Moby Dick


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Moby Dick is a Sativa-dominant strain. Its name alludes to the fact that it produces huge amounts of THC, with reports suggesting that each square meter can produce 1,500 grams per hour. The THC concentration in this strain might reach up to 20 percent. You can buy Moby Dick at our online store.

The high count of tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) in this strain makes it highly psychoactive. After just one or two hits, it creates a strong sense of euphoria and induces spacey, happy, and slightly psychedelic experiences. Some users report feeling creative and concentrated. The powerful cerebral effects begin to wane after about an hour, though the residual effects can sometimes last up to two hours. The effects of this substance are also accompanied with pleasant body numbing feelings. This strain, which is powerful and trippy, causes an insatiable appetite. When taken in high doses, this super-strain can result in dry eyes and mouth and cause paranoia, dizziness, and worry.

Moby Dick was created with the intention of being a powerful medical strain. It’s excellent for everyday use, but patients may become drowsy after using it for a few hours. The cerebral side effects are frequently utilized to treat symptoms of stress, anxiety, and sadness. This strain is popular among those who have lost their appetites due to chemotherapy or other causes. The bodily high might relieve minor pains, but it isn’t strong enough to combat severe pain.

Moby Dick is a cross of two Dinafem ( mother plants, a strain of Haze and a strain of White Widow. The variety has two phenotypes: one with Sativa-dominant characteristics that can grow up to 12 feet outside, while the other is an Indica-dominant type that appears only 35% of the time.

Moby Dick is a difficult strain to grow, and it’s not suggested for novices. Inside, the plant blooms for around ten weeks at an electrical conductivity level between 1.5 and 2, as well as 800 watts per square meter. pH levels below 6.5 should also be avoided since they might have an impact on yield. This strain requires little maintenance outside; under ideal conditions, it may produce exceptional yields.

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