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Can You Eat Raw Cannabis 2 Can You Eat Raw Cannabis?

Can You Eat Raw Cannabis?

What are The Benefits Of Eating Raw Cannabis?

Cannabis has several advantages when smoked, consumed, or taken in a variety of ways. The cannabinoids – the active components such as THC et CDB – are the most well-known agents for the therapeutic and medicinal value of marijuana consumption, but this plant is also rich in important nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Cannabis plants in all their forms provide a highly nutritious diet for proteins, minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids from a nutritional standpoint. You can buy this product in our boutique.

Phytocannabinoids are present in raw cannabis in the same way they are when you smoke, vape, or cook it, however THCA, CBDA, etc. are present in their acidic form (i.e. THC acid). These acidic form cannabinoids have unique health benefits and when combined with the value of terpenes (essential oils that contain potency, tastes, scents, and a variety of effects) it’s easy to see why eating raw cannabis is so beneficial beyond nutrition. When it comes to eating raw cannabis or hemp, there are a few things you should know about how to get the most out of it.

Can You Eat Raw Cannabis 1 Can You Eat Raw Cannabis?
Can You Eat Raw Cannabis?

What nutrients does cannabis provide (literally)? Like with many plant meals, the nutrients you obtain from eating it are determined by which part of the plant you’re eating. Seeds, stalks, leaves, and flowers are the four primary parts of cannabis to eat. Cannabis seeds are an excellent source of protein, vitamins (B’s, A’s, C’s, and E’s), minerals (such as iron, calcium, magnesium), and health-promoting fatty acids including omegas 3-6-9 and stearic acid. It is this final category that is particularly abundant in cannabis; a tablespoon of cannabis/hemp seed oil may contain more than enough omega content for a daily recommended intake (DV %) – 800-1000 mg of omega 3s, 6s or 9s.

Let’s go on to the plant’s components and start with the seeds. Many people consume leaves, flowers, and stalks of cannabis for their jam-packed nutrients, much as many other fruits and vegetables do. To extract the vital elements from plants that have powerful plant fibres, many individuals juice cannabis. Juicing squeezes out moisture and substances including terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids from the plant itself in order to provide a simple – albeit strong marijuana-scented/tasting – health-boosting cocktail. Juicers are very popular at most retail or internet shops, and they’re simple to include into any regular regimen. You’re receiving a direct and powerful source of iron, zinc, potassium, vitamins, and the raw forms of cannabinoids like THCA & CBDA without the hassles of cooking/baking/preparing cannabis or the dangers of psychoactive effects when you remove the nutrients from the cannabis plant.

Furthermore, when you eat raw cannabis, you’re not only getting the same health advantages as any other vegetable, but cannabis is particularly unique in terms of phytochemicals. Its hundreds of plant chemicals, such as terpenes, flavinoids, and cannabinoids, are relatively new to science; we’ve just begun to scratch the surface of their potential benefits on our minds and bodies. Cannabichromene (C8) is one of the most abundant cannabinoids in cannabis, accounting for up to 60% of dry weight. This compound has been found in large quantities in cannabis since its discovery. There are two types of terpenes: flavonoids and other antioxidant phytochemicals known as catechins. Flavonoids, like limonene (lemon), are present in cannabis, but they’re far more concentrated there than elsewhere. Terpenes such as limenene (lemon), which are often associated with citrus fruits, may have similar effects on our health and elicit comparable feelings. This is fantastic to hear, since many individuals are hesitant to eat raw cannabis due to its overpowering musk or distinct tastes. If you want a specific souche of cannabis for cooking, eating, or just for the scent, try eating it first because the familiar tastes and aromas will go a long way in enhancing your opinion of raw cannabis.

What Happens When You Eat Raw Weed?

If you’re determined to eat raw weed, don’t worry. Although you won’t get haut from eating raw marijuana, you may still obtain other health benefits by consuming leafy greens. In fact, a growing number of individuals believe that eating uncooked cannabis may provide them with therapeutic and health advantages without causing any psychoactive effects.

Dr. William Courtney is a vocal advocate of consuming raw cannabis. He feels that eating the plant raw is one of the healthiest ways to consume it. “When you eat it as a leafy green vegetable, you get all of the plant’s characteristics,” he explained to Fox News.

“I believe this plant, which has evolved over millions of years, is designed to help that system function. It’s obvious that this plant is crucial for cell health and, at its best, prevents illness.

To date, Courtney has advised several of his patients to use raw cannabis. He’s presently told around 8,000 people about it, and he’s seen positive results so far. “My everyday experience is overwhelmingly good with patients who utilize it,” he added.

Eating Raw Weed to Access the Benefits of THCA

Because it has not been decarboxylated, pre-rolls or other marijuana products including cartridges and pipes do not produce a high. This means that the non-psychoactive cannabinoid THCA has not been transformed into the psychoactive THC.

THCA turns out to be a highly significant component of the cannabis plant. Researchers have discovered a number of possible health and therapeutic benefits linked to THCA. Here’s a brief rundown of what research has revealed about this cannabinoid:

  • In 2011, a study examined various cannabinoids. THCA was one of the substances studied. Researchers discovered that THCA can function as an anti-inflammatory agent, which can help reduce a variety of other health issues.
  • THC and THCA might have numerous neuroprotective qualities that can help preserve brain health and protect against different types of brain cell death, according to a 2012 study.
  • Cannabinoids found in cannabis (including THCA) have the potential to slow the growth and spread of cancer cells, according to a 2013 research.

There are a few more health advantages linked with consuming THCA. In fact, having access to this cannabinoid might be one of the primary reasons why someone would want to consume raw cannabis.

All of the THCA vanishes as soon as cannabis begins to heat up, transforming into psychoactive THC instead. To reap the health advantages of THCA, you’ll need raw marijuana.

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