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bubble hash 005 Bubble Hash

Hachage à bulles

There are numerous types of concentrated cannabis on the market. What they all have in common is an extremely haut THC concentration. These are not toys for beginners, and you should not overindulge.

Water hash, also known as bubble hash, is a relatively new type of hashish. It’s believed to be cleaner and purer than extract concentrates produced using chemicals. Aside from trichomes, you’ll need ice water and a few basic tools. Learn more about how to prepare bubble hash in this comprehensive tutorial.

What Is Bubble Hash?

Ice water and a sieve are used to extract the trichomes from the plant in order to make Bubble Hash, which is a high-quality hash with many trichome heads. You do it by Using ice water and a sieve to remove the trichomes from the plant. Because it bubbles when you expose it to heat, this type of cannabis concentrate is known as bubble hash. To make hash at home, you may use bubble bags.

When cannabis is submerged in ice-cold water and agitated, the trichomes break off and are readily collected.

When you put cannabis in ice water and agitate it, the trichomes break off and are easy to gather. Bubble hash may be golden or dark brown in color. People make bubble hash for a variety of reasons:

  • It’s extremely potent, and it produces an intoxicating high that is stronger than kief or dry-ice hash.
  • It’s relatively safe to produce at home because it doesn’t include any flammable or hazardous chemicals.
  • Bubble hash is a fantastic way to use trim.

Now, let’s learn more about how to make it.

How to Make Bubble Hash?

bubble hash 008 Bubble HashThe ultimate objective of making bubble hash is to protect the trichomes while they are removed. Trichomes are glands that develop on the marijuana plant’s flowers, leaves, and stems.

Trichomes are tiny stalks with a spherical head, which protrude from buds. They’re rife with cannabinoids like THC and CDB as well as flavonoids and terpenes.

You must carefully cut away the delicate glands from bubble hash. Bubble hash comes in a variety of shapes, colors, and textures. This stuff might be wet and humid or dry and sandy. It can range from maroon to brown.

If you use un-cured or un-dried plants, you’ll wind up with a wet and unstable end product that looks like live resin. If you use older marijuana,

Hashmaking has been around for hundreds of years. However, bubble hash has only recently become popular in the West in the last 30 years. Cannabis flowers, fine-mesh micron bags, and ice water may all be used to make it. Ice water and fine-mesh micron bags are used to extract cannabinoids from plant materials.

If you want to create high-quality bubble hash, we recommend purchasing an eight-bag bubble bag kit. These kits come with eight different size bags ranging from 25 microns to 220 microns. In most situations, the 73-micron and 90-micron bags are the best choices. Having a broad range of sizes is useful in some cases.

10 Steps to Make Bubble Hash

  1. Fill a bucket with ice water and the marijuana growth ingredients. Submerge the flowers in order to achieve optimum freezing results.
  2. Stir the blooms with a wooden dowel or pole to break off the trichomes from the plant. Professional businesses utilize a five-minute cycle of freezing ice washer and reverse osmosis (RO) water.
  3. When attempting to separate the trichomes, exercise caution. Their heads are quite fragile, and it is easy to damage them.
  4. It’s time to separate the trichomes after they’ve been scraped off. Place the bubble bags in a second bucket in chronological order of microns, beginning with the 25-micron bag and working your way up to the 220-micron bag.
  5. Secure the bags over the side of the second bucket, then carefully pour the water and marijuana solution over them.
  6. The ice water also causes the trichomes to melt and fall out of the first bag. Shake each bag thoroughly, then drain it.
  7. Each bag will have a distinct level of hash. The finest mesh bags should be at the bottom, since they contain the greatest grade.
  8. Take the hash grades and spread them out on separate drying sheets. Non-stick surfaces are highly recommended.
  9. When the hash is dry, roll it into a ball or press it onto a sheet.
  10. Other materials, such as gunpowder or paper, are added to the middle of the mixture. This forms a hashish cake (also called a block) that’s about 1″ thick and 8-10″ long. Break off tiny pieces and either roll them into joints or place on the tops of bowls at this point. If you roll a joint without heating the outer surface, the hashish will burn slower than the flowers and papers. As a result, it will flake off before you consume it!

Tips for Making Bubble Hash

Bubble hash is a relatively uncommon variety, although it is becoming more popular. However, you’ll most likely want to produce your own bubble hash rather than attempting to find it down; and it may be costly as well. Here are some pointers to assist you in getting it right.

A Cold Process = An Outstanding Result

There’s no way to produce bubble hash without extremely cold water. After all, it is the icy water that separates the cannabinoids from your marijuana. The trichome stalks and heads are frozen and snapped as a result of the icy water. Trichomes aren’t soluble in water. As a consequence, they become disseminated throughout the ice water mix used in the bubble hash washer.

Make sure you make bubble hash in a chilly location with as much pure ice as possible. Make sure your bubble hash washer is properly insulated if you use one.

bubble hash 002 Bubble Hash

Use Purified Water

Depending on where you live, the quality of water will vary. It’s difficult to assess the suitability of your town’s water supply unless it has recently been in the news. Chlorine and fluoride are seldom included in purified water. If you use tap water instead, your bubble hash may have a harsh chemical taste due to chemicals present in tap water. For optimum results, invest in an RO filter.

Use Top-Shelf Genetics

The difference between low-grade and high-quality bubble hash is that the latter is significantly more valuable. We recommend using a souche with a lot of terpenes and resin if you’re looking for quality. Fresh flower, on the other hand, is essential since old flower produces brown, rancid hash.

Invest in a Freeze Dryer

Although this equipment is rather pricey, it is a must-have for commercial bubble hash creators. A freeze dryer can cut the time it takes to dry and process marijuana from days to hours. It might take up to a week to totally dry the hash without a freezer, which may affect the quality. A freeze drier removes moisture in 24 hours or less, resulting in superior-quality goods.

It can take up to a week to fully dry the hash if you don’t have a dryer, which could lower the quality.

If you don’t have access to a freeze dryer, make use of desiccant-like cardboard lined with parchment paper. This is a successful method of removing moisture from the hash. Because none of these materials absorbs moisture from within the product, don’t rely on porcelain, plastic, or metal. To prevent the hash from buttering out in a few months, you must also cure and dry it.

Take Note of the Aesthetics & Smell

When you prepare bubbles, they should be fully immersed in water. Remove the bubbles from the solution and lay them on a piece of paper towel or absorbent material, then gently shake off any extra liquid. B

It’s not a good sign if your hash is black, brown, or green. Also, the hash should have the same fragrance as the marijuana strain you started with. This indicates that the hash has retained its trichomes and aroma and is therefore of higher quality.

bubble hash 003 Bubble Hash


How to Use Bubble Hash

There are several methods for utilizing bubble hash. Please keep in mind that it is highly effective, and a little amount goes a long way!


Simply put, all you need to make cannabis edibles with bubble hash is a carrier oil. Olive oil, coconut oil, canola oil, and almond oil are the most common. While cannabutter continues to be a popular component in edibles, an increasing number of consumers are using it instead of oils.

The baking process decarboxylates your cannabis. As a result, the THCA in hashish is transformed to THC. When taking edibles, especially if they include bubble hash, exercise extreme caution. It may take two hours for the high to manifest itself. Edibles are also said to be more powerful than other types of cannabis use.

Joints & Blunts

Many individuals prefer to use old-school methods with their bubble hash, such as smoking it with a blunt or joint. In this scenario, sprinkle some on the rest of your cannabis to give your joint an extra kick. Because bubble hash is so malleable, it’s simple to shape and add to a blunt.

Bongs & Pipes

When mixed with other marijuana strains, bubble hash has a similar effet. Take a tiny bit and put it in the bowl. The degree of intoxication you feel should go up. Sprinkle some bubble hash on bottom-shelf cannabis to give you the experience you want.

Dabbing & Vaping

Bubble hash’s adaptability is shown by the fact that it may be used in a dab rig or vaporizer. If you have a dab rig, heat the nail until it’s smoking hot. Flatten the bubble hash and place it on top of the nail. It should quickly vaporize, making it perfect for vape pens as well.

Other Methods

There are almost nothing you CAN’T accomplish if you have bubble hash! It may be used to make Thai sticks or moon rocks. You certainly can add it to whatever sort of cannabis in order to increase the amount of THC.

Rating Bubble Hash

Although it may appear to be high-quality bubble hash, that isn’t always the case. The strain used in the process and your extraction method’s success are just two of the factors that influence bubble hash quality. Bubble hash experts have established a 6-star rating system to assist you distinguish between wheat and chaff.

1–2 Stars

This is the lowest grade of bubble hash. It has been dried out and filled with pollutants. True trichomes stalks and heads are generally less than 50% of the total weight. 1-2-star bubble hash, on the other hand, is great for edibles since it isn’t very potent in terms of smoking. Despite its low grade, it still boosts the potency of a normal joint and is reasonably cheap for most marijuana consumers

3–4 Stars

Although there is less trash than in the lower grade bubble hash, half of 3–4-star bubble hash melts due to debris such as leaf particles. It’s a great addition to a bowl and can also be dabbed with. But most people prefer to press it into rosin instead of smoking it.

5–6 Stars

The cream of the crop is this bubble hash because it’s solely made up of trichome heads and stalks. There are no impurities, and when it is dabbed or vaporized, there is no residue. This grade of hash is generally only from 73 and 90-micron bags. Unless you know what you’re doing, it’s doubtful that you’ll get a 5+ rating for bubble hash at home.

bubble hash 005 Bubble Hash

Bubble Hash Potency

Bubble hash, like all other types of cannabis concentrates, is not as powerful as other extracts. However, it still packs a punch. In general, you may anticipate to obtain anywhere from 30% to 60% THC in bubble hash.

Solvent-based concentrates have a greater amount of THC but aren’t always as pure as bubble hash. Bubble hash also contains a significant amount of terpenes. There’s evidence that suggests terpenes play an important role in how cannabis affects people’s health.

There’s evidence that suggests the use of terpenes in cannabis.

It is also incorrect to claim that all bubble hash comes from the same place. If you see it for less than $15 per gram, it’s certainly 1-2 star hash. This is because low-quality plant material and large screens were used in the manufacture of this product. Bubble hash with a rating of three to four stars costs no more than $40 per gram.

Meanwhile, the top of the line model (5-6 star) costs around $100 per gram! This bubble hash is produced with high-quality cannabis and the best filtering equipment. It has a THC concentration of about 60%.

Final Thoughts on Bubble Hash

According to popular belief, bubble hash is less harmful to consume than solvent-based concentrates. Experts, on the other hand, reject this theory. Because the solvent is evaporated after extraction, leaving only a pure product, ice water extraction is as safe as solvent-based extractions. If you don’t have specific equipment, ice water extraction is a time-consuming and costly procedure.

However, bubble hash is still a popular product. Overall, bubble hash is clean since it involves freezing the marijuana plant in ice water and then removing trichomes with a filter. With the aid of mesh “bubble” bags, you can eliminate undesirable plant materials from the mix.

If you decide to manufacture bubble hash, you’ll get a high-THC product that requires special handling. If you think of it as ordinary cannabis, you might experience negative side effects like as hallucinations and anxiety. Bubble hash must be handled with care!

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