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marijuana tea 14 5 Reasons to Start Drinking Marijuana Tea

5 Reasons to Start Drinking Marijuana Tea

Cannabis use has become more acceptable in recent years. In the past, talking about cannabis openly would have been taboo and could have attracted unwanted attention from the police. But now that we know more about the drug and its potential health benefits, it’s not seen as so controversial anymore. Many people use cannabis for different reasons, one of which is to make marijuana tea. As its use becomes decriminalized in many countries around the world, it only makes sense that a plant with medicinal purposes would be ingested by boiling its leaves and drinking the hot concoction.

Marijuana’s reputation as a health remedy has endured for millennia, even before people started consuming it to get haut. THC and other compounds in the plant have been shown to preserve cells healthy and reverse disease symptoms. For many years, marijuana has been used as traditional herbal medicine throughout the world, and only recently has the west caught up to its numerous health advantages. It is commonly referred to as the “wonder drug,” and now that more and more research is confirming this assertion, cannabis use will grow among the general public.

Pain Reduction

Cannabis is a regular analgesic for many people. Its acquirers have reported its usefulness in treating chronic or acute pain, as well as mild to moderate discomfort. The plant’s active ingredients connect to receptors which affect pain sensation in the body, therefore resulting in lessened feelings of pain. When marijuana is consumed as marijuana tea, it enters the bloodstream faster through intestinal lining absorption compared to other methods like smoking or vaping.

Lowers Anxiety

marijuana tea 17 5 Reasons to Start Drinking Marijuana Tea Many individuals who experience chronic pain are also anxious. People with life-threatening and debilitating illnesses often feel dread and anxiety as a result of their therapy. Marijuana has long been recognized to be a powerful medication for reducing stress and increasing well-being in patients facing such challenges. Because marijuana tea drinking is linked to relaxation and calmness, ingesting the drug in its tea form enhances the soothing effet it has.

Promotes Digestion

Weed tea is also beneficial to one’s digestive health. As previously stated, marijuana tea may be more efficiently absorbed by the body when consumed because it can easily pass through the digestive system. It aids in the treatment of constipation, acid reflux, diarrhea, and cramping. Marijuana has also been found to aid in the relief of a variety of gastrointestinal ailments.

 Prevents Cognitive Decline

New studies have revealed that marijuana can also aid in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. THC, a key component found in cannabis, has been linked to delaying the progression of the illness by inhibiting several proteins that are involved in causing Alzheimer’s. The study had only been conducted on rodents at the time, but these findings have shown significant promise in combating Alzheimer’s and other illnesses related to cognitive function loss.

Mood Stabilizer

Marijuana has also been found to benefit people with particular mental disorders by stabilizing their mood. People that drink marijuana tea have reported back that emotional symptoms associated with chronic stress and anxiety have decreased considerably as a result of the medicine. Drinking the mixture has benefited people suffering from depression, according to them, and it has improved their sense of well-being. Tea contains less psychoactive effects on the mind than smoking marijuana, which is one of the reasons why it is safer. THC, which is present in the plant’s active ingredient, is absorbed more rapidly throughout the digestive tract and sent all around the body thanks to drinking tea.

marijuana tea 15 5 Reasons to Start Drinking Marijuana Tea

Marijuana Tea Recipe

The technique for preparing (medical) marijuana tea is important. Cannabis bud may be heated and the THC extracted this way. However, alcohol, butter, oil, or milk must be added to the water because THC isn’t soluble in water but can bind to fats and oil. These additives help to break down the THC into your tea. This is how you should brew cannabis tea according to our recipe.


  • ½ gram cannabis buds
  • ½ teaspoon butter
  • 1 tea bag (any variety)
  • 1½ cups water
  • Optional: sugar or honey to taste


  1. Before you begin, grind the cannabis and remove any stems. Then, mix the buds with butter, making sure that they are completely covered. Pour the tea bag into the mixture and stir everything together. Now would be a good time to put the mixture back into the original bag or use a tea ball infuser – Zamnesia’s Tea Infuser works great for this!
  2. In a saucepan, bring the water to a simmering boil. Next, lower the tea ball or infuser into the boiling water. Allow the saucepan to simmer for 30 minutes. If necessary, add more water throughout cooking time so that it doesn’t run dry.
  3. Let the tea cool before drinking. If any plant matter got out of the teabag or infuser, strain the tea before consuming.

Herbal Marijuana Tea

Herbal tea is an excellent place to start. Herbal teas, like cannabis, provide a variety of tastes and uses to consider. When making a marijuana tea, you’ll want to pick which herbs are right for you and your requirements.


  • Your favorite herbal tea (bagged or loose)
  • Fat (butter or coconut oil recommended)
  • Ground cannabis
  • 4 cups of boiling water
  • A pot
  • A strainer


  1. Bring water to a boil, then add the fat. Wait for the fat to dissolve completely.
  2. Add the ground cannabis, reducing the flame to a simmer.
  3. Simmer for approximately fifteen minutes.
  4. Remove the cannabis material from the pot. This process is determined by the strainer utilized. A fine strainer will be the most simple procedure to follow. Cheesecloth, on the other hand, poses a greater risk of spills because it is finer.
  5. After you’ve strained the liquid, pour it into your mug. Then, add in the looseleaf tea or teabag.
  6. Feel free to add whatever you like at this time. For example, now would be an excellent time to add the milk or cream we spoke about previously.
  7. Steep for three minutes before removing the teabag.
  8. Once cool enough, drink and enjoy!

It’s recommended that you know your tolerance before deciding how much cannabis to use. For example, if you infuse 1 gram of 10% THC cannabis into tea, this would be the equivalent of 100 mg THC per cup. This may be too potent for some people, so keep this in mind when portioning out your tea. You can either use less cannabis or drink half a cup instead of a full one.

Infused Golden Milk Tea

This infused tea is easy to make, and its rich flavor will tantalize your taste buds. You’ll need a few more spices than usual, but the end result is worth any extra expense.

Ingrédients:marijuana tea 16 5 Reasons to Start Drinking Marijuana Tea

  • your favorite tea
  • infused coconut oil
  • unsweetened milk (1 cup)
  • pinch of cinnamon
  • ½ teaspoon turmeric
  • ¼ inch knob of ginger root
  • a couple of black peppercorns
  • honey to taste


  1. Whisk your spices with the milk in a saucepan
  2. Heat the pan until a low boil begins
  3. Set the stove to low heat and add in the coconut oil. You can either use regular or infused oil; if you go for non-infused, then make sure to also include some cannabis honey so that you’ll actually feel the effects.
  4. Let simmer for 10 minutes
  5. Strain and pour into your mug
  6. Add spices, honey, or other ingredients to your liking. Infused honey and infused oil may be used if you require a stronger mug.

Marijuana Stem Tea

The cannabis community was greatly misguided when early consumers used to say that sticks and stems were valueless. They may not be the best for smoking, but plant stems are an excellent source material for weed tea.


  • Cannabis stems, with a minimum quarter-cup, recommended
  • Water
  • Straining device of your choice
  • A half teaspoon of fat, butter, or coconut oil (optional)
  • A saucepan
  • Additional ingredients of your choosing


  1. Grind your stems, or leave them as stems. Ground stems can make straining more difficult.
  2. Bring your water to a boil, then add the stems and fat
  3. Stir the pot for the next 10 or 15 minutes
  4. After stirring, remove the pan from the flame
  5. Strain the pan for any plant material using your preferred strainer
  6. Pour into a mug, let cool until you can drink. Then, enjoy!

If you’re new to making weed tea, here are three recipes worth trying. Just like there are many types of tea, there are also plenty of options when it comes to cannabis-infused teas. Use this article as your starting point and explore all the different flavors and experiences that await you. And remember to always consume responsibly.

If you want to learn more about cannabis tea and whether it’s a good fit for your treatment plan, schedule an appointment with a competent medical marijuana doctor.

Quick tips for the best marijuana tea recipes

The following tips will not only make consuming marijuana tea a more enjoyable experience, but they’ll also help reduce the earthy taste that some people don’t like.

Decarboxylation is the process of converting THCA to THC, and it’s required before plant matter can be infused.

Do some prep work: Decarboxylate your cannabis

Making marijuana tea is simple, but it does require a little work.

When eating raw cannabis, you won’t get high because it contains THCA. Various cannabinoids are present in raw flower, including THCA. However, when heated to 105°C/221°F, the THCA compound in raw flower converts into THC. This chemical process is called decarboxylation or decarbing and is required when cooking with cannabis.

Another option is to add burnt cannabis to tea. Infusing torched cannabis requires extra steps, so stick with decarbed flower if possible.

Add milk or cream to your cannabis tea

Not only does adding a fat source to your infused cmarijuana tea improve the flavor, but it also increases potency. Certain studies have found that fat-based formulations may enhance cannabinoid absorption 2.5 times over. More research is needed to verify these findings, but the current results present a strong case for using fat-based infusions.

Consequently, if you’re not against fat for your own health or personal reasons, consider adding some to your tea. It could assist in delivering the larger dosages that many people need to address an array of issues like body pains, physical stress, and mental tension.

The effects of an edible generally last four to eight hours, which cannabinoid newcomers may not be prepared for. Cannabis beginners should set themselves up in a safe environment where they can fully enjoy the tea’s effects (or ride out any ill effects comfortably).

How long does marijuana tea take to kick in?

In the case of meals and beverages that are infused with a much more powerful punch, you’ll want to be ready for when things begin to happen.

Cannabis tea takes approximately 30 to 90 minutes to solidify. Many variables influence your onset time. People with a fast metabolism or lower body mass typically experience the effects faster. A slower metabolism or greater body weight promotes slower onset times, with some people not experiencing any impact for almost two hours.

marijuana tea 12 5 Reasons to Start Drinking Marijuana Tea

Will cannabis tea get me high?

The THC content in your marijuana tea, as well as the quantity you ingest, will determine how it affects you. The psychoactivity of THC-infused cannabis tea is generally associated with it. The effects are likely to make you feel a greater high than smoking marijuana, with some effects lasting up to eight hours.

Because cannabis is ingested in so many different ways, each one of them has a distinct impact on how your body absorbs it. Smoking or vaporizing cannabinoids allows them to enter the bloodstream quickly; edibles, on the other hand, travel through the digestive system and into the liver, where THC is metabolized. 11-hydroxy is produced in the liver as a result of ingesting cannabis.

Dosage in cannabis tea

The dosage varies depending on each person’s preference and the strains used. Consider the following scenario for a sense of proportion:

A standard tea consists of one teaspoon (tbsp) per cup, which is equivalent to 25 mg in THC content. Let’s use the previous example with a single gram of cannabis containing 10% THC. A tea prepared from that bud would contain about 100 mg of THC.

Marijuana tea, like all teas, is subject to the same rules. Keep in mind that steep time influences strength, with longer steeping times resulting in stronger tea.

It’s also worth noting that each person’s sensitivity to cannabis varies. As a result, determining your proper dose may take some trial and error. To be safe, start with a small quantity and gradually increase it. If you’ve never consumed marijuana tea before, consider starting with a half-cup (125 ml) per day in most cases. In most situations, this amount is considered a good place to start for most novice consumers.

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