London Poundcake


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The name “Poundcake” comes from the fact that it is made using a pound of butter and three pounds of sugar. Poundcake, also known as “Poundcake,” is an indica-dominant marijuana strain created by crossing Sunset Sherbert with an unknown high-THC indica. London Poundcake has a strong berry flavor with bright lemon and citrus undertones. You can expect a head and body high that makes you feel blissful on the couch as a result of this medicine. Patients suffering from tiredness and sadness use London Poundсookie to relieve symptoms. The original source for London Poundcake was Cookies.

The Cookies Fam from Los Angeles has brought us another delectable strain called London Poundcake. This strain’s THC levels usually tested at 26-30%, making it taste like a dessert! Cookies isn’t sharing the secret for creating this potent strain because Sunset Sherbet was used instead of the original parent strain, which is still an indica-dominant enigma.

The buds of the London Poundcake are shaped like coiled olive green leaves, with purple streaks shooting from some of the plant’s exposed stems. The buds have a tightly curled cluster of fiery-orange pistils covering roughly half of their surface area. The buds seem to be covered in a frosty dew as a result of a crystal trichome glaze.

London Poundcake has a powerful fragrance, which is both pleasant and fragrant. The pine scent mixes with lemon and citrus scents. When this cannabis strain is combusted, it produces a sweet vanilla cookie flavor as well as a sour berry aftertaste.

The strain’s genetic heritage is evident in its name, Sunset Sherbet. Heavyweight Seeds, a Spanish breeder, blended it with an unknown Indica to create a new revelatory grape-berry and tropical nut masterpiece of its own. The high is mild at first, but sleuths explore around inside you (and allow you to relax) for a while before settling on you. On London Poundcake, you won’t be sleepy or sedated, yet it remains a wonderful companion for people suffering from moodiness, sadness, and attention disorders.

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