Jelly Pie
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Jelly Pie



Get ready for a sweet treat with Jelly Pie , an indica-dominant hybrid strain that’s like a surprise party for your taste buds! Born from the star-studded union of Grape Pie and Stardawg strains, this superstar hybrid is here to make your nights blissful and dreamy. Think of it as a grape jelly sandwich with a cheeky skunk kick – a flavor so unique, it’s become the talk of the town! The aroma? Picture a fruit market, with a musky diesel scent mingling with the smell of fresh, sugary grapes and juicy berries. It’s a sensory fiesta that will leave your nose begging for more. And oh boy, the high! It’s like being gently cradled by a cloud of euphoria as your mind takes a joyride of happiness, while your body sinks into a fluffy bean bag of relaxation. Feel those tingles? That’s your body giving you a high five for choosing Jelly Pie. It’s perfect for those planning a quiet night in, preparing for a peaceful sleep, or simply wanting to keep negative thoughts and bad moods at bay. With a THC level playing peekaboo between 27-30%, Jelly Pie is also your go-to buddy for combating insomnia, depression, cramps, chronic stress, and fatigue. So, why wait? Dive into the sweet, skunky world of Jelly Pie and let the good times roll!

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