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Blue Dream is a flavorful and fragrant strain that reminds one of blueberries. It’s a strong medical variety with several purposes, such as pain alleviation and anxiety relief, as well as the ability to generate emotions of happiness and wellbeing. It is a highly popular variety, and it’s a must-have in the medicine cabinet.

Blue Dream cannabis, which has become one of the most legendary West Coast strains of the century, is now rather a household name among both patients and cannabis enthusiasts.

Blue Dream is ideal for novices or anyone new to the world of medical cannabis, as well as seasoned users who are labeled “cannaisseurs.” The effects of Blue Dream are not only pleasurable but also varied and adaptable enough to appeal to a wide range of recreational consumers, potheads, and sufferers.

Blue Dream, named for the fruity and delicious scent that is reminiscent of biting into a bowl of freshly picked blueberries, is as powerful as it is pleasant. Its far-reaching effects range from euphoric and relaxed to energized and driven, with its namesake aroma being just as potent as it is lovely.

Blue Dream has been used for hundreds of years in South America to treat a variety of ailments, and it’s even now one of the most popular strains today. nBlue Dream is so well-liked that you can currently buy great quality Blue Dream on the top shelf of almost any respectable dispensary or marijuana shop in the United States. Blue Dream is regarded as a necessary item in the world of modern marijuana. In fact, all types of marijuana consumers should have a snap of this ganja readily available at home.

What Is Blue Dream?

The Blue Dream strain is a hybrid with a 60% sativa and 40% indica genetic makeup, as indicated by its name. Although the Blue Dream variety has a greater proportion of sativa phenotypes, it is feasible to obtain an indica-type phenotype on rare occasions.

However, when it comes to Blue Dream cannabis, this is an uncommon occurrence; in most cases, you will be receiving an uplifting and invigorating sativa-dominant batch of herb. In fact, the creation of Blue Dream was achieved through the cross-breeding of two delectable and fragrant strains: Blueberry (indica) and Haze (sativa).

The Blue Dream strain is named after the California city of Blue Dream, where it was found. It’s thought that the blueberry flavor comes from genetics tested in California before being distributed worldwide. After just a couple of puffs, you’ll be dreaming about sunny days and golden sunshine states.

The content of THC in Blue Dream has been tested in numerous studies, and the results have been inconsistent. THC levels have ranged from 17 to 25 percent in these tests, which is pretty “up there.” While these numbers are quite high, most people would probably agree that Blue Dream doesn’t pack quite as much a punch as strains like Gorilla Glue #4, which is just a stone-cold monster.

The nugget, on the other hand, does not disappoint as it provides a substantial quantity of medical THC to share with the cannabis community. Its CBD levels are low at 0.1-0.2 percent, therefore most medical advantages will be derived from the high THC content.

Blue Dream: Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

Blue Dream marijuana is known for its distinct and unusual flavor and fragrance. Expect to be intoxicated by a delicious and delectable fruity flavor, as well as childhood reminiscences for any of us who grew up picking berries in the summertime, when you first smell this strain.

The Blue Dream strain doesn’t limit itself to just one flavor, however, with flavors of harsh, earthy sandalwood, crisp citrus, and even grape and floral undertones. It possesses a delicate balance of characteristics from both its parents – Blueberry and Haze.

Blue Dream is not a strain for those who enjoy subtle aromas. This cannabis does not have a bland or neutral aroma; instead, it has an intense and pungent smell that may surprise you if you’re expecting something else. Although Blue Dream leaves odors behind wherever you go, this is actually a good thing since it indicates that you’ll get the most out of your high.

Blue Dream cannabis has a berrylike appearance, and it looks nothing like fresh blueberries (no shades of blue or purple involved, at all). Expect dense-green buds flecked with gold and orange pistils with icy, completely-coated-in-THC trichomes instead. The color of the water leaves of Blue Dream varies from orange to brown to deep green depending on the subspecies and conditions in which your crop is grown.

Blue Dream Grow Info

Although the Blue Dream cannabis strain may be grown and created in a variety of circumstances and climates, it is important to feed your nuggets with the correct nutrients and care if you want to produce a high-quality crop.

Adding extra magnesium, nitrogen, and other fertilizers to your Blue Dream marijuana, in addition to a lot of water, will guarantee that your nuggets grow healthy and cheerful. However, due on account of its reputation as one of the most drinking strains of cannabis, you’ll be providing your plants with several gallons of water every day.

Blue Dream is a well-known indica strain that has been around for decades. Despite the fact that it takes a long time to flower, Blue Dream’s main selling point is its exceptionally large yield and high- potency buds. When cultivated outdoors, skilled experts may anticipate 500-600 grams of fresh reefer on each plant (harvest your cannabis by mid-September to mid-October if you’re growing outside).

If you’re growing weed indoors, expect roughly the same amount of growth per square meter (m2). It may appear as if your Blue Dream crop is taking a long time to get going at first, but once it reaches the flowering stage, you’ll notice the branches extend and reach for the sky, with their overall size increasing dramatically overnight.

Choosing the best soil and mixing it carefully may result in a more flavorful, often tastier nugget than if you utilized a soil of lesser quality. However, if you want to plant indoors, growing utilizing hydroponics is most likely to produce the greatest high-potency nuggets.

Spider mites and powdery mildew are common to Blue Dream marijuana, so check your crop on a regular basis to ensure that your reefer is as healthy as possible. If there is any indication of viral or health damage, remove the unsightly plants from the crop as soon as feasible.

Blue Dream Effects

The Blue Dream marijuana strain is said to have a wide range of effects, making it a versatile and readily-lovable option for almost any type of smoker. Because of its clean genetics and effects that work for just about everyone, the variety is typically sold as a top-shelf substance.

Although the Blue Dream marijuana strain is a hybrid, it is an exceptional daytime cannabis strain for smoking before heading to work to focus and prepare for your long day ahead. End your mid-day slump with a quick snap of this ganja – in fact, many individuals claim that it works better than a mid-day cup of coffee! Blue Dream isn’t a great choice if you want to fall asleep late at night, but if you’re going out for the evening to socialize or party, this should be your go-to reefer; a fantastic option for hanging out with a few of your closest pals.

Medical Benefits of Blue Dream Cannabis

Blue Dream cannabis is beneficial for a variety of medical issues, symptoms, and diseases owing to its wide range of effects. Blue Dream is commonly used to relieve stress and sadness, as well as physical problems such as chronic pain, headaches, and severe tiredness. It’s also useful for treating anxiety disorders like OCD.

If you’re dealing with mental illness and considering Blue Dream cannabis for assistance, a typical quantity of this flower is most likely to be beneficial. Over-consuming Blue Dream marijuana might induce paranoia and additional stress (as it can with any type of marijuana), so if you want to get the best outcomes, understand your limits and find a balance in your usage.

If you’re experiencing fatigue, chronic pain, or headaches, a bigger-than-average bowl of Blue Dream would be ideal. If you’re suffering from discomfort or headaches, as well as being lethargic, this increased amount of Blue Dream cannabis may really numb your body.

For people with more complicated health issues, such as epilepsy or neurological disorders, Blue Dream is unlikely to be the greatest choice due to its minimal CBD and CBN content. However, check with your local budtender about their particular Blue Dream cannabinoid profile, since this can vary from strain to strain.

Possible Side Effects of Blue Dream

The most typical adverse effects of Blue Dream marijuana include dry mouth and eyes, which are not surprisingly. If you’re feeling this way, keep drinking water and beverages (duh).

Use eyedrops as needed to re-moisturize your eyes. Some consumers have experienced anxiety or paranoia after eating Blue Dream marijuana, but this can often be avoided by understanding one’s limits and not overindulging in any sort of cannabis, regardless of the strain or type. Listen to your body, and the experience should go smoothly for you.

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