuana Tincture

THC vs. CBD Tinctures: What are the Differences?

If you’re shopping for cannabis tinctures for the first time, you might be surprised at the many options to evaluate. Before you spend money on a tincture, it may be beneficial to understand a few essential facts. The most important thing to understand is the basic sorts of tinctures, which are divided based on their cannabinoid content.

There are many different cannabinoids, such as CBD and THC, each with their own properties and effects. Depending on your desired experience, you may find that a specific ratio of cannabinoids is right for you. As you’re considering which tinctures to try, you’re likely to see products broken down into three main types:

THC tinctures

Tinctures that are mostly concentrated in THC are popular with marijuana users, since THC is the cannabinoid responsible for many of marijuana’s most well-known effects.

CBD tinctures

CBD tinctures are made from hemp (not marijuana) and don’t have any THC, so you won’t get high. CBD might have some of the same benefits as THC, but it’s not intoxicating. Therefore, these products are regulated differently than cannabis products that do contain THC. In states where only medical patients can legally buy cannabis, CBD-only tinctures could be an option for people who aren’t MMJ patients.

Tinctures with both THC and CBD:

There are lots of tinctures that provide different ratios of THC and CBD. A 1:1 ratio is common, but you can find other blends to suit your personal needs.

Expect different effects from THC and CBD tinctures because of their source and how locations legally regulate them.

Marijuana Tincture 24 How to Make Marijuana Tincture

Advantages of Marijuana Tinctures

Every cannabis adventurer’s path is different, so when it comes to picking the best goods for your dream cannabis adventure, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Assuming you’re well-equipped with high-quality marijuana from a reputable dispensary like Canna Provisions, you’ll notice that each form has its own set of advantages — ultimately, it’s all about figuring out which ones work best for you.

Cannabis tinctures have a number of distinct benefits, many of which have made them one of the most popular methods to consume cannabis. Depending on your lifestyle, personal preferences, and demands, one or more of the advantages of marijuana tinctures may be suitable for you:

  • Discretion: Tinctures are cannabis products that don’t have a strong marijuana smell. They come in clear glass bottles with dropper tops and look similar to other supplements or drugs. You can take a few drops without worrying about the odor attracting attention like smoking often does.
  • Convenience: With practically no effort or time required on your part, using a straightforward dropper to take in cannabis’s features is about as easy as it gets. You’ll be ready to tackle the next major adventure in seconds.
  • Precise serving sizes: Because a dropper allows you to control the amount precisely, you may customize the amount to fit your preferences.
  • A smoke-free alternative: For those cannabis users who don’t want to smoke, a marijuana tincture provides an excellent alternative.
  • Fewer calories than edibles: Tinctures are similar to edibles in terms of effects, but with none of the extra calories, sugar, or fat that eating sweets on a regular basis might provide.
  • Potentially faster onset of effects: Sublingually (under your tongue), on the other hand, may produce effects more quickly and result in a longer-lasting experience.

Different Ways to Enjoy a Cannabis Tincture

Unlike other forms of cannabis, tinctures offer the user a flexible experience that can be customized to their specific needs. This means that there is no single answer to questions such as “How much tincture should I take?” or “How do I use tinctures?,” but rather it provides the user with the ability to determine what works best for them.

The simplest way to savor cannabis tinctures is by utilising the sublingual method: place your preferred number of drops directly under your tongue, wait around 30 seconds before swallowing. Or if you prefer, just drop the desired amount into your mouth and swallowed right away.

If you’re looking to mix things up, try adding your cannabis tincture to food or drink! You won’t be able to taste it, but you’ll enjoy a flavorless boost of cannabinoids. Tinctures can be added to anything from smoothies and coffee to midnight ice cream.

How To Make Marijuana Tincture

In this section, we’ll look at the three most common ways to produce marijuana tincture:

  • Cold
  • Warm
  • Hot (aka Green Dragon)

So grab some weed and a bottle of your favorite hard alcohol and let’s get started!

Marijuana Tincture 5 How to Make Marijuana Tincture

The Cold Method

The cold method is the most straightforward way to make marijuana tinctures, and it doesn’t involve any cooking. You simply mix the ingredients together and let them sit for a while. Here’s a guide on how to do just that.

Before you start, break your cannabis into smaller pieces and put it in a glass mason jar. You can use as much or as little marijuana as you want to make your tincture, but just make sure the bud is dry first. If it’s fresh and wet, the marijuana  tinctures won’t be good.

The next step is to fill the container with enough ethyl alcohol to keep the plant material submerged. We like Everclear, but you may use any high-proof spirit if that’s what you prefer. You’ll need approximately one gram of marijuana per one fluid ounce of ethyl alcohol. However, the weed-to-alcohol ratio isn’t critical. Simply ensure that the marijuana is concealed.

After you’ve combined the components in a jar, replace the lid and shake it for one minute or two before storing it in your freezer. The jar should remain in the freezer for up to five days.

Don’t worry, the jar can handle expansion that happens as liquids solidify. Alcohol’s freezing point is lower than water, so it will stay a liquid.

Shake the jar multiple times each day, taking it out of the freezer and shaking it occasionally. The plant matter will eventually dissolve as a result of this process.

You’ve completed the process after approximately five days in the freezer and several shakes each day. Now souche the tincture through a cheesecloth, metal tea strainer, or silk screen into a bowl. Dispose of the remaining solid plant material and pour the liquid tincture into a tiny, dark dropper bottle or two. It’s really that easy!

The Warm Method

The basic technique of making tinctures is the same whether you use a warm or traditional method. Just combine the components in a mason jar as you would in the cold process, and leave it on a shelf in a cool, dry location for 30 to 60 days.

Once 30-60 days have passed, use a strainer to divide the solid from liquid mixture. Pour the tincture into dropper bottles for easy measurement and distribution. This method is much slower than both the cold and hot methods, but it doesn’t require your ongoing interaction once you’ve sealed the jar. The old saying “Make on new moon; strain on full moon” is how some people refer to tinctures as moonshine of marijuana.

If you want to do this, we recommend starting a new batch every two to four weeks. Staggered brew times will ensure that you have one tincture approaching readiness while you consume the other if you make a large amount at once. You’ll never be without enough tincture when you do it this way.

Marijuana Tincture 23 How to Make Marijuana Tincture

The Hot Method

The Green Dragon technique, also known as the hot method, is the quickest way to produce a batch of marijuana  tincture. It does need a few more items and constant attention (so you don’t burn the alcohol) but you’ll speed up the process considerably.

To begin, chop your cannabis flower into as small pieces as possible. Set your oven to 325°F and lay it in there for approximately five minutes, or until your entire house begins to smell of marijuana. In a mason jar, combine your baked bud with high proof alcohol just like you did in the cold and warm approaches.

Place the opened mason jar in a pan with about an inch of water around it. If any water is added to the mason jar, it will be ruined. Simmer the uncovered m Mason jar until the temperature reaches 165°F and then bring to a boil. A candy or a cooking thermometer are required for this method.

If the alcohol and marijuana mixture does not boil at 165°F, you are in the clear. The temperature is only too high if the alcohol boils. Adjust the heat in your water bath so it’s lower, and then continue as usual.

It may also be a good idea to keep the kitchen fan on since combustible alcohol vapors may be removed. At the absolute least, make sure you’re in an area with plenty of ventilation so those fumes don’t build up and ignite.

Remove the jar from the water bath and set it aside to cool when your brew has reached 165°F. Strain the tincture into a new bowl to remove any remaining plant matter from the liquid. Allow the liquid to cool a little more before dividing it between dropper bottles.

You may also buy a bespoke Magical Butter cannabis processor to make hot-process tinctures. Simply put the marijuana and alcohol in the Magical Butter machine, push the tincture button, and 4 hours later your tincture will be ready to strain with a custom Magical Butter bag. It eliminates the risk of combustion while also reducing efforts as long as you’re constantly on guard.

Lastly, you can mix 5.5 grams of cannabis that has been baked and decarboxylated with 2 ounces of high USP Food-grade glycerine in a mason jar that is sealable. Then, cook it on top of a washcloth in a crockpot that has a few inches of water in it set to low heat for 18-24 hours.

Let the mixture cool, then use a cheesecloth to strain it. Use a dropper to transfer the mixture into a tincture bottle.

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