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weed Shatter 2 Fireside Shatter: Cannabis Shatter

Fireside Shatter: Cannabis Shatter

We’ve compiled a list of some incredible concentrate producers in the United States today to commemorate all things dabable. It includes handcrafted brands, founders, ground-layers, and “original” businesses in legal markets, as well as large-name dab makers and small-batch processors. As the industry expands, more talent emerges, so be sure to note that not everyone on this list is great at extracting oil from plants. Looking to try shatter? Check out this Dab Habit – Shatter.

Dabbers, we applaud you. So, in the spirit of acknowledging some of our golden wax, rosin, and concentrates’ most inventive businesses, here’s a round of applause for some of the top producers in all shapes and sizes. From the basic to the specialist expert.

Here are the 16 ooey, gooey concentrate producers who are killing it.

What Is Shatter Weed?

Shatter is a cannabis concentrate, like shatter. It derives from cannabis extract and butane extraction, just like other concentrates. The end product is a highly concentrated solution that may be inhaled via dabbing.

This concentrate has a distinct look about it. Shatter has a glass-like brittle texture. It may be fractured (or shattered) into smaller pieces, as the name implies. It’s semi-transparent and has an amber color.

Many people like concentrates such as shatter for a variety of reasons, but the most popular is that it has a haut THC content. The majority of cannabis flowers have a THC concentration of up to 25%, which is considered to be on the higher side. Shatter can even contain more than 90% THC.

The chemical THC is the cause of the marijuana high for most users. Its high THC concentration implies that shatter users may achieve a powerful buzz with only a little amount of the product.

Fireside Shatter

Shatter weed Concentrate 4 Fireside Shatter: Cannabis Shatter

Fireside Shatter made entirely from whole flower material. The highest quality is assured thanks to a state-of-the-art Hydrocarbon (BHO) extraction technology, terpenes, and cannabinoids are kept in tune and preserved to guarantee consistency. This single run extraction technique reaches temperatures of -75 degrees Celsius, removing the fats and residual impurities while preserving the cannabis trichomes and terpenes for a smooth, clean, high-quality hard resin concentrate with plenty of cannabinoids and terpenes. Best consumed discreetly in a dab rig.


Moxie has been a California favorite since 2015, and its concentrate game gives it the most clout. Its pre-filled cartridges and Dart pods will convert new consumers to concentrates. The wax that fills these cones will be of Moxie’s high standard. What genetics would you use with this brand? Snoop’s Dream, Alpine Cookies, Blue Coral, Goji Valley Kush, Lemon Goji OG, Viper City are just a few examples.

Jungle Boys

The Jungle Boys are a band that doesn’t play. Since 2006, the talented team behind Jungle Boys production has cultivated flower in Los Angeles, which has resulted in a fantastic line of pressed rosin.

Jungle Boys operate solely out of the TLC Dispensary in Los Angeles, where you can find more stuff under the hashtag #squishingthatfire. The dry sift rosin batter and live rosin is clean to a high standard, with a light-golden to near-white color but with a premium reflecting its scarcity at $80-$100 per gram.

West Coast Cure 

Some of the most gorgeous wax extracts we’ve ever seen were produced by West Coast Cure. The most popular souche extracted using the BHOMB product line, as stated by rapper Action Bronson, propelled West Coast Cure to stoner fame.

West Coast Cure was founded in Newport Beach, California, in 2010 to meet the demand for high-end cannabis extracts like shatters, budder, and cartridges from a wealthy clientele.

Harmony Extracts

Harmony is a well-known brand in the State of Colorado for its high quality, and it has held the title for most-awarded concentrate company with 45 honors to date. Harmony is concerned with purity and infuses oxygen into its concentrates for a delicate texture. Historically, one of the top-shelf, highest-cost concentrates, its history dates back to 2003. The price of dabs? In recreational sectors, it has decreased over time, but the sugars, nectars, and distillates cost between $70 and $100 per gram.


Peak is a California-based family-owned concentrate business that was established in 2013. Its tiny-batch, strain-specific concentrates are on top of the mountain for a reason. Peak’s well-liked cartridges offer excellent taste at an even more affordable price than its quality typically goes for, with 500 milligrams costing from $40 to $50 each. Peak’s capsules are filled with distillate taken one step further during extraction from the company’s “Full Spectrum Amber Oil.”

From The Soil

Shatter weed Concentrate 3 Fireside Shatter: Cannabis Shatter

From The Soil, located in Washington State, is fortunate to have such a rich supply of fire concentrates. Since its inception in 2016, the firm has rapidly expanded from 18 acres to more than 92 acres of pesticide-free probiotic soil, meaning bacterial microorganisms exist in and contribute to the soil’s overall microbiome. Its genetics come from all over the world, including Amsterdam, Colorado, California, and are blended with in-house genetics. The end result? Stunning types of waxes (including shatter), crumbles, live resin extracts (LSEs) using butane hash oil (BHO) extraction.

Buddies Brand

Buddies Brand, one of the best in the West, creates live resins and distillates with icy, golden, diamond-full jars of terpy power. Its live resins and terp sugars include Ghost Train, Pineapple Kush, and Sour Bubble. One five-star Weedmaps reviewer said: “This stuff just sent Jesus down to me and I dabbed him out. Well done fellas.”


The exquisite badders, crumbles, rosins, diamonds, and other goods from Maryland’s gLeaf are emblematic of the East Coast. In 2014, Philip Goldberg launched gLeaf. Patients can try concentrates including Air Force One, Blue Cheese, Painkiller XL, Sour Diesel among other strains.

gLeaf began as a group of activists and businesspeople called Green Leaf Medical, working to guide the medical cannabis sector in Maryland, testifying before commissions and Senate hearings on behalf of caregivers, and lobbying for higher possession limits for Maryland patients.

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